January 1, 2015

Blast Off Your Network Marketing Business With A 30 Day Challenge

My name is Lynette Bledsoe and I'm the co-creater of the DVD series "Creating An Online Presence For Beginners" Vol 1-3 and many other training products and also co-authors of the book called "A View From The Top" featuring 22 of the highest levels within their company. My husband and I have been in Network Marketing since 1997 and have enjoyed teaching the techniques we've learned over the years to our team and now we are opening that teaching on to the representatives outside of our current company. We' were able to make it to the highest level after just 3 years using the strategies and techniques that we teach others. 

On Dec 30, 2014 we've already talked about Goal Setting in addition to being accountable which are are very important to your Network Marketing business so if you'd like to read that post to begin you 30 Day Challenge please go back to start there. 

So let's start here and imagine this, what if one of your business goals was to recruit a minimum of 2 new people within a two week period? How would you get there? There's no magic formula in network marketing, when you want your team sales to increase and want title promotion you have to go into a 90 day recruiting blitz yourself. New recruits = New activity = Increased team sales = Title promotion = More Money In Your Pocket!!!

Our goal is to talk to at least 2 new people a day either from my contact list or while I'm out in the field. Now this doesn't mean I'll be calling back the same 2 people that I have already tried to call, we're talking about calling new people, not the same ones all the time, in addition to following up with those we need to call back.

Think about the numbers like this, imagine if you invited only 2 new people a day to learn more about your business opportunity, whether that means to a local meeting, sizzle call or video.  In a week you'd have 14 new people being invited to your opportunity, 3 will agree to get on a 3-way call with you, to a local coffee shop, or to a local meeting.

One out of the three people who do agree to take a further look will join your business opportunity. So if you did this on a weekly basis you'd have 4 new business partners a month, 50 a year and 100 over the next 2 years. 

If you were to enroll 100 new people over the next 2-3 years, in 4-5 years you could create a Mutli-Million dollar business with a potential of a six figure income (based on averages within the industry) 
This could be an asset of over $1,000,000. (These averages can be held true when you look at any legitimate company that has an average product line).

I want to take this time out to challenge you to start today by inviting 2 new people to your opportunity a day, so now you're probably thinking "Ok how do I start and what do I even say?"am I right?

What if I told you that for every invite you make, you'd be paid $500 with or without being trained, would you? Most people would talk to everyone, not care about how or what they said they'd just do it because the end result would be more money. 

The problem is never where to find people because think about it, people are all around us the issue always has been are you willing to talk to them!!

If you were to think about the potential of growing your business to more than $2 million dollar asset then your 1,400 invites (2 per day/2 years) would be worth $1400 per invite (which is much more than $500 per invite). So there's so much value in working your business everyday.

If you really want to challenge yourself, can you imagine the results if you did this with 4 people!!!! Talk about DOUBLING YOUR RESULTS!!!!

I know my husband and I will be taking the challenge this month, our team will also be taking the challenge, question is WILL YOU?

If you plan on taking the challenge, make sure to share your successes with us on nmy Facebook Page Lynette Bledsoe, if you're not on Facebook that's ok share your results right here, so we can inspire each other to keep us motivated this first month of 2015!!!

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Those of you who are UP FOR THE CHALLENGE, don't feel like you're doing this alone. Everyday we'll be posting ideas you can use to help you through this challenge all month long so stay tuned & check back everyday!!!!

To listen to our last webinar helping you with a gameplan for 2015 in your business, this video may help you:

See you all at the top!!!!

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