January 5, 2015

The Power of Being A Student - Day 5 - Blast Off Your Network Marketing Business With This 30 Day Challenge

With the weekend now past us it's time to get back off on track to your 30 Day Challenge so it's now Day 5, I hope your weekend has been as productive and successful as it has been for me.

Now for those of you who know me personally know that when I first started my journey in network marketing back in 1999 know that I was a VERY shy person and would die at the thought of having to speak to strangers let alone in front of the room. But the most important thing that my husband and I did is learn everything that we could from our mentors in our company learning all we could to pass that information onto our teams. Even today we are continuously attending conference calls and webinars held by network marketing industry best no matter if they are in a different company than our company or not.

Let me share a little more about our speakers,

International Speaker & Trainer - Richard Matharoo

3 years ago Richard was 40k in debt, working 80 hours work per week and no quality of life to spend with his wife and daughter. Richard has gone on to take 9 holidays around the world in the last 2 years as well as retire from the rat race at 31 years old and help hundreds of people from all backgrounds see the world, have fun and get paid. 

Extra Special International Guest - Jessica Higdon

Finding only jobs and no careers after college Jessica went from behind the make-up counter to 10k per month business all starting in her spare time from home. Jessica now travels the world with her family helping other people live and fulfill their dream life. 

See you there!!!

So, what a way to start your week PLUS continue the momentum from your 30 Day Challenge by hearing from successful top Network Marketing Leaders in the industry on how they were able to become successful in their businesses. 

We have partnered with some of the Home Business' Biggest Income Earners to help you along in your 30 day challenge and as a matter of fact 2 have of theme are going to conduct a private FREE webinar and I'd love to sneak my readers (YOU) in!!!! 

Is that OK with you????

If Yes, GREAT!!! Just email me by clicking the Contact Us on the top right hand side before noon on 1/6/15 and I Will Provide You With The Details On How I Can "Sneak" You On!

P.S. I Am ONLY Looking For People Who Are Truly Serious, So ONLY Respond If You Are!!

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