September 16, 2011

Campaign 18 News and Highlights

Top Sales Representatives Campaign 18 & $389 Club Achievers

Christina V - $1003

Clifford W - $839

Vivian T - $620

Joane S - $563

Blanca H - $550

Aurora V - $510

Yesenia J - $493

Africa A - $486

Pamela Z - $413

For those that are new and are wondering what President's Club is, if you can average an order of $389 throughout the year, you will be right on target to reach President's Club.

Now that is the place to be!

At PC level you receive a guaranteed 40% commission on all Avon branded products and 25% commission on the fixed earnings items.

You will also receive the beautiful collector's Mrs. Albee figurine (in memory of the first Avon Lady), an invite to the annual PC Tribute, and the yearly recognition jewelry piece.
Remember, ordering a minimum of 50 brochures each campaign and putting them in the hands of potential customers helps increase your chances of achieving this prestigious title.

Remember, ALL $389 Club Achievers will get a chance to win $100 worth of Avon products and samples.

Welcome Our Newest Avon Representatives

Pang L

Willette D

Jillian S

Holly T

Arnette C

Savannah F

Miriam S

Suzanne A

Julia J

Roberto E

Jennifer O

Crystalyn P

Adriana G

Natalie B

Kathy L

Regina N

Tabitha H

Kathy B

Demetr W

Padriac B

Vanessa F

April L

Senona Z

Daphne S

Margaret M

Debra L

Shelley W

Liliana A

Stephanie M

Jennette J

Modesta C

Evangelina S

Sylvia G

Stephanie C

Jennifer T

Komeka W

Caralee M

Angelica A

Misty C

Youlanda J

Lynda D

Top Leadership Representatives in Campaign 18

Africa A - 3

Yesenia J - 1

Monika A - 1

For our leadership Representatives, for those of you who move up in Title (Unit Leader, Advanced Unit Leader, Executive Unit Leader, Senior Executive Unit Leader) until Campaign 26 will also receive $100 worth of Avon products.

Unlock the Key to Younger Looking Skin & Increased Earnings

There have been a great many breakthroughs in the world of science, but there is one challenge that has consistently baffled experts and scientists alike: Father Time. While no one may completely erase the signs of aging, Avon has found a way to help you look younger with our newest skin care breakthrough. Beginning in C-21, you and your Customers can put a serious dent in the look of the powers of Father Time with the debut of ANEW Genics Night Treatment Cream, our latest and arguably most exciting skin care product to date.

Target Anti-Aging Customers
ANEW scientists were inspired by research that uncovered a secret to human longevity. A recent study in Italy shows that some people who live longer and healthier, past 100 years, have a highly active Youth Gene—a gene that is inside all of us. Now, ANEW has discovered this same gene's significance to skin. The Youth Gene that keeps the body healthy also keeps skin cells acting younger.*

ANEW Genics is the first product made with patented YouthGen™ Technology. Ten years in the making, this technology is inspired by the discovery that everyone has a Youth Gene. And our ANEW Genics formula is designed to stimulate your Youth Gene's activity,* which slows down with age. Now with Anew Genics, you can undo up to 10 years from the look of your skin.** Genics dramatically reduces the look of wrinkles** and improves the appearance of discolorations by up to 100%*** in just four weeks.

So help your Customers get on the road to younger-looking skin, while you get a jump start on your skin care sales with this tremendous introductory offer in the C-21 Brochure: With every purchase of Genics Night Treatment Cream ($38), Customers will receive any ANEW Day Cream for only $10! That's a savings of up to $28! Whether it's ANEW Rejuvenate, Reversalist, Ultimate or Platinum … this is a tremendous way to increase your skin care earnings and introduce new Customers to the advantages of ANEW. Plus, every Customer who receives a brochure will get to try a FREE sample right away, as it's right on the front cover.

