January 2, 2015

Day 2 - Blast Off Your Network Marketing Business With A 30 Day Challenge -

Now we've gotten soooooo many responses about this 30 Day Challenge, I am so glad that many of you are looking forward to starting your 2015 business off with a B A N G!!!! 

So remember a part of the 30 Day Challenge is to invite 2 people to your business and honestly I am proud to say that I have done our part and was able to invite 2 brand new people to take a look at our business.

We also spoke about being accountable, if you haven't done so already join the discussions going either on our Business Facebook page or post here, we'd love to here all about how this challenge is working for you. Let us know how many people you were able to connect with face-to-face, over the phone or maybe online. I know that everyone works their home business differently so please feel free to share. 

If you'd like to read more about the 30 Day Challenge please click here 

Now for those of you who are working their I know sometimes we can lose focus with the many things that we have to do in our business so hopefully I can give you just a couple of things to focus on this week! 

Just Focus On The 5!!! 

1. Think about how you want your business to look at the end of March. 

2. Write down how many people you want to recruit in a 2 week period. 

3.  Remember, writing down your goals is just not enough you also need an action plan so figure out how many NEW people will you be contacting on a daily business inviting them to take a look your business opportunity.  Break your goals down, remember you are working towards 2 new people a day so figure out each day how you are going to talk to 2 new people a day or where are you going to go to meet that goal. 

4.  Write down WHY you are doing this entire 30 Day Challenge. If you meet your goals within the next quarter, what would that mean to you and your family. Figure out what you need and make that you WHY, you'll be beating the pavement in the field everyday. 

5.  Sit down and share those goals with either your spouse, partner, upline or whoever you are working with that will be helping you hold your goals accountable. When my husband first joined my business full-time we sat down and spoke for hours figuring out what we needed to make out business move forward and within 4 months that talk, we moved up to the highest level of company after being there for 3 years when for others it has taken a much longer time. 

Hope this helps gives you some more ideas for Day 2 of your 30 Day Challenge and remember please share below or on Facebook how Day 2 is going for you! 

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