January 6, 2015

Is This Network Marketing Company A Scam???? - Day 6 - Blasting Off Your Network Marketing Business With This 30 Day Challenge

If you have been following our 30 Day Challenge I first want to congratulate you for staying focused and continuing to share your business with others. I am sure as you are sharing your business with others you may have or have not had this asked to you "Lynette, is this a scam?" or "Lynette, I looked it up online and I just read something bad"

LOL this is the funniest topic to me because if you think about it people are attracted to negativity and if you were type in ANY word with the word scam, you'll find something that shows it's a scam online. Try searching on ANY network marketing company, you'll find something showing it's a scam because its grabs your attention.

So the next time someone tells you they're not joining you because your company is a scam understand that marketers understand this and in most cases are selling something on the same sites calling those companies a scam so just move on and keep sharing your opportunity with the next person. 

Think of it in this sense, if someone can be convinced by something posted somewhere online, maybe they aren't the type of person that you want to work with because they'll be swayed by things all the time by negativity so do you REALLY want to work with them????

If this helped you please feel to share this with others or share with us what you've experienced yourself. 

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