Senior Executive Unit Leader and Rose Circle member Maria Tirotta**** of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offers a glowing endorsement of Genics, saying, "I was never good at putting skin care on at night, but now I am hooked. I like the way it feels and I like the way my fine lines are disappearing."

Be a GENEius
September 15 is Be a GENEius Day so be sure to mark your calendars, then use social media to spread the word about the power of Genics.

Make Genics the most talked-about product and have Customers coming to you to get their hands on our latest skin care miracle. Spread the word by utilizing the social media widgets available (for eRepresentatives) and leverage Facebook and Twitter to drive participation and awareness around GENEius Day.

If you don't have a Twitter account, it's easy to sign up. Go to and use the #BEaGENEius hashtag to be part of the conversation. Also be sure to look out for TV advertising which begins on September 5.

Want more information about Genics? Be sure to check out Genics Central on

Your Anti-Aging Miracle
There are a number of different ways to help you maximize your earnings potential with Genics. But here are some key tips to get the most out of your sales calls:
  • Become an expert at Genics Central on, where you'll find selling tips, testimonials, videos and great media content to help you make the most of your Genics business. (Click on the banner that says Genics Central on the home page of

  • Contact EVERY Customer who has yet to try an Avon skin care product and introduce them to Genics.

  • Spread the word to all your Customers who love to know about the latest in cutting-edge technology.

  • Show Customers the quality of Genics, and provide them with samples they can try themselves.
The key to providing value to your Customers and continued sales growth is simple. Be sure to remind your Customers that ANEW is not only a leader in the fight against the visible signs of aging, but by using Genics for just a week, they'll experience results. With the holidays just a few short months away—and the holiday shopping season even closer—the debut of Genics is timed perfectly.

Powering your business by Skin Care can give you better results as well as repeat sales. In addition, your skin care sales can certainly help you make President's Recognition Program (PRP) for the first time or boost you to a higher PRP level. With the high demand for anti-aging products, ANEW Genics can provide you with a great earning opportunity … and your miracle in anti-aging.

"I believe every Customer can benefit from ANEW Genics," says Executive Unit Leader and Honor Society member Elizabeth Balestracci**** of Medford, New York. "It's an amazing opportunity for any Representative in the business of Skin Care."

*Based on testing in skin cells.
**Based on a consumer-perception study of women aged 45–59.
***Based on a dermatologist assessment of mottled pigmentation in a clinical study of subjects aged 45–59.
****This Representative received a free trial from Avon of ANEW Genics Night Treatment Cream.

What better way to glam up your 2011 fall and holiday sales than with a little bling? Customers around the world continue to fall in love with Avon's amazing jewelry and watch collection and beginning in C-20, Avon will introduce the first of four dazzling collections.

Maripoza Freshwater Pearl – Inspired by an elegant lady's boudoir, the Maripoza Collection reinterprets satin sheets and glittering chandeliers into luminous freshwater pearls and brilliant glass crystals. Mirroring the delicate patterns of fine lace, the collection's star motif is etched with beading and delicate swirls, adding texture and detail to its elegant silhouette. Available in silver/white colorway and comes in an earring, necklace and ring.

Through the Looking Glass – Cast in antiqued silver-tone and set with enchanting pastel crystals, the Through the Looking Glass Collection illuminates a starry vision of mythic luxury. Mounted above each star a bold emerald-cut faux stone glistens, capturing the eye and drawing attention inward. Available in purple and clear colorways and comes in an earring, necklace, ring and bracelet.

Spice Market – Suspended like tantalizing fruit on the vine, the Spice Market Collection shimmers with luxurious allure. Prong-set with cascading finely-faceted pear-cut faux stones in cinnamon brown, ginger yellow, and pepper gray, this collection which features an earring, ring and bracelet drips with earthy sophistication. Crafted in silvertone metal and accented with delicate rhinestones.

Delphine Gala – Crafted in silvertone metal with illusion faux diamond pave and set with rich marquis-cut precious faux gemstone colors, the Delphine Gala Collection offers the look and scale of exquisite luxury at a brilliant holiday value. Offered in blue and red and comes in an earring and necklace.

