September 11, 2013

Our Experience On September 11, 2011

Our 9/11....Unless you are from NYC and saw this tragedy in person I don't think one can truly understand that frightful day. You could never understand seeing the towers hit right in front of your eyes. You could never understand running out of those buildings just before the Towers fell. You can never understand wondering what was happening and wondering the streets trying to figure out where you should go. You can never understand trying to use your cellphone to only find out that there was no cellphone service is the worst disaster of US history. You can never understand seeing so many people walking those city streets with so much dust on them that they were unrecognizable. You would never understand how a person was trying to find a safe way home because they were too scared to cross the NYC bridges. You could never understand how a person felt not knowing how their loved ones were until they got home later that night .......... I'm sure my NY family and I will NEVER forget this day for as long as we live.
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\ 9/11 AMERICA \
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  1. I can't understand but somehow it hurts as if I were there...

  2. I understand I was there,I was working that day.. and I remember my son call me screaming Mom The plane hit it .. I say What and he say turn on the TV.. I gotta go I'm in school my teacher let me make this phone call to tell you.. My heart stop and the nightmare started.. God I'm crying while I'm wring this because it feels like if was yesturday.. So Yes I will always remember that day...