September 1, 2013

Reaching Your Entire Business Team In One Day

Sunday nights are normally the most relaxed family day in anyone's week.  For those of us in network marketing or direct sales (whichever you want to call it) Sunday nights are normally game time!!! This night is normally used by most leaders in network marketing  to get their team pumped and ready to go for the week on a weekly conference call.  Being that we've been in network marketing for close to 16 years now, when we joined our current company we hadn't seen it being held by anyone so we did what any leader would do when they saw a need, CREATE ONE!!!!

Over 2 years ago, we decided to create a culture within our own team, because they were spread across 32 states, where we would connect with them on a weekly basis to keep the momentum of our team excited. We've now been holding conference calls now for the past 2 years, opening them up to any representative in our company to continue the motivation throughout the company as a whole, and it's been nothing but HUGE SUCCESS!!

Tonight, we actually held our very first international conference call from a top leader from the United Kingdom, and this call was so inspiring and a hit. Just when we thought these calls couldn't get any better, you hear someone's story of success and it's always just what someone needed to hear.

Now this is not to say holding conference calls are the only way to communicate with your team, heck no, we also hold local meetings. webinars, basically we use any means necessary to motivate our teams!!!! You never want your representatives to feel that they are in this business alone because they'll just quit the business. Be the leader that you'd want someone to be to you!!

If you have ever contemplated  whether or not to hold a conference call, webinar, or meeting for your team, I say DO IT!!! In the beginning, your team amy not be open or receptive to coming to these calls, listen the first call my husband and I held had two callers, myself and my husband so we definitely understand the hesitation. BUT what I can tell you, keeping these calls consistent creates a culture amongst your team that when you do find the right people hungry for what you have to teach them, it'll be like finding your first love!!!

What are some ways you stay in touch with your business team? Feel free to share below ...


  1. Thank you for writing this article. I used to have conference calls. But, after three conference calls where I am talking to myself, I gave up. This has inspired me to start the conference calls again. I will try it for the next 6 months and see what happens. Wish me luck :)

    1. You are very welcome Arrettres!!! I used to get frustrated too but keep in mind that you're doing something that they aren't used to, the ones who are truly hungry for this business & want to learn from you will show up!!! Please keep me posted on your progress which I am sure will be a GREAT one!!!

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    1. Thanks for visiting and reading it Molly :)