There are no right or wrong rules on how to wear jewelry, so have fun, experiment, and find the style that works for you and your Customers. Here are just a few simple tips to help you take advantage of these brilliant collections.

Wear at least three pieces of Avon jewelry at all times.
  • Keep it chic! Consider the total outfit or occasion when suggesting jewelry.

  • Get in the mix—many of our pieces are designed to be layered, so pile on the pearls, mix metals or combine with pearls. Have fun!

  • Always suggest Avon Jewelry as the finishing beauty touch. After applying lipstick or fragrance, add an Avon bauble that will complete your Customer's look!
All of these special collections offer innovative on-trend designs, exceptional quality, competitive pricing, and the Avon satisfaction guarantee your customers love.

All you need to do is…Wear. Share. Sell.

Samples are an important piece of your sales calls, and they're integral to helping you increase your earnings. Did you know that when you distribute 20 samples, two or more Customers are likely to order?

But don't just take our word for it. "Samples open the door," says Veruska Puente (New York, New York), Executive Unit Leader and President's Council member. "I consistently give samples to all my Customers."

Translate samples into earnings with these sure-to-please tips for success.
  1. Order samples from every category.

  2. Attach a sample to the brochure page that features the product. It may lead to future full-size or on-the-spot sales.

  3. Include a sample in every Customer order. Customers will appreciate the freebie and be more likely to re-order from you.

  4. Keep a wide selection of samples and contact cards with you at all times for spontaneous handouts.

  5. Try the samples. Once you see results, you'll be able to share your personal experience with everyone you know or meet.

  6. Most importantly, follow up! Create a follow-up list of all the Customers who received samples.
Take advantage of what Avon has to offer, and enjoy sample success with our C-21 Sample Success Pack, which includes samples of Herve Leger Homme, Turn4XT, Haiku Sunset, Glazewear Lip Gloss and Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield and Advance Techniques Damage Repair 3D Rescue Leave-In Treatment.

That's 50 samples for just $9!

Get the samples you need to cash in on the key beauty offers in the C-21 Brochure.

Fall means fashion and we have the latest and greatest fashion trends thanks to some help from Avon's Celebrity Fashion Expert, Jeannie Mai. Use her tips to entice your Customers to spend, spend, spend to celebrate the season!

Q: Is it okay to wear sheer fabrics in the fall, or are they too summery?
Jeannie: Sheer tops are full-on sexy and perfectly fine for fall, but you'll want something with layers and plenty of folds and drapes. It will be less transparent than its summer sister and will flutter beautifully in the autumn breeze.

Q: What's the most wearable new trend for fall?
Jeannie: It's something I call "mixed media." It's the art of mixing different types of materials—textured textiles with smooth suede … or burnished brass with chunky knits and corduroy. It's a classic look for autumn that looks great on anyone.

Q: Do I have to pack away my favorite dress just because the cold weather has arrived?
Jeannie: Absolutely not! Autumn is known for its mood swings—from Indian summer days to frosty nights. When a cold front moves in, style your dress with textured stockings and cute faux-fur booties. The look is as cozy as it is sexy.

Q: Is there any way to perk up my casual weekend look?
Jeannie: Ditch the couch-potato sweats and go sporty chic. A fleece jacket with a stylish silhouette and stretch denim leggings give you track-suit comfort without looking like you've just finished working out. For fun, add some sparkle with a trendy sequined sneaker and turn heads the next time you're at the market.

Remember, Customers can mix and match to their heart's desire, so show them the best of what Avon has to offer in fall fashion!

