July 15, 2011

Campaign 14 News and Team Highlights

Top Sellers in Campaign 14
Working their Way to President's Club $389 Club

Pamela Z - $613

Africa A - $564

Rebeca J - $443

Dinora S - $408

Christin V - $404

Lesly C - $401

For those that are new, if you can average an order of $389 throughout the year, you will be right on target to reach President's Club. Now that is the place to be! At PC level you receive a guaranteed 40% commission on all Avon branded products and 25% commission on the fixed earnings items. You will also receive the beautiful collector's Mrs. Albee figurine (in memory of the first Avon Lady), an invite to the annual PC Tribute, and the yearly recognition jewelry piece. Remember, ordering a minimum of 50 brochures each campaign and putting them in the hands of potential customers helps increase your chances of achieving this prestigious title.

Let's All Give A GREAT BIG Round of Applause To Our Newest Teammates:

Rebecca O
Alicia R
Claudia H
Rachel E
Maritza R
Jose G
Claudia S
Destiny T
Allison M
Jeanene S
Ursula B
Maria P
America N
Lynn R
Walter G
Annisa M
Jodi G
Ravyn C
Danielle Y
Mariah H
Juan G
America G
Miosotis R
Davide M
Judy L
Amanda P
Caitlin S
Annie A
Inga R
Bridget C
Alyson B
Alexandria P
Viviana R

Top Leadership Representatives in Campaign 14

Blanca H -2
Africa A - 1
Monika A - 1
Jodi G - 1

Top Leadership Representatives in Campaign 13
Blanca H - 5
Josefina C - 5
Veronica O - 4
Maria C - 3
Karen Q - 2
Luz A - 1
Jodi G - 1
Joane S - 1
Maribel O - 1
Vivian T - 1
Monika A - 1

There are so many updates to the team, I do not even know where to begin......

I am proud to announce the following title promotions on our team

Executive Unit Leader
Maria C

Advanced Unit Leader
Africa A

Unit Leader
Veronica O
Emma F
Christin V
Idalia S
Blanca H
Maribel O

WHOA, this is the most title advancements we have had so far.....Look forward to the next wave!

Be Devoted to Prospecting

by SEUL Lynn Huber

Post image for Be Devoted to Prospecting

If you’re not actually talking to prospects, you should be out looking for them. Prospecting can fit nicely into everything you are doing. For example, how many calls can you make while waiting for your appointment? How many people can you talk to in the waiting room of the doctor’s office? How many people can you talk to in one hour in a shopping mall?

Learn a few opening scripts. Practice them until you are comfortable saying them to someone. Once you’ve got a couple of scripts under your belt, it is easy to start a conversation with pretty much anyone. While talking to a prospect, ask questions, listen, nod your head up and down and smile. Keep the conversation about the other person. Soon it will come back to you. When you hear, “So what do you do?” be prepared with your 60 second commercial and then go back to asking another question about them. As you’re talking to someone, come from the viewpoint of, “How can I help this person?” and you will be fine.

Campaign 15 is your last chance!!


Honestly, I have never seen Triple Dollars being offered in my 3 years with Avon and I think EVERYONE needs to take advantage of this opportunity.
Who knows when they will offer it again!

Achieve Mega Earnings with Our Mega Makeup Sale

Summer may be flying by, but Avon wouldn't let it pass you by without new and innovative ways to help you maximize your earnings! That's why the C-17 Brochure—highlighted by our Mega Makeup Sale—is full of Customer favorites at values that will keep shoppers coming back time and time again.

Customers will love the deals they'll find on some of their preferred Avon makeup choices in C-17, many at their lowest prices ever! With a sale featuring close to 25 pages of great values, your Customers won't be able to resist replenishing their makeup collections with products available at prices as low as $2.49! Glimmersticks, SuperShock Max Mascara and SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine SPF 15; the Healthy Makeup and Extra Lasting lines plus 36 shades of Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel are just some of the makeup collections available in C-17 … all at amazingly low prices! Other favorites include Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick SPF 15, available in 10 shades for just $2.99 each, as well as Glazewear Lip Gloss, America's #1 lip gloss!* Plus, the brochure features a multitude of great summer accessories such as sandals, jewelry, and fashionable tops to choose from. That's close to 250 items under $10 each!

