June 4, 2015

5 Tips On The Power of Being Persistent In Your MLM Opportunity

Have you ever wondered how come some people really thrive in their company and some don't?

Yesterday was a poignant day for our family, here's why! My family moved from New York to Texas in 2011, our family absolutely loved the move and enjoyed every minute of it. Even though we enjoyed our first year in a warmer climate and much bigger home there was just one problem.

My youngest son, although he tried his very best, was totally struggling his first year in school. He tried his very best reading, writing and all the other subjects in first grade but was struggling very much. Fast forward 4 years later, yesterday we celebrated yet another awards ceremony at my son's elementary school where yet again for the second year in a row he was award an Honor Roll award and a Super Citizen award.

I'm sure to many people these awards seem to just roll out everyday but what people don't realize is his years of hardwork. He sat for hours reading, writing, and making sure his assignments were always completed to perfection which actually is a characteristic he has himself. Some days my husband and I have told him to take a break and just relax but he's so committed to continuing to receive his high grades that he refuses to give anything but 100%.

Now why did I share that personal story? Many network marketers see the leaders who are achieving the MOST right now and wishing they were getting the same results or enjoying the same benefits as they are. But what you don't realize is the many years they probably had to work many hours late into the night, hours listening to personal development CDs, spent hours in trainings or conventions probably seeing little to no results at all.

Today what many see are the GOOD times, money, vacations but probably don't realize what that person may have went through to achieve all of their deserved success.

5 Things To Keep In Mind IF You Want To Succeed In Your Network Marketing Company"

  1. Become A Student
  2. Learn from those who have what you want and what they did to get it.
  3. Be respectful of everyone because you never know their struggle, especially those who can teach you 
  4. Be persistent and consistent with your daily activities.
  5. Of course, last but not least NEVER QUIT. No one ever achieved anything by giving up!

Did these tips help you? If they did please feel free to comment and share below!

See you at the top!!

Lynette Bledsoe 

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