Campaign 21 Top Demo Picks

If You Really Believe in Something, How Can You Not Do It?
Rosemarie Osolinsky of Phoenix, Arizona, grew up with Avon—her neighbor was an Avon lady. No matter where she's lived, from New York to Louisiana to California, Avon has always been a part of Rosemarie's life. At age 19, she sold Avon for six months. Later on, after starting her own family and moving to California, Rosemarie was looking for products at a discount and wanted to contribute to her family's income. So she started selling Avon again, this time hanging brochures from her baby buggy, and selling to the teachers at her children's school. Eventually, Rosemarie met a District Sales Manager who challenged her to make President's Club. Since she enjoys challenges and games, Rosemarie rose to the challenge and met her goal within eighteen months. At the same time, she'd gone back to school to get her Associate's degree, and the District Sales Manager had a new challenge. How did Rosemarie feel about recruiting? The District Sales Manager was looking to move out of the District, and was considering Rosemarie as a replacement!

Her new goal was to recruit and retain 100 Representatives within three months. She went to job fairs and posted on bulletin boards to find prospects. She watched what the District Sales Manager did, and taught the program. And accomplished her goal! Avon hired Rosemarie as the new District Sales Manager—a job she performed for five years. But working with her District's Representatives made Rosemarie see what she was missing, including how much money she could make. She asked herself, If you really believe in something, how can you not do it? So she left her job behind, returned to being a Representative, and invested herself full-time in selling Avon, and the Sales Leadership opportunity.

After a few months, she wasn't sure it was working out. Rosemarie recalls, "I was working long hours promoting my Avon business, recruiting every day and working with my team, but my Leadership bonus check was very low. I told my husband that I thought I couldn't be successful with this program." But his response turned her around. He reminded her that she'd quit her job and that they'd used most of his 401(k) to pay for the car she needed for her new business—so she could pursue her dreams. He said, "You have to make it. Don't ever tell me that again." Rosemarie says, "Once I saw that failure was not an option, I never gave it another thought. I just went to work every day and helped other people to achieve their goals, and the money and success just came."

Rosemarie made Unit Leader (UL) her first campaign, Executive Unit Leader (EUL) in five campaigns and Senior Executive Unit Leader (SEUL) in ten. How did she do that? She responds, "I went out every day like it was a full-time job. I took people in my car and recruited—every day. I looked for people who cared, from any Generation, and mentored them to help them move title. That's what I do more than anything else. I have a lot of communication with people who are growing."

Because Rosemarie's focus was on Sales Leadership from the very beginning, she made smart use of Helpers. They sold for her in the offices where they worked. A few years ago, when Rosemarie's children reached college age, she opened a Licensed Avon Beauty Center (LABC). The LABC required a lot of work—initially, she needed to be there every day. But it also helped her to increase her sales and build her Customer base. Rosemarie says that her focus on customer service, as well as everything that Avon offers, has helped her to grow her sales to President's Council level. She uses all of Avon's sales tools: the brochure, samples, demos and conversation cards; takes advantage of training; and works to increase her product knowledge. All of which, she says, encourages Customer referrals.

Rosemarie advises, "Spend your time in your business. Let people know what you do. You have to recruit—nobody has enough friends to make this work without it. Go outside your comfort zone. You need to mentor and talk to your people. Care about them—treat them the way you want to be treated, and follow through. Don't plant a seed and leave them hanging—be there for your people."

Growing a Customer List and Providing Good Service
Rosemarie encourages new Representatives to develop a Customer list. She tells them, "Write down a list of your potential Customers. Take an hour to contact all of them, just to tell them that you're selling Avon. Ask, 'Have you seen a brochure? Would you like to see one? Would you like to sell or buy?' If you're at the grocery store talking with someone, get the person's name and number. Follow up with the brochure, then call and ask for an order."

She emphasizes the importance of growing the list and following up. "People die, move, lose jobs—so you must grow your list," she explains. "Go out, talk to people and meet them. Ask for referrals, and talk to everyone who comes within three feet of you. It's a learned skill, but you get used to it. You put on a mask, and you don't have to take it personally if they say no. It's not hard, but for some, it's not natural. Next, develop the relationship through e-mail, or personal contact at work. Then you can contact everyone to say, 'My order goes in next week.' That tripled my sales as a new Representative. Also do add-on sales: when you're taking their order, recommend another item that's on sale or that goes with what they ordered. They'll thank you for it!"

