July 29, 2011

Campaign 15 News and Team Highlights

Top Sales Representatives
Working their Way to President's Club $389!!!

Pamela Z - $861

Christin V - $643

Marybeth C - $485

Vivian T- $477

Veronica O - $469

Pat H - $390

Karen S - $389

For those that are new and are wondering what President's Club is, if you can average an order of $389 throughout the year, you will be right on target to reach President's Club.
Now that is the place to be!
At PC level you receive a guaranteed 40% commission on all Avon branded products and 25% commission on the fixed earnings items.
You will also receive the beautiful collector's Mrs. Albee figurine (in memory of the first Avon Lady), an invite to the annual PC Tribute, and the yearly recognition jewelry piece.
Remember, ordering a minimum of 50 brochures each campaign and putting them in the hands of potential customers helps increase your chances of achieving this prestigious title.

Welcome Our Newest Avon Team Members

Judy L

Debra G

Thelma V

Betty G

Maria E

Allison B

Aurora V

Cruz M

Cha N

Sana J

Melvin B

Savanah S

Kimberly B

Sonia G

Cynthia D

Frederica M

Jessica M

Carla O

Peggy H

Angela C

Joseph M

Top Leadership Representatives in Campaign 15

Africa F - 4

Luz A - 2

Monika A -1

Veronica O -1
Blanca H - 1

We did not have any team promotions this Campaign,
there is lots of movement happening in Campaign 16
I look forward to announcing lots of promotions

Why Avon Works?

Post image for Why Network Marketing Works

Below are some reasons why Avon works:

  • Even in a strong economy, many people need supplemental income. These days especially, most people live paycheck to paycheck. Many people can’t afford the nice things they want, or to send their kids to college. Since there’s seldom an opportunity to make more money in their full-time job, many start a part-time network marketing business. The risk is low and the potential is great for a high financial return. Avon fills this need nicely, so there will always be a need for Avon.
  • Many people are looking for freedom from work and jobs they don’t enjoy, and for money – both of which are available in Avon. The combination can be too much to pass up. Where else can you find a concept that gives you more of what you want just for helping companies distribute their products and services – while at the same time helping others to also get more of what they want?
  • Avon allows you to work from home. Many people are getting so tired of their daily commute which can take them away from home for many additional hours each day. With Avon, you don’t have to commute – you don’t even have to get out of your pjs if you don’t want to! Mother’s are finding it harder and harder to be away from their children for so many hours per week. The desire for more time may encourage more dissatisfied workers to start their own Avon business.
  • The products and services are generally top-notch, and they attract people to the profession. Avon is often responsible for introducing new and ground-breaking products and services. There are thousands and thousands of companies that produce products and services from beauty products, nutrition products, lifestyle products, communications, and more! Many people have a positive experience with Avon products, and then they’re hooked. They want to tell everyone about their experience, and in the process they build a business.
  • The desire for recognition is one of the greatest motivators for people who join Avon. When work is a grind and people get no public recognition, they will look for something that’s more exciting. Avon is often the answer because this profession makes a huge fuss over it’s people – all the time! Any why not? People build businesses, and smart Avon executives know it. That’s why Avon organizes annual conventions: so they can praise their distributors and bring them on stage to publicly acknowledge their accomplishments. And people love it, perhaps because most people are starved for this kind of attention.
  • Retirement is no longer an issue. Successful Avon Marketers rarely retire, but it’s not because they need the money. It’s because they’re having so much fun, and they would miss the personal and social rewards that Avon provides. When you get to this level, the money isn’t even important anymore. You’ll be touching lives, and those lives are touching more lives that touch even more lives. You don’t give up something like that!

Own the Moment with Outspoken Intense by Fergie

Fergie is no stranger to success and star appeal. Her name is synonymous with blockbuster hits in the entertainment industry … and now she has done the same within the beauty business thanks to her exclusive fragrance for Avon. The debut of Outspoken by Fergie in 2010 was Avon’s best-selling fragrance launch ever! So following in the footsteps of her brilliant musical career, Fergie is back with her second blockbuster fragrance, Outspoken Intense by Fergie Eau de Parfum Spray, available in C-18.

