July 7, 2014

5 Summer HOT Tips For Your Network Marketing Business

Tip #1

Even though it's summertime and you may be out and about with your families you still have the opportunity to work your business. While on your flight or staying at a new hotel, don't be afraid to speak with the people you come into contact with. Start off by saying something like "So, where are you from?"

Find out more about them, what their interests are then later in the conversation you can say something like, "You stated earlier you were from New York City and wow I've never been there so I'd love to keep in touch with you and maybe share with you more later about possibly expanding in your area" Make sure to get their phone number, IMPORTANT friend them on Facebook and VERY IMPORTANT Follow Up!!! You never know, you can meet your HIGHEST Producing Teammate by doing this one little tip!!!

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