August 30, 2013

A Day In The Life of A Busy Work At Home Mom

My husband and I work full-time in a company that has over 6 million representatives worldwide and we are always asked "How do you manage your business team plus your home life?" We never really took a look at what we do daily until we were asked by several leaders on our team so I decided to put them into a daily blog to help some of you busy moms who work from home.

Today was the last day of our children's first week of school and of course before my husband and I were able to walk out of the door to meet with our Divisional Manager we ended up receiving a call from our daughter's school because she wasn't feeling well. So after picking up our daughter from school I came back home and worked from home. See that's the beauty of working from home is that if one of your children get sick, you don't have to call out sick from work from home. 

Whether you work from home or work outside the home, we all have to find ways to balance it all so sometimes everything you planned for the day can't be completed due to unforeseen circumstances. So for you day planner junkies sometimes we have to get over the fact that we just can't do EVERYTHING we had planned in our day. But guess what, tomorrow's always another day to accomplish your To-Do list. 

As far as my work at home business, today I got about 100 sample packs ready to give out this weekend at our team's table event plus put together some baskets for our giveaways and free try-it kits for those who'd like to give our company try for free.

Would love to hear how you spent your Friday before Labor Day Weekend???

Feel free to post your day below ...

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