June 2, 2015

5 Tips To Help Get Happy Repeat Customers For Your MLM Business

One of the keys to building that sustainable network marketing business is having a healthy customer base that are enjoying and happy with the products or service you are offering. Now why is this important? This is very important because whether you have customers or representatives on your business team you business is build on the sales volume produced by sales so of course a group full of happy customers and representatives enjoying their product/service will equal to a HUGE business for you!

As I posted yesterday, this weekend I asked you for the biggest struggle in your business, and this topic was definitely HIGH on the list.

The main question that was asked was "How to get and keep customers for your MLM business" which were asked by Kimberly from Georgia, Faith from California, Jessica from Alabama, Maria from Pennsylvania.

Most representatives when they join a network marketing opportunity join it because they are looking for money they need right NOW!! This is a great way for a new Representative to make money within their first few months in business as they are looking to build  their new business. New customers brings sales that help him/her make that fast money right away because they are so excited.

Depending on what company you're in this can change BUT being in my line of service, I believe you lead with the service and upgrade with the business. Because I am in a service business and comp plan, the more customers a person has the higher in the ranks they move up so when figuring out what works for you figure what works best for you in your company.

Here's 5 Ways To Get Happy Repeat Customers For Your MLM Business:

  1. Host Events In Homes of Potential Customers
    1. We've found that this is a great way to not only show more than one person the business BUT it also gets the host off to a fast start helping her get started in her new business with customers right away. Then continue to repeat the process with her customers and so on and so on building a FIRE under that one person. Can you imagine the results as you continue this momentum just for that one person? WOW 
  2. Host Customer Appreciate Events
    1. I've seen this done by other leaders in other companies and thought it was a great idea. What they do is get local representatives together in one city and host like a Wine and Cheese event where customers can hear testimonies, test products, hold free drawings and of course share the business opportunity. Isn't it better to build with a room pack full of people than just present to just one person.
  3. Gift Your Products When Possible
    1. This is of course an easy one especially if you are in a product company but for those who may not have a physical product like maybe a legal, travel, etc type you can try offering maybe a travel voucher, maybe a "thank you" gift for being one of your best customers recognize them on their birthday. Simple gifts sometimes mean the most to your customers.
  4. Share Stories On Social Media
    1. Because MOST of our business has been built online, I cannot tell you how important social media has been for us. When we share photos of us using our service or recognizing a team member on their success, we get the most questions of interest. And even though you may not think it's working believe me people are watching your page to see if it REALLY works!
  5. Offer Samples When Approaching Potential Prospects
    1. As we spoke on yesterday's post there's lots of ways to speak to people everyday even if you're shy so now that you're out there getting that contact info why not give them your business card with a sample attached after you've gotten their info. If you work in a company that offers a service then try ways you can connect with people who already work in service and thank them for their service and say "Wow, thank you for your service today I think you did a great job" get their contact info plus connect with them on social media. They'll see the stories and fun you are sharing online that they'll be asking you for info but remember follow up with them. 
Remember facts tell and stories sell so as you are connecting with your customers make sure you are also letting them know of any new stories, success stories, maybe new services your company is offering so that they fully understand and use their service or product consistently. Guess what, if your customers are happy with their service don't ya think they'll be giving you referrals BOOM there goes your momentum!!

Now take what you learned today and share your business today!!!

Did these tips help you? If they did please feel free to comment and share below!

See you at the top!!

Lynette Bledsoe

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  1. Thanks, Lynette! I am going to print this out and put it in my Avon notebook for quick reference. I do read completely through it at least once every 3 months. Thanks again.

    1. You are so very welcome Kimberly I'm so glad you liked it and yes printing this page out is a great idea!!! ;)