July 8, 2014

Summer HOT Tips For Your Network Marketing Business!!! Day #2

Are You Taking Advantage of SAMPLES?!?!?!?! Who doesn't love getting things for free especially when they do not really about your company. 

Whatever your budget is, you can do this but make sure that your information is on everything you are giving away.So whether you are stapling a sample to the back of your business card or putting together a mini-sample packet to give out to potential prospects, either way they both work!!!

Give yourself a goal to pass out at least 3-5 samples a day!!! There'll be opportunities to give these samples out wherever you go like to beach, pool, lake or amusement park. Think of the amount of people who will be there at the same time, whoa and can you imagine if you did this everyday how large your business team would be if you did everyday!!! ;) 

So your goal today is to make lots of new friends and get their digits and don't forget as we said yesterday friend them on Facebook ;)

Hope this tip helps you, stay tuned tomorrow we'll post Tip #2 help us spread the word by LIKING, SHARING or TAGGING someone you think would benefit from this one 

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