She also tells her team to maximize the value of their list. "Write down when your Customers have an anniversary or a birthday," she says. "Your list makes them into better buyers. You can't not call them. Make it convenient for them, and you'll increase their loyalty. When you first call, ask if they want a brochure or if they'd like to go on the Web site. If someone says they can't afford to buy Avon, tell them, 'Maybe you should join my team!' People are afraid to be pushy—but it's good customer service. It's providing structure—like feeding a baby on a schedule—when your Customer knows you're going to e-mail every campaign. After two campaigns they'll say, 'Let me get my list!' It keeps it orderly, so they won't call while you're having dinner. Handle your business so it doesn't handle you! If you're proactive and consistent, people learn to count on you."

To sell beauty, Rosemarie also recommends house parties, using demo products and samples, and following up. She holds skin care classes; promotes the Beauty of Knowledge online training; and suggests reading and printing off testimonials from She also encourages her Representatives to take Instant Delivery levels based on their Customer base and sales expertise. She says, "I think Instant Delivery is a good way to teach sales and find new Customers. The District Sales Manager might get cases of products before it comes out in the brochure. If everyone takes a few, it's low risk; the Representatives can sell on-hand; and the Customers are happy."

Rosemarie also models recruiting for her team. "I meet with both the leader and her Downline," she says, "to encourage, motivate and teach Sales Leadership fundamentals. We recruit in groups. It's a learned skill once you move past your family and friends. I teach what to say to close, and how to recruit so people won't come in without an order. You can fine-tune their technique; train them; tell them to do follow-ups. The more interaction with the leader, the more solid the group. We also have team meetings all together, or by level of expertise. And I work with my inner circle, all Generations and high achievers, individually."

Energized by Believe in Your Success and C-19 Sales Leadership Changes
Rosemarie loves the changes Avon is making to Sales Leadership: everything from the Believe in Your Success program, to the eased title requirements in C-19, to the changing role of District Sales Managers so that they can spend more time partnering with leaders and top sellers.

"I especially like the Believe in Your Success mentor and title bonus," she says, "because it has everyone energized and working together to move title. Everyone says, 'I'm ready now to move up.' People who have been struggling with the economy see the light—there's new life. The bonus is a common goal between leader and Representative, and that's the driver for your business. It's outstanding, because it encourages people to reach into their Downlines, and it creates better partnering. A Unit Leader (UL) or Advanced Unit Leader (AUL) will work relentlessly—because they both get to move title and they both get money. Another program benefit is that the length of time to achieve a new title and still be rewarded with a bonus has been extended." Not only does this encourage Sales Leadership candidates, but, Rosemarie explains, it allows leaders the time to develop a stronger and more solid team.

She says, "Believe in Your Success is easy to explain, and encourages new Representatives to join Sales Leadership early on. You can scratch out a one-minute presentation on a restaurant napkin to show how to make money with Avon. For instance, you can get up to $150 every time you sign someone up—$25 when that person submits a $50 order in her first campaign, and $25 more for each $125 order she submits in her next five campaigns. If you sign up ten people, that's $1500! The presentation I like best—a longer one—shows that if you recruit one person a week, in six weeks you'll have $300-per-campaign income just from those bonuses. I've modeled my 'napkin presentation' at team meetings, and I encourage my Downline to develop their own presentations to use at every appointment and whenever the opportunity arises to talk about Avon."

The new title requirements in C-19 also make it easier to move up—Representatives in Rosemarie's Downline are so excited and have made so much progress that they've already qualified under the old rules to move title ahead of C-19! "Before the new rules took effect," Rosemarie explains, "An AUL had to have an AUL in her Downline to become an EUL. Now, she doesn't. All she needs is four Units in her Downline. It's a simplified structure that's easier to understand, and it gives you more time to develop and work with the potential EUL."

