June 1, 2015

3 Easy Ways To Overcome Your Shyness When Prospecting For Your MLM Opportunity

Over the weekend I asked some leaders from different companies for their BIGGEST struggles in their network marketing company and the response has been overwhelming. Over these next few days I'll be covering those questions and posting the ways that have worked best for me so here's the first question.

This one comes from Karen, California she says "My Struggle is getting confidence and overcoming shyness to approach people. How do I work a business with this affecting my motivation?"

Now what's ironic about this question to me is that I used to be this person, back when my husband and I first got started in network marketing I was so petrified to speak to strangers, pick up a telephone, or don't even ask me to speak in front of an audience (HECK NO)

Funny story, I remember in our first company they were short speakers for a women's event and I had already been in the company for about 2 years and had seen the presentation done so many times I could probably do the presentation backwards. I was asked to be one of the presentators and after some encouragement I got the nerve to go up, nope you won't hear I did a phenomenal job as a matter fact my section was the FASTEST segment of the entire thing, I ran off that stage as fast as I could, LOL. 

The only thing that kept me in front of that room was actually a fellow representative who was in the audience and he had the biggest smile in the audience as if I were not totally blowing it and was selling a dream. I kept thinking who is he listening to???? I've actuallly been forever grateful to him because he kept me comfortable on that stage even though I was totally blowing it and we're even great Facebook friends to this day.

It's now been about 16 years in network marketing and so much has changed for us, I mean my husband and I have been asked to speak on so many webinars, conference calls, live events throughout the nation and I'm sure you are wondering "What Changed or How???"

I remember I used to beat myself up because I would get so nervous when speaking to strangers and not telling anyone to get a job at a call center but after working at a call center for 3 years that helped me kind of get over the hurdle of speaking to strangers because when I tell you I'd get nervous oh I'd totally get nervous!!!!

3 Tips To Overcome Your Fear of Prospecting For Your MLM Opportunity

1. Talk About Them
Now think about it, what is the number 1 thing people like to talk about? EXACTLY themselves!! So wouldn't it be more simple to ask them questions about themselves then try to make up a conversation with a stranger. You can ask things like "Cute kids, where do they go to school?" or "Do you work around here, do you love what you do?" Keep that conversation going similar to like ping pong when they answer you question ask them another one. Most importantly, be generally interested in their answers don't be fake about it.

2. Get Connected On Social Media 
Get connected with them online. Nowadays who isn't on Facebook, for the most part, most people are so instead of aksing them for their number because sometimes that could be weird plus you can now call people on Facebook, ask them if they're on Facebook and connect with them there. And what I'd do when I got home is send them a message saying hwo nice it was to meet them and if you didn't get a chance to talk about the business you can revisit it later. You can say something like "Earlier you mentioned you were from New York, awesome, my business is actually building there I'd love to continue our conversation and pick your brain a bit and get a little bit of ideas, can I treat you to coffee. Could we get together again?" 

3. Increase Your Marketing
One thing that changed for us was that I began building my business online so instead of me going out there to hunt for prospects by going up to strangers I was actually using my online skills to get prospects to come to me so if you haven't done that make sure you are putting information online whether it's through a blog or videos so it makes it easier when returning those calls. Be honest wouldn't you rather have people come to you than you chase strangers who may not be interested. We've been getting just that since we started building our business online since 2008. For those who may not know but we cover exactly what we did in our first training, "Creating An Online Presence" series, you can take a look at that training by Clicking here to learn more. You don't know how EXCITED people get when they find you online and you call them back!!

Did these tips help you? If they did please feel free to comment and share below!

See you at the top!!

Lynette Bledsoe

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  1. Very helpful advise, thank you.

    1. Thank you very much I'm glad you felt it was helpful to you!