January 19, 2015

How Do You Know If Timing Is Right For Your Prospects? - Blast Off Your Network Marketing Business With A 30 Day Challenge -Day19

I’m going to spend this week revisiting my previous prospects for the business and the product, and share with them what is new and exciting in our company, as well as seeing if timing might be right for them. Here’s what I plan on doing this week:
1)   Going through all of my old prospects, emails, etc and reaching out.
2)   If they were previously interested in the business I am going to call them and say: “I just got back from an awesome conference where we launched so many new and exciting products, bonus programs, and training platforms to help people build a strong business! I thought of you all weekend long and wanted to treat you to coffee and tell you what’s new and exciting. I have time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. What day works best for you?” Call them, or text them this message!
3)   If they were interested in the products I am going to say: “I just got back from an exciting event with our company, and I thought of you all weekend long! Previously you expressed interest in the products, and I am thrilled that our company has recently launched some new and exciting products—and are offering some wonderful promotions for a limited time. I would love to give you a quick product consultation (it only takes 5 minutes) and share with you the exciting news. Do you have a few minutes?” Call or text this!
*You can try these approaches, sharing what is new and exciting, or upcoming with your company in 2015 and use it as a great excuse to revisit your list!
*If you are calling someone for the first time you can say: “I just got back from a really exciting event with our company and I’ve never been more excited about what they shared. Do you have some time to get together this week (or chat this week)? I would love to share with you what I’m up to and catch up! I am free Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! What day works best for you?”
TIP: never ask “when works for you?” Always say “I have times free on Tuesday. What time would work best for you?” Secure the appointment, and get going!
Good luck as you revisit your list! I promise to resume my social media posting tomorrow, and continue throughout the week! Check back tomorrow on the blog for how to use the “inbox messaging” feature on Facebook to power prospect; Wednesday: how to use the “like” feature to strike up a conversation; Thursday: power prospect with Pinterest; Fri: Social Media Strategy Part 2! See ya there!

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