Focus on Building Your Beauty Business
Building a healthy Beauty business is one of the easiest ways to create solid earnings. Avon Customers are known for their loyalty, particularly those who use Avon as their primary choice for beauty. When you build your Beauty business, you reap the benefits of a loyal Customer base that will return time and time again. With so many products and Customer favorites available in C-17, you have a terrific opportunity to build momentum towards the second half of 2011. Believe it or not, fall and holiday shopping will be here before you know it. And if you maintain your selling edge, you'll be ready!

Connect with Your Customers
It certainly bears repeating that the warm weather gives you a great opportunity to get out and find new Customers. The sun is shining, the temperatures are just right—take advantage of the marvelous weather and deliver as many C-17 Brochures as you can! This is also a great way to get some important face-to-face time with both established and potential Customers.

It's also a terrific opportunity to motivate your Customers to do their summer shopping with you—and with prices like these, urge them to try new scents and colors, explore different products and stock up on all their favorites. Remember, the more your Customers stock up, the higher your sales volume will go! It's our belief that the fantastic offers in the C-17 Brochure will mean better earnings for you!

It's always important to promote Avon's smart-value proposition, and we back it up with our offerings—on-trend items that are just too good to miss. The power is in your hands, so be sure to promote all of Avon's smart-value items, and watch your business grow!

Build Your Business
Summertime … and the Selling Is Easy!

With everyone out and about, summer is a great time to find new Customers and expand your business!

Nothing says summer like vacations, family gatherings and Avon! Be your Customers' source of summer essentials to help make summer easy. Here are some items your Customers are sure to love:
  • C-16 Summer Beauty Bag
    Fill it with everything needed for a day at the beach, picnics, camping trips and weekend getaways!

  • ANEW Solar Advance Sunscreen
    Whether they are going to the beach or a BBQ, make sure your Customers have ANEW Solar Advance Sunscreen to protect skin from the sun's harmful rays. It is also designed to repair skin cell sun damage.*

    *Measured in reconstructed skin after UVB exposure equal to approximately 10 minutes of summertime sunlight at 40°N lat.

  • Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus
    Help your Customers keep the bugs away with Bug Guard. So many formulas to choose from, including towelettes to go!

  • C-16 and C-17
    Summer Cooking Essentials

    Show your Customers all the great gear they can use for summer cooking: Fill N Grill Stuffed Burger Maker, Multipurpose Outdoor Griller and Spicy Hot Apron!

  • C-15
    Mens Water-Resistant Watch

    It's time to sell the watch that's a summer swim fan's must-have. This depth-defying, water-resistant watch will make a splash at the pool!

  • Avon Naturals Body Sprays
    Tell your Customers to beat the heat with cooling mists in sweet summer scents: juicy Strawberry & Guava, tropical Banana & Coconut Milk and new (C-16) sparkling Blackberry & Vanilla!
    Tip: Keep body sprays in a cooler for a quick refreshing spritz when on sales calls!

  • Samples, minis and trial sizes make the perfect travel companions!
    Offer their favorite ANEW day or night creams in a convenient size. Plus, at only 3 fl. oz. or less, bath & body and hair care minis are the perfect size for air travel.
Where Is Everyone?
It's easy to know where to go to find Customers—just follow the fun to hot summer selling! Be sure to have plenty of brochures on hand when you head to these summer hot spots:
  • Beaches
  • Community pools
  • Public parks
  • Outdoor events
  • Block parties
  • Cookouts and BBQs
  • Picnic grounds and campsites
  • Amusement parks
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Parents' Day at summer camp
Revitalize Your Summer Sales Strategies
Get into summer selling with a few twists on your current techniques:
  • Mix, mingle and sell! Gather neighbors, friends and family for an Avon BBQ—instant Customers!
    Tip: Create a travel kit filled with minis, samples, trial sizes and a brochure as a thank-you for a loyal Customer's order. Or offer the kit as a raffle prize when hosting your own Avon BBQ!

  • Plan ahead and prep your Customers for fun in the sun! Find out their travel schedules and place orders now so they have plenty of time to pack before their big trip! Then make sure you call when they return to replenish all their Avon favorites.

  • Canvass the summer hot spots with plenty of brochures, flyers, samples and demos. Get contact info on everyone you meet and follow up!

  • Summertime is the perfect time to recruit. Teachers on their break will love extra income. Plus, now that the kids are off to summer camp, stay-at-home moms will have extra time on their hands and will make great Avon Representatives. Recruits are everywhere. Start building your Downline now so they'll be ready for fall and holiday selling.