Double Your Pleasure
The good news keeps on coming as we move closer to the holiday shopping season. If you take part in the Outspoken by Fergie Intense Incentive Program featured in the C-18 What’s New prior to your C-18 regular order submission, you will earn Double Dollars on ALL fragrance sales from the C-18 Brochure! That means that all sales of eau de parfums, eau de toilettes, fragrance body sprays, cologne sprays, shower gels, body lotions, roll-on deodorants, after shave conditioners and body powders (from the C-18 Brochure pages 2–7 and 48–69) count DOUBLE toward Award Sales! Also included are Advance Units of Outspoken Intense from pages 8–9 of the C-18 What’s New. For those who are trying to reach President’s Club for the first time or looking to advance a level, this is terrific opportunity!

Outspoken Intense is a floral fruity fragrance that commands attention. Featuring a blend of shining star fruit and luscious passionflower warmed by a sexy musk base, Outspoken Intense will allow your Customers to experience a provocative fragrance that commands attention. Senior Perfumer Laurent Le Guernec wanted to expand on the success of Outspoken by going a little deeper with Outspoken Intense. “In the original fragrance, there was a rebellious and highly contrasted blend,” he says. “I wanted to expand on this signature idea in Outspoken Intense. I was inspired by the magnetic beauty and vibrant sensuality of Fergie herself.”

Available at the remarkable price of just $30, Avon’s newest fragrance will help you reap the rewards thanks in part to one of America’s hottest celebrities. Plus, with each purchase of Outspoken or Outspoken Intense eau de parfum spray, Customers will receive a FREE Wrist Wallet (a $15 value), perfect for storing their essentials and looking chic at the same time.

Star Power, Increased Sales Potential
Fergie’s star power reaches millions around the world, and while you may recognize her name, you’ll assuredly recognize her musical hits. She’s the lead singer of the award-winning music group, The Black Eyed Peas. Her solo album sold over six million copies worldwide. Between Fergie’s musical appearances throughout the media and being a fashion icon featured in countless magazines, many of your Customers have already seen her.

You can also assure yourself of success by using the Avon Fragrance Selector Card to build the number of fragrances a Customer uses, creating a fragrance “wardrobe.” Suit every Customer, every mood and every season. This card will help you guide your Customer through Avon’s diverse portfolio of fragrances to find those most pleasing to her. Click here to download the card.

Fergie is known for her beautiful, bold personality and saying what she thinks. Believe in your ability to sell and when you talk about how much you love Outspoken Intense, you will surely “own the moment!”

Come to the C-18 Sales Meeting
Discover the powerful earnings potential of some of our hottest product offerings this year!

Get ready to learn how to unleash the earnings power in you with the new breakthrough technology from ANEW (coming in C-21) when you attend theAvon Skin Care Clinic 4 at the C-18 Sales Meeting. ANEW Genics Treatment Cream, an Avon first with patented YouthGen™ Technology, is designed to address the critical signs of aging … no matter what regimen you’re currently using.

Then, C-19 sets the stage for a frighteningly fun Halloween with our cutest treat-seeker, We Got the Treats Pete, plus a Fall Fashion Preview.

Plus, start building holiday sales now with 10 of our best and brightest holiday gifts and décor, available in the 2011 Holiday Gift Preview Bundle at only $99 for the set. Take advantage of bundle pricing and unlimited ordering to maximize your earnings. Available while supplies last, so commit early via e-Commitment; will ship and bill in C-22 (TS C-24).

Grab a friend and discover how these exciting product offerings will open doors to potentially new Customers, and create a breakthrough opportunity for your business.

Contact your District Sales Manager for details.

Avon’s Got the Treats This Halloween Season

Our always popular holiday giftables are back and better than ever this year and it all starts with Halloween! Scare up some easy sales in C-19 with several Halloween-inspired items, highlighted by the debut of We Got the Treats Pete, an Avon Halloween gift item that will thrill youngsters and turn the holiday into an earnings opportunity for you.

Suitable for ages three and up, Pete is a 10-inch-high singing, swaying stuffed animal dressed in a pumpkin outfit. He sings “We Got the Treats” to the music of “We Got the Beat,”* and shimmies to it. Just press Pete’s left paw and watch his body and ears dance to the beat, giving kids and adults alike tons of fun during the Halloween season. Click here to see a video of this cute and cuddly character in action.

Pete will be available in the C-19 Brochure at the Intro Special price of just $19.99 (will be $24.99).

The C-19 Brochure also includes some tricked out treats that go perfectly with the Halloween festivities, including Sweet Harvest Lip Balms, available in four moisturizing seasonal flavors, and spooky accessories like our Halloween Fun Earrings that come in three versions: Spiders, Ghosts or Pumpkins. And your Customers can create a real scare when they wear our Halloween Ghost Watch to match the earrings!

