July 14, 2015

How Much Extra Money Does Your Family Need To Make?

If you know my story, you know when I first got started in network marketing I was a single mom & full time employee and college student. I had no clue whether I was coming or going half the time because I was so wiped out!!

When I first got into my first company I got in not really understanding or planning on how much I needed to make at all. I was in my 20's enjoying life and not understanding how to budget money much so this wasn't on my mind much at all, I'll be totally honest.

The beauty of network marketing as you grow most companies will tell you to work on yourself by personal development. This totally opened my eyes into thinking BIGGER and truly helping to learn how to manage our money.

After some years I had strayed away from network marketing to focus on my career and had 2 more children so like most families our situation changed. I was working a full time job making pretty good money but our family was growing and our space was growing smaller. I decided to get back into a direct sales company just to make some extra money while selling to co-workers at my full time job and what's crazy is how fast  things can grow.

After you've chosen the right MLM company for you and your family, which I actually spoke about in my last post, click here to read that first if you need to. Figure out how much does your family need. Do you just need extra pocket money for gas, take out dinners or do you need money to help pay for car payments, mortgage etc because those answers will help you make a decision not only on the right company BUT give you a goal of how much money you need to work towards that month.

After just 2 years in that direct sales company, with the help of my husband, we had replaced the income from my full time job and we were actually able to relocate our family not from our small, tiny apartment but move across the country to a much warmer state.

Our lives have totally changed from living in a small 1 bedroom apartment with 5 people to a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, pool and gym in a much better community. It's funny how your life can change because in 2014 we were able to join a cool travel club which is a new goal of ours, we wanted to travel more with our children while they were still young so our goals have changed making sure we can take any trip any where in the world world.

So, I ask you how much extra money does your family need to make?

Figure out what goals you are your family want to achieve and go full steam ahead towards them!!

Did these tips help you? If so feel free to comment or share with your teammates.

Lynette Bledsoe

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  1. Unfortunately, Most People Don't Think Of This When Considering Working From, But Its Very Important!!

  2. Ah yes -- not knowing how much need -- how do we know if we're making it or not. When we're in our own business, we get to choose how much we need, not the salary that the job gives. But it does take some maturity to pull that all together. Great post Lynette.

  3. Love this Lynette. You guys rock!

  4. Nice post Lynette! It's important knowing where you want to go.
    "If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there." But it likely won't be where you wanna get.