May 29, 2015

Want To Really Stand Out As An Expert In Your Network Marketing Opportunity?

Have you ever REALLY want to dominate the niche that you are in whether it is health and wellness, travel, skincare, legal service, life insurance WHATEVER niche you are in wouldn't it be great if you had a way to trully get your name out there so that customers and new business partners were able to find you?

I know when my husband and I started our network marketing business in 1999, we had NO clue on what we were doing and where to even begin. We were very coachable to our mentors in our company so attended local meetings, conference calls and of course those big national conferences. We really didn't have a blueprint on what to do so just like many we've made our share of hiccups and mistakes.

We read and listened to as many things as we possibly could so learned many things along the way. We really didn't see success until 2008 and we able to actually put together our own training on things that have worked for us. But wouldn't it had been really great if someone showed you exactly how you should market yourself  from the very beginning of your business or maybe you've already been in business for a while now and just need that extra help to push you in the right direction?

If you take a look and read the My Story section of my website you'll see that after many years in the industry we've had the privilege of also mentoring and training other network marketers on how to build their own successful network marketing business. I believe that every leader should also have a great mentor and sometimes those are hard to find.

My husband, Gary and I are VERY picky on the leaders we train from as a matter of fact I could probably count the number of leaders who have REALLY shown us and provided our business with true value and not fluff I guess that's why we're so picky because there are so many pretenders out there I'm sure you're probably the same way.

We recently had the opportunity to invest in our business in getting Ray Higdon's "The 3 Minute Expert" and OMG if you haven't invested in yourself with this training  you are really missing out. Like I said, we are very picky on the leaders we follow because we don't like to waste our time or hard earned money as I'm sure you are the same way but EVERY-TIME we get asked from different leaders how we were able to market ourselves online, I gotta say it has been from the training that he has provided.

I do have to WARN you in advance, if you plan on taking a look at his newest training, be PREPARED because you may actually start making money ;)  Ready to take the plunge and get your copy of "The 3 Minute Expert"? I can assure you that you will not regret it.

Did these tips help you? If they did please feel free to comment and share below!

See you at the top!!

Lynette Bledsoe

PS. If you are looking for a beginner step guide to build your presence online this course may help you click Online Training 

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