November 20, 2014

Be yourself on social media!!

Social Media Tip!!!

Be yourself on social media!! 

That's what attracts prospects to YOU because they can relate to YOU. Don't just post to get attention from others in your company for the purpose of a LIKE or COMMENT. One thing we've NEVER done on our personal FB pages is post for ATTENTION!!! We do NOT only speak about our business on our pages because guess what happens we'll have friends and family who will eventually end up unfollowing or unfriending you because they're tried of hearing you ONLY talk about business.

Everything we share on our personal pages is to get others to attract themselves to join us in business and see how much fun we have. On average, because of the way we use our social media pages we've been averaging between 3-5 new representatives joining our business team EVERYDAY just from SOCIAL MEDIA!!!

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