Don’t let the holiday shopping season “creep” up on you! Get started early with these creepy earnings opportunities instead!

Words and Music by Charlotte Caffey
© Universal Music–MGB Songs International
Rights Secured. All rights reserved.

This Advanced Unit Leader Shares His Passions for ANEW and Recruiting
Native New Yorker Billy Kolber has been selling Avon for 13 years. He’s a Rose Circle member, an Advanced Unit Leader (AUL) and refers to himself a skin care educator. The Yale biology major and natural entrepreneur brings his own unique perspective to selling Avon.

“When I turned 30,” Billy says, “I was looking for the best skin care product. I found ANEW.” While making his online purchase, Billy clicked on the “earning opportunities with Avon” button and was soon contacted by a District Sales Manager. “At first, I was just planning to buy my own products at a discount,” Billy says, “but it was right before Thanksgiving, and so I started buying ANEW for friends as well, and gave out brochures to my extended family.”

Billy’s primary occupation is his Avon business, which has gotten bigger than his consumer products blog and his hospitality consulting practice. He’s very consumer-focused and says, “I’m an entrepreneur and I’m fascinated by science. Because of my education, I have an interesting aspect on anti-aging technology. I’m truly informed when talking to Customers.” And it’s not just because he spent four years at Yale! “I read everything including Avon patents and marketing materials as well as the information from competitors,” he explains. “Skin care is my entrée into Avon. As a guy, I’m less able to sell fashion and jewelry because I don’t wear it. But as for selling to loyal skin care Customers … that’s a no-brainer. When Customers come back, that’s a great way to make money. ANEW is our best earning opportunity, and almost everyone wants to look younger. By becoming a skin care educator, I’ve built my Customer base.”

It took Billy a couple of years to reach AUL. “I failed twice as a candidate,” he recounts. “And fell back to Unit Leader (UL) once.” He was inspired by hearing Senior Executive Unit Leader (SEUL) Sophia Smith of Victoria, Texas, talk about her start, and thought, If she could do it, I can, too! Says Billy, “The best way to learn Avon is from successful people who do it.”

Sharing an Opportunity
His “aha” moment came when he realized that recruiting for Avon wasn’t about convincing other people to sell, but about sharing an opportunity. It was attending the 2009 National Sales Leadership Conference in Las Vegas that changed his mind. He says, “It convinced me to actively recruit and to get serious about Sales Leadership. I listened to people talk about their businesses, and the rewards of sharing and building a business with people you like. What’s really the difference between UL and AUL is bringing in people who may not have experience, and helping them to achieve success. They can come out of your own social network. Make sure everyone knows what you do, and bring in people who want to earn extra money and build a business.”

As an AUL, Billy develops other ULs. He looks to see who shows potential. “You need to support and encourage them, and share strategies that work for you,” he advises.

When recruiting, Billy advises revisiting your who-do-you-know list. “Think about who could use extra money and flexibility,” he explains. “They may not be in your inner circle of friends or Customers. Post flyers or ads. At the start, it’s a numbers game. Don’t just think about people who would like to sell Avon. Who could use some extra money? Who has a large social network? Who needs a flexible earning opportunity?”

Billy approaches recruiting in a way that encourages success. “It’s about sharing an opportunity,” he says. “A lot of people are afraid of Sales Leadership in the same way they’re afraid of sales. I offer the perspective that Avon is about building a business around products you know and love. It opens up the conversation in a different way. I explain how it fits in my life, and then we talk about how it can fit in yours. For me, Avon is a great opportunity. There’s the flexibility—it’s anywhere, anytime, and it fits around my other jobs. For people who have a passion for any of Avon’s products, the opportunity is there.”

Selling Skin Care
Billy uses a consultative approach when selling skin care, and he backs it up with science. He asks his Customers, “How are you taking care of your skin?” He says, “Most of my Customers either do very little, in which case I tell them about a regimen. Or they do a lot and use many products, and I encourage them to incorporate one or two Avon products into their regimen. Particularly in the case of men, I may need to start them off slowly, possibly with only two products. Men aren’t used to putting things on their face.”

He recommends having a specialist focus with Avon. “Customers will buy everything,” Billy explains, “but it’s important to learn to sell a few things really, really well. I focus on skin care, and train my Downline in sales techniques based on what I’ve learned. Most people choose skin care based on whether they like the smell and feel of the product, and they can tell that from a single use. That’s why sampling is so important.”