The Key to Her Success
"During my first few years, and sometimes even now," Rosemarie says, "I open an inspirational book to a quote: 'If it's to be, it's up to me.' I take total responsibility for my business and I keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what. If I consistently do the correct actions, the results will come. I have a lot of faith in God leading the way. Doors will open for you, but you have to be smart enough to walk through them."

Avon Gives This Honor Society Representative
a Reason to Live, Laugh and Love

Rosetta credits her husband Andrew with helping her keep her business strong when she is ill.
It takes a nurse slipping something in Rosetta Slutsky's IV to stop her from calling in her Avon order. "When I told my nurse I had to get this Avon order in, she told me I could do it when I woke up. I said to her I wasn't going to go to sleep. She replied, 'Oh, yes, you are!'—and I woke up three hours later. But I did get that order in!"

With a warm, infectious laugh, Rosetta recalls one of the 11 times she was hospitalized last year as she battled emphysema. Now on oxygen, she puts everyone around her at ease with her honesty and amazing self-awareness about her serious condition. "Just because you are in the hospital, the world doesn't stop," she explains. Hospital-free for four months, Rosetta credits Avon with keeping her going. "Avon makes me feel alive," she says. "It is a lifesaver for me. I would go bonkers if I didn't have Avon."

An (Avon) Star Is Born
Rosetta's journey with Avon started almost three years ago, while she was suffering with some other health issues that drastically limited her mobility. "I have always loved Avon," she says, "and I have always bought Avon. So, my husband, Andrew, and I thought we could give selling Avon a shot."

They live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—and they took northeastern Philadelphia by storm. "In the beginning, it was hard. Andrew put out brochures everywhere in our area—13 cases worth, and we only got six or seven Customers … but that was better than not getting any Customers at all," Rosetta emphasizes.

Armed with a gung-ho attitude, Rosetta tried a different approach. "I just started calling people," she says. After only four months, they held their first fund-raiser, resulting in an order for $5,000!* "I had Avon boxes from one end of my house to the kitchen," Rosetta recalls. She made President's Club and was named the highest seller in her District her first year—and their business has been growing ever since.

As a recipient of the coveted Spirit of Avon award, Rosetta embodies Avon and carries an honest and true passion for it. "Anyone will tell you, I love to talk Avon," she boasts. Her superb product knowledge and endless enthusiasm for the company are contagious. This made her an ideal recruiter, teacher and cheerleader for those in her Downline.

What's Really Important
Unfortunately, Rosetta's disease took its toll—not only on her health, but also on her work schedule. Due to the repeated hospitalizations, Rosetta missed meetings and appointments with her team, and she lost her title of Unit Leader. She knows it's only a matter of time before she's back out there recruiting, especially since she has the support of her family, as well as that of Executive Unit Leader and Honor Society member Kathy Hansell of Narberth, Pennsylvania, and Kathy's husband, Fred, who Rosetta says "are the most wonderful people in the world—they truly inspire me."

From her many years of struggles, Rosetta has learned what is really important in her life: her health. "I would love to start recruiting again, but first things first—I need to get myself better and then climb the ladder. You take baby steps."

A True 50–50 Partnership
Rosetta may have lost her title, but she didn't lose her sales. How did she keep the business thriving? "I couldn't have done it without Andy. This is a 50–50 partnership," she explains. When Rosetta was in the hospital, Andy would bring her laptop and the bag she always has stocked with her tools. "The current campaign brochure and brochures from a few of the previous campaigns are always in there, and my copy books. Every tool I need to do my business is in that one bag." From her hospital bed, Rosetta would call Customers and complete orders online. If the hospital didn't have Wi-Fi, Andy would step in and take care of the orders, as well as delivering them, as he normally does.

