August 9, 2013

Does This Bath Oil Really Work?

Have you ever heard of Skin So Soft Bath Oil?!?!

When I was younger this is the only product that my famiy swore would keep mosquitoes off of my body & guess what it did work!!! As I got older, I went to the more traditional routes of mosquito repellents like the name brands you find at the pharmacy. In my early 30's I began searching for a more natural repellent with natural ingredients that would be safe to use on my oldest son who was my only child at the time. 

I came across something that brought me right back to my yearly childhood, Avon's Skin So Soft Bath Oil. I didn't realize that not only does this product protect you against bugs BUT you can also use this oil to protect your pets against fleas. Plus this is a great product during the winter months to keep your skin moist without needing as much moisturizer. Try it for yourself, search the internet for 100 ways to use Skin So Soft Bath Oil and you'll see be soooo amazed by the many ways to use this simple product and guess what it only costs $10. 

I think this one is a definite Must-Have if your home!! If you have tried this product, how do you like to use this?

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