June 13, 2015

Pay Attention To The Connections You Make Everyday, They Could Be Your Next Superstar

It's funny how you can make such a connection with complete strangers you've never met.
Today I met a woman at the bank who had a flower in her hair. Before I could ask her, she told me she was from my favorite island, Hawaii. We talked on and on as if we were friends for years. She talked about how she missed her island and was yearning to go back we talked for a good 10 minutes after my transaction had already been done, which to most doesn't sound long but with a line behind you and customers I felt those eyeballs on my back, lol.
The line started to get longer so I told her that I'd go and hope to see her again next time I stop at the bank & she gave me her first name.
Now as a network marketer I should of been on my toes and grabbed my phone and asked to connect with her on Facebook since she was so busy and believe me when I left the first thing I said was "DANG, why didn't you get something from her!"
But I left and went about my day running my errands. At the end of the last night I said I'm going to find this women. All I had was her first name and that she was from Hawaii and wouldn't you know I found her on Facebook!!!
You just never know when you'll connect with the right person who'd be perfect for you service. Now in the industry that I'm in and because I was paying attention to our conversation our service would be PERFECT for her so I'll definitely be following up with her!
Hawaii, we'll both be back for you real soon!!! wink emoticon
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