The people around her noticed how these setbacks and challenges did not stop Rosetta from doing what she loves—selling Avon. District Sales Manager Denise Dales describes Rosetta as "kind, persistent and self-reliant." She was in awe of how Rosetta managed to keep going despite what was happening. "Rosetta never missed an order. She lost her title, but her sales got better and better," Denise says. "She has such dedication to Avon and to her Customers."

Rosetta shares her secret: "I love what I do. Yes, I'm sick, but it doesn't matter how well or how ill you are, you can still have a successful business. The key is determination."

Rosetta's Way
That determination has paid off, as Rosetta has been one of the top sellers in her District. But it isn't just determination that has propelled her business; it's the way Rosetta treats her Customers. "I treat people the way I want to be treated," she says. "I don't just call and say, 'Hi, it's Rosetta—do you have an Avon order?' I call one of my Customers, who is ill, once a week just to see how she's feeling." She also tells her Customers up front that she won't badger them with phone calls around ordering time. "I'm not going to call someone five times just to hear her say she doesn't have an order. I wouldn't want that done to me! It isn't about Avon; it is about the people. They are what makes it so rewarding for me."

As a result, Rosetta really knows her Customers. "If you don't know them, you aren't going to keep them," she says. She calls them when their favorite products go on sale, and often shops with them on the phone, recommending skin care products or offering her opinion on the right color to choose. "I remind them, if they don't like something, I will take it back and find something they do like." Rosetta works hard to make sure her Customers feel beautiful when using their Avon products, which gets them to buy from her again … and again and again. "It is such a great feeling to help people like this. I have an amazing client base, and they have been with me most of the way."

Nothing Is Stopping Her
What's next for this honest, inspiring and courageous woman? Rosetta has just recently made Honor Society, but says, "I really would love to make Rose Circle. If I do, I will be thrilled."

She loves escaping down to the shore in Wildwood, New Jersey, where, in the rare moments they aren't working, she and her husband relax. "My husband plays pickup basketball with the young guys down the block. Me? I love to read."

Rosetta has only one word when you ask her what recharges her when she feels low: Avon. "Avon has given me a reason to live, laugh and love. Avon takes my mind off of everything. I'm not let

Ten Years Later: Remembering September 11, 2011

As our nation somberly commemorates the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this month, we will reflect upon the tremendous impact of that day. Instead of focusing on the negative, Avon is choosing to remember the compassionate response of our incredible Avon Representatives who banded together to raise much-needed funds for the children and families affected by the events of that fateful day.

Over a span of ten days following the attacks, Avon Representatives helped raise $7 million for the Avon Heart of America Children's Charity by selling specially designed Avon Heart of America Pins. Avon created the Children's Charity to distribute funds directly to children affected by the attacks, as well as to educational institutions and programs that provide counseling, child care and other services. Organizations that received funding included New York Disaster Counseling Coalition, Inc.; Stuyvesant High School; Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City, Inc.; St. Vincent's Hospital; and P.S. 234, among others.

Avon also provided funds directly to the families of firefighters, police officers, hotel and restaurant workers, Pentagon employees and Marsh employees who had children affected by the September 11 attacks. Understanding the urgency of the situation and in order to maximize the fund's impact, Avon distributed 100% of the proceeds within six months of fundraising.

Additional fundraising efforts that took place between November 2001 and March 2002 resulted in another $500,000 raised. Avon sent these funds directly to the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, the Flight 93 National Memorial and the Pentagon Memorial Fund, and helped create memorials in the three locations affected by the attacks—New York, NY; Shanksville, PA; and Washington, D.C.

During the 10th anniversary of 9/11 we will all hear stories of the many heroes who helped the victims of the attacks. You—our Avon Representatives—should feel immensely proud that you, too, are heroes. Your dedication and extraordinary support to raise these funds has touched more than 1,800 children in more than 800 families. On behalf of all Avon Associates, thank you!

Avon Success Story - What will your story be?

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