December 11, 2014

How Will You Advertise Your Network Marketing Business Now That Winter Is Here?

Did you know that as it starts getting colder outside that more people shop and search online? 

This is exactly how we began building our national team that spans over half of the states in the United States in 2008. It was too cold outside to go recruiting or set up outside table events when we were living in NYC which is always cold during those winter months so I began promoting myself everywhere online to the point where we consistently receive new leads from different parts of the US!!! 

Back in 2008, when I joined my current company and was told that I could recruit new reps onto my team no matter where they lived in the United States, I quickly took advantage and went to work. Now I know you're asking "Ok, how do I do that?" Well guess what, when I first started I was in your exact shoes so I did some research. Google was my best friend!!!

What I did was found people who were teaching or had training materials that could show me exactly how to promote myself online to attract people to me. My first 6 months in our current company we quickly moved up to the 2nd level in our leadership program and increased out team to close to 100 reps on our team. When I realized what was and was not working for me, I consistently and persistently continued to do what was working for me while I was working my full time job the first 2 years in our business.

We currently have been in our company for a little over a year now and every year our income and team have both doubled in size. And believe me, I don't say this to brag it's just to explain that sometimes it does take patient, training, investment and personal development. And because of the hard work that we did put into our business in the beginning, we were able to move our family in 2011 down to Texas to enjoy the warmer weather.

Do you work from home and live in a cold climate? What do you do to promote your home business during those cold winter months? Please share with us ...

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