June 9, 2015

11 Places To Get More MLM Leads For Your Network Marketing Business Part 2

Over the last 24 hours I've received some POWERFUL messages of ideas and leaders ready to rock out their business it's such an amazing thing to see so let's keep the momentum going and help you get more leads for your network marketing business. 

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11 Places To Get More MLM Leads For Your Network Marketing Business 

  1. Networking or Chamber of Commerce Events
    1. This is actually one of my favorites because when most people are there to tell ALL about their business when I believe these are not the forum to do so. Think about it, no one is REALLY paying attention to what other people are saying so what I do is go there to collect information. I collect a business card from each person and write a little something on the back of their card reminding me of their conversation and even saying if they'd be a fit to work with or not. You may not want to work with everyone you connect with but the important part is follow up with them and say "Hey we met yesterday at the networking event and wanted to get together to see how we can help each other." Let them show you their deal and you show them yours.
    2. Events
      1. Another easy one in my opinion, whether you're at a summer BBQ, birthday party, or holiday event when you get to surround yourself with other people who you probably wouldn't have it's such a great way to connect with new people. I wouldn't share your entire opportunity but if you connect with someone at your social event then why not connect with them on Facebook and ask for their number. The point of the get together is to enjoy the party together so simply say "Hey can I grab your number or connect on Facebook because I'm actually looking to expand in your city I could actually tell you more about later." Remember even if they are not     right for the business, they could lead you to someone who is.
    3. Those who provide a service to you
      1. This one is especially great and easy to approach especially to those you've been supporting for years like hair salons, small mom & pop shops, nail salon etc. You've probably built a relationship with them so you can approach them by saying something like "I've so enjoyed supporting your business over the years and now I'd love to share my new business venture with you, I'd love to see what you think." Don't be afraid to ask them for referrals, small business understand the importance of refferrals to a small business and can probably lead you to someone of                       influence in your city. 
    4. Traveling
      1. This is a great way to actually expand your business outside of your local area! Every company is different but we're a part of a global country so in most cases no matter what country we travel to we can connect with new people and share our business with them by doing the same thing we previously talked about, striking up little conversations with new people. Most cases, if you're in the airport they'll ask you where you are headed you can say I'm heading to __ because I'm expanding my business there. Of course, they'll ask you what you do which is your opportunity to go right ahead and grab their contact info and follow up to share what you do. You never want to sell your entire opportunity because in most cases your company has a video you can share that will do that for you!
    5. Create A List
      1. Take some time with this part and write down every single name that comes to your head. Go through your Facebook, cellphone contacts, your Facebook friends' friends and go back to previous co-workers you worked with. Go through your yearbooks, telephone books, people who've invited you to parties, and maybe even the yellow pages. Challenge yourself and create the biggest list you can maybe 200-500 names. Do not prejudge your list because in network marketing you'll never know who will be successful and won't, it's most about passion!! And go through your list and share your business, I challenge you to see how many no's you can go through and I bet you'll get some excited YESSSS!!!

Always remember the key to building a successful business is not by staying quiet, it's by inviting as many people as you can to see your opportunity as you can as fast and as much as you can.

Did these tips help you? If so feel free to comment and share them with your teammates!!

See you at the top!!!

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