August 31, 2013

A Weekend In The Life of A Busy Work At Home Mom

A weekend in my life isn't the normal weekend of a full-time mom because weekends in our company are the best times to get work done. Both Saturdays and Sundays our team throughout the United States take advantage of different local vendor events where they can showcase their business to attract new customers and recruits.

Today was my day out in the field in our city and I had a pretty great and busy day. I had the pleasure of selling products, gave out close to 20 free Try-It kits (allows them to try and sell from our catalog to gain orders) and signed up 2 excited new teammates onto our national team.

The beauty of having a national team is that even though I was working in our local event alone, our leaders in both West Virginia and North Carolina also held their very own vendor events also. I know that most people who work from home or work a full-time job would prefer to keep their weekends to themselves. However, when I was working a full-time job I understood right away that if I did not get uncomfortable then that I would never be comfortable in my future.

Today, my husband and I work our business from home full-time and get to enjoy the entire week to ourselves, working the business together, following up on our team needs and maybe taking a day to enjoy breakfast or lunch without our children.

I've shared my weekend, how was yours? Feel free to share ... 


  1. Mine has started out great. We had an event put on by a couple of DJ's at the park. I signed up one girl who is way excited and I have my first spanish appt. on Tuesday. :) We got lots of mentions from the DJ's and alot of people stopping by our table. I'm loving it because this will make 8 new recruits since c18

    1. Wow Laurel, thanks so much for sharing your day. Looks like you had a very productive event today plus you got to hear some great music, I'm jealous!!!! Wow 8 new recruits for the week, looks like you'll be winning that Keurig incentive. Way to go & congratulations!!!! :)