July 9, 2014

Summer HOT Tips For Your Network Marketing Business!!!! Tip #3

Are You Gifting???

Who doesn't  receiving great gifts? Well are you giving your awesome products as gifts to your friends and family? This year our son's teacher was retiring after 27 years of service and she was one of our regular customer throughout this year and we can't even explain how she felt when she received her gift basket. We included products that we knew she had never tried before and she was so excited because she now had the opportunity to try them for FREE and we all know what happens with she tries our amazing products, she's going to love them and buy them for herself.

Be sure to follow up to see how much your customer loves the gift and see what she liked best about it. And if she says she loves the products wouldn't it be a great time to offer her your opportunity so they could pay wholesale?

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