December 30, 2014

How To Set Your New Goals In Your Home Business For The New Year

Every year many want to plan and set new goals for their home business for the new year that sometimes it can be hard to put in place. So I've decided to try to help you all put together some ideas that may try to help you plan and set achievable goals for the new year that has helped us over the past 17 years.

Sit down and really figure out how much you need to earn and what level you'd like to achieve in the new year. Put those goals down either on a dry erase board or on a piece of paper somewhere that you'll see it everyday.  Then this is where the magic begins, find out RIGHT NOW, who on your business team is ready to move and work hard to achieve their goals and dreams because remember the only way we can achieve our goals and dreams is if we help as many people that we can achieve theirs.

Set up both small goals and long term goals that are achievable otherwise people will not believe it can be done and won't work hard for it. Recently, I've been working with our team on their 90 day game plans and 

What my husband and I normally do at the end of each year is evaluate our business and see what leader is truly hungry and who we'll closely work with to help them reach their goals. And one of the most important things is that once they've committed to us we make sure to hold them accountable to remind them of what goals they've told us they were looking to achieve. Most people who truly are goal driven will work as hard as they can to achieve those goals however do not be afraid to let some people go if you are the only person working on THEIR goals because then that means they aren't hungry enough!!!

Remember,  people will come and go in this type of business for all types of reasons BUT your job, if you truly believe and have a passion for what you do, is to stick with it until you find other people like YOU who truly see themselves successful in your company. Some people will never believe better things in their lives are possible so never convince anyone to stay just search for those who want it just as bad. 

Look Forward To Seeing All of Our Top Leaders At The Top - LET'S GO!!!!!

What goals are you currently working on to achieve in the New year?