June 8, 2015

11 Places To Get More MLM Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

Wouldn't you like a list of places to get leads from that you haven't thought of?

One of the most ASKED questions my husband, Gary and I get almost all the time. Of course visiting you friends and family is first and seeing who they know but where do you go once you've depleted that list. Now that friends and family list can go on for a long time through referrals and seeing who those people know and so on and so on so my suggestion is don't give up on that list so fast because you can take a long time going through that list.

I've come up with a few that have worked for me over the years!

11 Places To Get More MLM Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

  1. Go Back To Your Original Customers
    1. Ask your current customers if they have been loving their new service/product? Let them know about the business side of your company. If a customer has been using the service/product they are your best selling clients and obviously love the service/product they are receiving so why not offer them the opportunity to also become a representative to either get their products at a discount or earn free awards from the company such as trips, etc. 
  2. Revisit Previous Prospects or Former Business Builders When Something Is "New"
    1. I've done this in the past and totally works!! You can say something like this "Hey ___, I know timing wasn't right for you before but if you have a chance to take another look, it's a great time! The kids are home for the summer, and it's such a great time to use our service and the discounts plus there was a new promotion that was launched yesterday that I think you are going to absolutely love, I'd really hate for you to miss out on this one." 
  3. Facebook and Cellphone Contacts
    1. I don't know about you but I have close to 5,000 contacts on Facebook alone not even including the contacts on my phone so do you think it's possible that there's people there who I haven't reached out to yet, ABSOLUTELY!!!  Whether you are calling your contacts or messaging them you can say something like this "Hi ___ I wanted to share some GREAT news with you about a service/product I just started using. I really wanted to get your opinion, let me know when you'd be able to watch a quick video." 
      1. If they live far from you you'll be asking them to watch a video, now if they live in y our local area invite them for a cup of coffee. One of representatives, Tequila from Ohio, is actually VERY GOOD at this technique and has signed up many customers and business partners to her business doing just that. 
      2. 3rd party validation or actually success stories are powerful. After you share the information about your business, share with them a success story from your company that they can relate to. The beauty of network marketing is that leaders come from all walks of life so you can find a success story from all walks of life there. And of course if they are interested get them on the phone with your upline, you can say something like this, "I'm really new at this and still learning, I'd love for you to hear from my business partner so she can help to get your questions answered. Get them on the phone on a 3-way call or to your new event.
  4. Social Networking
    1. Look for ways to create conversations with people whether online or in social settings. Give them a compliment and ask alot of questions. You can start out by saying "Do you love your job" or "Where do you kids go to school, they are adorable?" People love to talk about themselves and love compliments!! As the conversation continues or before you leave make sure to get their contact information or connect with them on social media. Say something like "It was so great talking with you I may have something that you would be perfect at!" Grab their name, number and when you follow up with tell them about your service/product and why they would be a fit.
  5. Parties
    1. Believe me when I first heard about this one I wasn't too excited at first because most of us think of EVERYTHING that normally comes with a party and think we have to do the same thing. But I can tell you depending on your service/product it doesn't have to be the case at all. For example, I'm in travel so for us it's a matter of popping in a DVD and pressing play and asking afterwards, "What did you like best?" Most companies have presentation videos so it's just a matter of having that presentation available and adding chips and drinks, it doesn't have to be such a huge project and do you know that most successful leaders use this technique and it could last from one party to the next for such a long time. Think about it, if you host a party and one of the guests signs up, guess what they're going to want to host a party and so on and so on. Not only building your buisness but helping your new representatives make money fast!!! 
  6. Social Media
    1. Don't we all share some type of story online either about our day or families. Then why not mix up your page with a little bit of business as well, especially how you are using your service/product. You can also do things like congratulating or welcoming someone that also creates curiousity in others who'll be wanting to know what you're doing. Most of our new customers and representatives connected with us some how online and end up asking us how to get started so I know this works very well. The key with social media is please do not only post about your business, this will not only not get you engagement but it will also turn people off so keep your page interesting!!

I'll be sharing the remaining 5 places here tomorrow but I'm sure I've given you alot to start off with but if you want to make sure you get my remaining 5 email me at lynettebledsoe0@gmail.com with your name and email, you'll be the first to get that full list!!!

Did these tips help you so far? If so please feel free to share and comment with which one you'll be doing first! 

See you at the top!! 

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  1. I liked all your options but if I would be use first then I will use Facebook and cellphone contacts. Still I did not touch all the people for leads. Anyway thanks for ideas..

    1. Thanks Amrit I know I like Facebook also!! And you're VERY welcome and get those people contacted ;)