September 28, 2013

Events! Are They Really Important To Your Home Business?

Hi readers,

As you can tell from my last post, I have not posted in a while so sorry about that BUT the reason for this is was because my husband and I have spent the last 2 weekends at our company events. We've had the privilege to share our story at a local leadership event in Fort Worth, Texas and more recently at a regional event in New Orleans, Louisiana in front close to 400 reps in total.

As these both events began to get closer, this very subject has come to play. The majority of the representatives in our company have never had any experience in network marketing so sometimes they do not see the point of driving 5-8 hours away for a company event.


When I first was introduced to network marketing back in 1999, I was invited to a local office where I was not told what was happening so when I got there I was very confused and not that interested but curious. About a month later, my husband (but boyfriend at the time) invited me to a huge event in another state. I went to support him initially however when I got to the hotel, there was close to 300 people there, music playing and a ton of excited other representatives there all welcoming me with open arms.

I had never been to anything like this before but I can tell you I was excited and I didn't even understand why, lol. I was excited to see awards being given out to the top producers but most importantly the stories of success that were being shared. These stories were so inspiring but most importantly the stories varied. There were couples, singles, mothers, fathers all types of people who were sharing their experiences from the company.

Towards the end of the event, a couple got on stage and by this time I still was unsure about my involvement in the company. The couple shared on how they worked the business together and it had actually brought the two closer and I'm not even exactly sure what they said but I do know that something in my mind lit up and I told my husband "I'm ready to join you" and the rest I can say is history.

From that event on, we've always explained to our team that they should attend as many events as possible given by their company. You just never know who's story you are going to hear that will just spark your business up to move it to the next level or who you are going to connect with that may just share a business tip with you that brings millions of dollars to your business. We have yet to miss a company event because we understand how vital these are to our business and I believe this is why our home business has continued to grow year after year.

So the answer to the question above is ATTENDING ALL EVENTS IS A MUST!!!

Have you ever attended a company event? Did it make a difference in your business?

Please feel free to share ..

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