Billy tells his Downline, “Build a skin care regimen around what your Customers like. That regimen can include a cleanser, day and night creams, and an eye product … anywhere up to six products. The ANEW Clinical line is for all ages, so I’ll work in a Clinical product such as Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum or Lift & Firm Pro Serum. Because my demographic is affluent—sophisticated, urban Customers, I focus on ANEW, but I do offer Solutions as an alternative. You need to know how to address your Customers and listen to them, so you can match them with the appropriate products.”

He puts a strong value on education. Billy directs his Downline to learn the key ingredients in Avon’s skin care products, and tells his team, “You need to be able to answer your Customers’ questions.”

Personalized Service and Recommendations
Having a large social network helps Billy to maximize his sales. He tells his Downline that it’s important to keep up with Customers and what they’re doing, to offer personalized service and to obtain referrals. “I expand my social network through groups and activities, like picnics and concerts,” Billy says. He makes sure to collect electronic contact info, and he recommends the products he uses and loves through Facebook and Avon’s Web Office. He advises distributing brochures at the bank, at sandwich shops and in doctors’ offices, too.

He’s also a fan of Advance Order Opportunities, Instant Delivery and stocking up, so that he can sample and sell on the spot. “I encourage my Downline to start marketing products before they’re introduced, and get Customer orders early. I carry product stock-ups and samples with me everywhere I go. That way I can offer people the chance to try the product, right there. It’s important to think about where you’re going andwhat people might need. Are you going to the doctor’s office or riding the subway? Bring anti-bacterial hand gel. When you use the product in front of them, people will ask about it. Offer them some! It’s free, it’s on sale and I have more in my backpack! An outdoor concert at night? Bring extra Bug Guard Plus. The beach? Carry Solar Advance Sunscreen. It builds Customers when you can deliver on the spot. Nobody likes waiting. Sure, people are close to stores, but you provide sales and service in one. It’s instant gratification.”

Billy’s Three Keys to Avon Success
  1. Make sure everyone you meet knows your name and what you do.

  2. The Power of 3 is simple. Every day, talk to at least three people about Avon: either the opportunity or the product. Commit to doing this every day.

  3. Share the products you use and love.
He also advises attending Sales Meetings for networking, and using social media.

Billy holds skin care training meetings, and hopes to hold more while striving for Executive Unit Leader and eventually, SEUL. His dream? “I want to be the first guy to win the Spirit of Albee Award,” Billy says, “the top award for Representatives who achieve both SEUL and Inner Circle.” Between Billy’s dedication and business smarts, that seems a likely bet indeed.

Running an Avon Business for Half a Century
For this 93-year-old, selling Avon never seemed like work

Maurine Territo didn’t know much about Avon until she was in her forties. Today, at 93, she is a member of an elite group of Representatives who can proudly say they have been handing out brochures for more than half a century. Since 1961—when married women with children typically stayed home—not one campaign has come and gone that Maurine was not involved. In fact until recently, the Mesquite, Texas resident achieved and maintained President’s Club status every year since the President’s Recognition Program started, and she has a huge collection of Mrs. Albees to prove it.

Looking back to a half century ago, Maurine and her husband Louis (they were married for 50 years before he passed away in 1990) were raising their family in a quiet suburb outside of Dallas, where Maurine still lives. On October 18, 1961, a member of the PTA at the school Maurine’s children attended convinced her to sign up as an Avon Representative, to help the woman win an Incentive Avon was offering.

“I planned to remain a Representative for just a month or two but I never stopped,” says the mother of two. “I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I loved the products, I liked talking to Customers and the end result—making money to give my children extra things I couldn’t buy them if I didn’t sell Avon—was really motivating.” Maurine’s favorite reason to sell Avon then is still a major draw today: “I was my own boss, so I could work while my children were in school and always be there for them when they came home and any time they needed me.”

The Early Years
Maurine recalls that when she first started, every Avon Representative had a particular route that she claimed as her own. “It was an unwritten rule that we weren't to cross into anyone else's area,” she explains. Her “route” was in Southeast Dallas, where she still does most of her selling today, often to the daughters and granddaughters of her first Customers. Back in “the day” Maurine wore a dress, a hat and white gloves every time she went door-to-door.

“When I first started people were home during the day, and I knocked on every door in my area, every campaign,” she explains. “That was a time when people felt safe opening the door and welcoming in friends or strangers.”

To this day, Maurine remembers her first Customer very well. “I still keep in contact with her after all these years,” she reminisces. “My oldest Customer is someone who is actually younger than me; I started selling to her in 1962 and I still do.”

