September 15, 2013

Network Marketing Events, Do They Matter?

First we'd like to thank Maria and Kendall Cronk for putting together a fabulous event up in Ft Worth, TX. They came out and supported us at our first Leadership School last year in San Antonio, TX so we definitely had to drive up to go out to theirs. As we spoke about this last year, those representatives who left from this event are gonna be so far ahead of the ones that choose not to come that we can't wait to hear the results from this one.

Let me tell you something, just like our last leadership school in Austin, we had an Executive Unit Leader, who flew all the way down from Delaware to make a change in her Avon business because she was sick & tired of her business being stagnant. Do you understand that for those who live in TX, especially if you are on Team Destiny, what you just missed? We heard from Lisa Wilber who shared with us that so far to date, she's earned over 4 million dollars & we also heard from Donna Reid Mitchell who mentioned that one of her checks totaled more than $8,000. I mean where else can you get top leaders together in the same room and ask them anything you want.

 I mean, we are so proud of one of our teammates, Sonia who drove up with her husband and they participated in the event. But that's not all, they all had a huge obstacle that any person would of just said I'm not going to this one I'll catch the next event BUT NO they both got in their cars DESPITE their obstacle and knew that they needed to do this for their business. You know why because they are tired of seeing where there business is today and know that only Avon can get them out of it.

Believe us we understand if you leave no where near this event but for those who live in TX especially if you are on TEAM DESTINY, (hint, hint, don't think it's all sunshine & rainbows to be on our team) you knew about this event back in July when it was first put together there's no reason more of you didn't get together in your car, pack a room and go out for the day to learn something business altering for your business. Those leaders who shared on the stage shared with no monetary compensation but freely shared because they want to see everyone succeed. 

When I first made SEUL a couple of weeks later I attended my first Avon national event where I was meeting all the SEULS in Avon and do you know know what I did even though I was also a SEUL, I picked their brains while I was there. Of course I took pictures and made some new friends BUT I didn't want to waste the 2 days I was there and asked as many questions as I could from as many SEULs as I could. 

When we were in our former company and heard of events similar to ours taking place a couple of hours away, we were there!! Now I know the first thing that comes to you is but Lynette I can't afford to get to New Orleans or Fort Worth. Well you know what we used to do with our former company, the minute we heard of our yearly conference was getting put together, we set a plan & budget to make sure we were there.  Let me tell you, we've driven from NYC all the way down to Atlanta for our annual conference and we couldn't afford it BUT what we did do is get together with our team and rented a van and drove all the way there.  With those same teammates that we drove all the way to Atlanta with, we shared a one room with about 10 people but guess what our expenses were all split amongst the 10 of our so it was affordable for all. Maybe not as comfortable as we would of liked but we were there with the millions of other reps who were determined to reach their goals. If you want something bad enough you'll do it. 

So no matter where you live in the US, when you see the opportunity to go to an open Avon event GO, whether you have to fly on a plane, drive in your car whatever you have to do just do it. Success doesn't come without sacrifices.

Let me just close with this one, what do I do now. If you don't have anything life threatening happening in your life next weekend YOU SHOULD IN NEW ORLEANS!!!! Whether that means rooming with another rep or driving with your team, GET THERE!!!! You are going to be able to connect with the TOP LEADERS in Avon all together in one place, take that time to ask them anything you want like I did at my first national Avon event and it was a HUGE GAME CHANGER in our business!!!!!

But let me give a little caution or warning, if non of what I just shared means nothing to you or puts fire in your butt, it's ok it just means that you are not ready for what we are offering you so I can't help you right now and when you are ready we are here but we can only work with those who want to change their lives as bad as we do. So as Gary says when you are ready to have your car parked in your driveway during the day on a Tuesday when everyone's at work just let us know.

Have you ever attended an event and it totally changed your business? Please share .... 

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