June 11, 2015

How To Close The Deal In Your MLM Opportunity

Do you really know what to say to your prospects after they've said YES to you? Do you really know How To Close The Deal In Your MLM Opportunity?

Now this is actually where the fun begins!!! 

Your next step will actually determine if your prospect will sign up for your opportunity or not so this is not the time to try and sell them all about your business, no, no, no!! This is the time to let third party tools or leaders work for you!!

Ok so let's say you've just met up with your prospect and you're meeting up in a local coffee shop, this is where you'll be delivering a quick company story or overview with excitement so just pop in that video presentation and sit back. 

Your next step after they've watched your opportunity presentation is "So, what did you like best?" that's it and let them tell you how to get them signed up. Now I'm sure you're wondering what I mean, well let's say if you offer a service and they say I love how much money you can save, well you'll say "I know I love the discounts too! One of my friend saved 60% just last week." They'll relate to this story because they're interested in the savings part of the service.

Now this next step is what I think one of the best steps any leader can make, whether you are new to your company or not!! Get that prospect on a three-way call with your upline!!! You could tell this new prospect all the best success stories in the world but for some reason when they hear from a stranger they look at that person as the EXPERT and totally can be all in afterwards.

Before you get your upline on the phone, make sure it's going to be a call worth their time. If the person is ready to sign up, then no need to get your upline on the phone at this point, sign them up and have your upline speak to them to welcome them into the business. But if this person doesn't seem interested at all, honestly I wouldn't get them on a 3-way call because you'd not only be wasting their time but also your uplines time with someone who's made up their mind already. 

If it's just a matter of answering a couple of questions, yes this would be the time to get your leader on the phone to get those questions answered and get them signed up for you. One tip I'd give you is when your upline is speaking to the prospect, don't say anything at all. Let them do all the speaking because if the prospect has 2 people speaking at the same time, it'll kind of feel as if they're ganging up on them and they'll shut down and feel pressured and they won't join the business at all so say nothing!!! 

Remember to get good at this you need practice so keep talking to people everyday to get good and you can't say the wrong thing to the right person!!

Did these tips help you? If so feel free to comment and share them with your teammates!!

See you at the top!!!

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