January 20, 2015

How To Easily Start A Conversation About Your Network Marketing Business On Facebook - Blast Off Your Network Marketing Business With A 30 Day Challenge - Day20

Hey there Super Stars! 

Welcome to Day 20 of the 30 Day Challenge to Rock Your Network Marketing Business! (It’s not too late to join us! Start your 30 days on whatever day you find this challenge! Start at Day 1 any time of the year) 

Remember, social media should never take the place of connecting over the phone or face to face but I'm sure you have some people online who you haven't spoken to in years.

This is a question we get ALL the time, how to use social media to share my business without spamming my newsfeed well have I got an idea for you!! Have you ever tried to use your Facebook inbox messager as a tool? 

Here's an idea on how to approach your friends and family, whether you are new to your company or not, about your business opportunity.

Try saying something like this: 
"Hi Jessica, I know that this is out of the blue...I hope you and the family are both doing well. I know you live in New York & that market is actually a very important area of growth in my business for many reasons. You may or may not be interested, but either way I would LOVE to tell you who am I looking for in the hopes you may know someone who fits. Would you mind shooting over your cellphone to me. I'm hoping you can help me and I would love to catch up with you if nothing else. (Name).  10-15 minutes is really all I need  as I'm sure that's all you have time for as well right now. Thanks so much I'll drop you another message next week if I don't hear back from you first."

Now keep in mind you can't really go copying and pasting the same message to each and every person on Facebook but make it personal to each person a couple of times a day.

Make sure to let me know how you are doing back on my Facebook page  

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