Fast Forward to Today
What are some of the biggest changes for an Avon Representative that she’s seen over the last half century? Maurine notes two trends in particular: “Obviously not selling door-to-door has changed the business. Attracting Customers by word of mouth was an adjustment, but I found that one friend leads to another.” Another major change Maurine notes is the dress code. “It still surprises me when I attend my District Sales Meetings. Other Representatives show up in shorts and flip-flops and I still dress up in business-like attire every time. I guess old habits are hard to change.”

Adapting to Change
Maurine has certainly adapted. This wonder woman, who recently celebrated her 93rd birthday, still lives on her own (her two children, four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren are always popping in to visit) and without fail, every campaign she hops in her car and drives herself around town selling Avon and delivering her orders.

“I never miss a campaign, although I don't work quite as much as I used to,” Maurine admits. “When I turned 90, I decided I’d earned the right to slack up a little bit, yet I still come close to making President’s Club every year.”

Has she ever considered retiring? “It's a way of life for me and it keeps me going,” she says. “I have made so many lifelong friendships selling Avon and my Customers treat me like their mother or grandmother.”

Maurine tells us she is the oldest person she knows. “Most of my Customers and friends are decades younger, and some of my Customers have officially ‘claimed’ me as their mother after losing their own,” she says. “Lately more of my Customers come to my house to place and pickup orders so I don’t have to travel as much and I enjoy that,” she adds. “It really doesn't even seem like work, and it never has. It's really just more of having a visit with longtime friends.”

Team Avon Morton Grove and Team Avon Springdale at the 2011 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Chicago.
Thank You, Avon Representatives, for Your Continued Support of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!

The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is more than halfway through its ninth season, with the Houston; Washington, DC; Boston; Chicago; Rocky Mountains; and San Francisco Walks already behind us. It’s been a fantastic season and so far in 2011, Avon Walkers and Crew have raised more than $20 million to fight breast cancer and provide access to care for all, regardless of their ability to pay. And many of those participants are Avon Representatives—just like you!

A new diagnosis of breast cancer occurs every three minutes. This is a disease that won’t go away unless we fight it with our funds and support. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer’s success depends on dedicated supporters like you, your friends and your family. This year, Avon Representatives have been working hard to raise much-needed funds for the cause. Special thanks goes out to official Team Avon Walkers and Crew Members across the United States who, together, have raised more than $135,000 to date—including the Avon Bluebonnet Crusaders (Houston), Team Avon*Making a Difference (Boston) and the Team Avons from Morton Grove and Springdale (both for Chicago)—as well as the many amazing Representatives who participated on their own, or on other teams at our first six Avon Walks this season.

We look forward to seeing Team Avons from New York, Suffern, Zanesville and Atlanta, and all of the other members of the Avon family who will be joining us for the final three Avon Walks later this year. If you are interested in being a Team Avon captain for the Avon Walk in New York, or if you want to join one of the existing teams, please contact Eloise Caggiano at eloise.caggiano@avonfoundation.org.

Since launching in 2003, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer series has raised more than $400 million through the dedication of more than 145,000 participating women and men from across the country, including thousands of Avon Associates and Representatives.

We’re calling on you to help us continue this success by visiting www.avonwalk.org or calling 1-888-541-WALK (9255) to register to walk with Team Avon, to volunteer or donate to any of the remaining Avon Walks this year: Santa Barbara (September 17–18); New York (October 15–16); and Charlotte (October 22–23).

If you’ve already registered to walk this year, it’s not too late (or too early) to share your experiences with your friends and family. Encourage them to either walk with you or donate to support your walk! Consider “publicizing” your involvement via your social networks on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re still fund-raising for an upcoming Walk, tell everyone! If you’ve just finished your longest training walk, tell people how you feel. Sharing your experiences on your social networks may open up a world of new donors and supporters. You can also send out a press release to your local newspaper or alumni magazine. (Registered Avon Walkers can access a template press release in their online participant center.)

Are you unable to participate in a walk but still want to help? You can still support the cause and help the Avon Foundation raise much-needed funds by selling our pink products. And if you missed a walk near you this year, don’t worry! It’s not too early to register for any of the nine Avon Walks in 2012! Just go to avonwalk.org to register.

Don’t forget: You can keep up with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer by following us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/avonwalks) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/avonwalks)!

Thank you again to all of the Avon Representatives who are such dedicated supporters of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!

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