October 28, 2014

Are you sharing your home business wherever you go?

Are you sharing your home business wherever you go? Are you afraid to get their info when you connect with someone? 

We've figured out a simple solution a long time ago, Sample Packs!! Sample Packs are a GREAT way to share not only your contact information BUT gives you an excuse to get their info. Who doesn't like to get something for FREE so after you've given your prospect either your business card with a sample attached or a little packet including your business card and some additional information about your company. That gives you a chance to ask them for their info and say something like this "Can I have your phone number just in case you like your samples I'd love to hear what you think and plus I normally don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the phone number then I'd know you're the one that's calling me" Also are you asking them if they're on Social Media?

What a better way to connect with someone than online, WHY NOT??? If they don't sign up immediately with you they eventually will because they'll see you online and believe me they'll contact YOU when they are ready to join you in business.

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