October 27, 2013

Are You Protective of Your Brand?

Are you protective of your brand? Now what is your brand you ask?


Did you know that when a prospect is looking at the company you are in they are really looking at YOU? When working a network marketing company you have to understand that this type of industry is all about building relationships with people. People do not join you because of the product or company you are in, they join because of YOU.

Take a look at the top leaders in your current company, how do they portray themselves in person and online. Do they post about race, religion, or politics? No right?!?! Why, because they would probably offend someone on their team or a potential prospect who was thinking of of joining their company by pushing them away.

What if you saw your mentor post something that offended you, would you look up to them or follow them from that point on? WHY! Probably not because they offended you!!!

When you are looking to attract new prospects or keep your team inspired and motivated, you have to constantly do & promote things that will lift them up, rather than put them down. Remember, people normally don't quit your business because of the company, they normally quit because of the relationships they haven't built with you.When you talk to you team, do you sound like a boss or do you give them motivation to keep working on why they joined your company?

How are you promoting yourself online?  Are you showing yourself to be a professional leader in your current company or do you complain about the bad things that go on in your life and company? Do you honestly think that when people see you complaining about the bad in your company that they will join you afterwards? HECK NO!!!!

Keep a positive aspect online no matter what and show the greatness and fun that your company can provide to someone's life and believe you me people will be so attracted to you that they be begging to join you & your business team!!!

Now it's your turn, can you share any other tips on ways to protect your brand?

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