July 9, 2015

How To Choose The Right MLM For A Working Or Busy Mom

Wouldn't you wish there could just be a list of companies somewhere online where you could make a choice?

I know right but since there isn't one hopefully my experience can shed some light on how you can make your decision.

When I first got started back in 1999 I was a young single mom going to college and working full-time and had no clue what I should be looking for so not saying that I was in the wrong company at all because I believe it was fabulous and still are in service today. BUT I wish I would of read something like this when I was starting out because I think it would of saved me so much time and energy away from my children.

What I would do today if I were looking for a company is look for one who has been in business for several years and find out what is truly involved to service customers?

The way I was able to leave my full time job in 2010 was actually with a beauty products company where I had to personally deliver products to customers. Thankfully I was able to convert that local business from having myself driving around town going crazy making deliveries all across town, which I had been doing for years, and build a successful business online, where the company is actually servicing those customers so I don't have to any more.

Now don't get me wrong, I am friends with a lot of successful working and stay at home moms who are able to make a significant income from home with a products based company so I'm not against them at all and as you can see I was able to leave my full time job with a product based company.  What I would do is my research, am find out if you are able to have the products shipped to them, who has to return products to the company if there is a mistake and how can I find new customers.

After almost 8 years in a products based company, my husband and I decided we wanted to spend more time with our children while they were still young and just enjoy life more. We're also looking to homeschool them and I wanted to be 100% present in their learning and not out having to make deliveries when I could be at home spending time enjoying their growth. Now you may feel differently when looking for a company and love servicing your customers , which don't get me wrong I loved the interaction with new people but I think I spent more time away from home and wasted more gas over the years I wanted my time back.

We took our time did alot of research which I suggest EVERYONE do before they go all in because there are definitely fly by night companies and decided to get involved with a reputable service MLM company that had great customer retention and solid reputation.

The number one factor I would think about is figuring out which company is best for you is YOU and YOUR family, I know my children have enjoyed the many benefits and trips we've been able to enjoy over the years we've been in network marketing.. Really find out what it takes to be involved and how much time away from your family you are willing to put into your business so you don't have any regrets or feel like you just wanted your time in the future.

Did this tips help you? If so feel free to share or comment with your thoughts!

Lynette Bledsoe

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  1. AWESOME POST!! "Stay-At-Home" Moms Listen Up!!!

  2. Lynette Bledose, Thank you for this valuable post. I agree that you must do your research in what MLM is worth investing your time.

    1. Thank you so much Elvia and you're exactly right!!!