October 24, 2013

Successful Ways To Advertise Your Business On Halloween?!?!?!?

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, what other day of the year do you have multiple families literally knocking down your door for something? Are you taking advantage of this huge opportunity before the Christmas Holiday?

Well, here's a couple of ideas you can use to help get your Holiday Season off to a FAST START!!!!

A simple and inexpensive way to get your home business out to your trick or treating moms is to make a Halloween sample goodie bag. Of course, you'll have a Halloween bowl for the tiny trick or treaters who'll be coming to your door but have you ever thought of having a treat for the moms who are chaperoning them around town.


To put this together it's super simple!!!! First, start off by simply go to the your local dollar store and grabbing some cute, inexpensive decorations to let the children in your neighborhood know that you house is the place do get their treats. Your Mom Trick or Treat bags can include a business card (of course), your favorite sample, a recruiting flyer, a mini catalog (if your company has one) and a Halloween treat. I've done this in our 16 years in network marketing and I can tell you IT WORKS!!! You can also even include a flyer with a Call To Action like if you call the weekend after Halloween like maybe something saying: Call the day after Halloween and get 20% off, call on Saturday after Halloween get 15% off or Sunday get 10% off. Or if you sign up within the next 2 days you will receive a FREE Gift Basket of your choice. It's your home business so of course you can choose the offer of maybe you can offer a Free Product instead of a discount!

Whenever you can find a free way to advertise your business why not do it.

Even while you are trick or treating with your own children, why not hand that parent one of your goodie bags as a "thank you" for giving your children a treat. Who doesn't appreciate a free gift!?!?

So, I hope this gave you some great ideas to help market your home business and if you have any other ideas you'd like to share please share with us all.

What Ways Have You Successfully Marketed Your Home Business On Halloween?

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  1. Great idea Lynette. I need to move for a better flow of neighborhood traffic! LOL Until then, a parking lot will work!