  • Stay connected during summer vacation. Utilize all of the online tools at yourAVON.com to stay connected to your Customers. As an eRepresentative, you'll enjoy great benefits, including personal Web pages, an online store and more. Create your own Facebook page, Twitter account and blog to keep everyone updated on the latest Avon deals.

Campaign 17 Top Demo Picks

FYI: C-17–C-18 Look Beautiful for Less: Good Buy Summer! flyer

No one wants to say good-bye to summer ... but Avon makes it a little easier on your Customers with some terrific offers in the Look Beautiful for Less: Good Buy Summer! flyer in C-17–C-18. Customers can save up to 50% with 32 pages of tremendous offers on favorites like Avon Naturals, Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel and Clearskin® Professional. In addition, your Customers will find unbeatable offers on popular fragrances like Patrick Dempsey 2, U by Ungaro Fever for Her and U by Ungaro Fever for Him, plus much more. They'll also find unique jewelry offers and a special deal for a Diamond Blush Bag … just $3.99.

Order at yourAVON.com: 977-860 (English); 977-875 (Spanish).

Unit Leader, Mother of Eight, Has an LABC Beating at the Heart of Her Avon Business

Mary Jo Clancy of Queen Anne, Maryland, is a Unit Leader, LABC (Licensed Avon Beauty Center) owner, McConnell Club member and mother of eight. A few years ago, while Mary Jo was working as an accountant, her office's cleaning woman convinced her to try ANEW. "I was hooked," Mary Jo says. "But when I quit my job to take care of the three girls my husband and I had adopted, I couldn't find an Avon Representative in the area. We went to the Delaware State Fair in July 2004, and I signed up there for the discount. I didn't plan to sell Avon, but I read the book and thought I could do it. I'd try it for four campaigns and if I wasn't making a profit, I'd quit.

"I made mistakes in the beginning," Mary Jo says. "I gave away all my brochures and didn't keep one for myself! It would take me three hours to place an order. I'd order two items on 'buy one, get one free' offers, but get four, because I didn't know that the second item is automatically sent. But I also set small, attainable goals and decided to do everything Avon said to do. By the end of those four campaigns, I was selling enough Avon every two weeks, so I stayed. I made President's Club in nine campaigns by conducting a church fund-raiser. It got me lots of Customers and Recruits—fund-raising helps your sales in the long run.

"And I just kept going, doing more fund-raising, going to new neighborhoods and giving out more brochures. I also joined Sales Leadership my first year. I made Honor Society my second year and Rose Circle my third. By then, we'd adopted four more children—teenagers—from the Philippines, and I was homeschooling all seven. I was selling a considerable amount of Avon each year out of my van but the driving was just too much. I could have quit, but I decided to go big instead, and open an LABC. Our first one opened in September 2007, and I made McConnell Club that year—and I've made it every year since.

For the first two years Mary Jo had her LABC in town but soon expanded into larger space with not only a store but also appointment and workshop areas. "The LABC is open to all Representatives—those on my team and those who don't have a Unit Leader, so they can see and smell the products," explains Mary Jo. "When you develop your team, it's always in your best interest to help others. Anything good you do is going to come back to you."

Making Money, Making Friends and Developing Others into Leaders
"When I first joined Sales Leadership," Mary Jo explains, "I had no clue how to go about it. My 'aha' moment didn't come until I realized that Sales Leadership was about more than just signing people up. It's about making friends, and developing others into leaders. Before Avon, I was painfully shy. When I tell people that now, they just laugh at me in disbelief. Avon taught me how to believe in myself and how to dream. I can do whatever I set my mind to. And now I'm helping others to come out of their shells and achieve their dreams. And the money, including bonuses for new Recruits, is also a great incentive."

Mary Jo's LABC is at the heart of it all. She says, "We have monthly Unit Meetings at the store, Representative trainings, basket workshops and events like 'Beach Party Friday.' We're halfway to the shore from Baltimore and Washington and get a lot of traffic! The LABC is a novelty—many people have never seen one before. Our giant blow-up tiki post in the parking lot draws Customers in. We focus on ANEW Solar Advance Sunscreen Body Mist SPF 28 and Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus. As traffic backs up, we'll hand out brochures, and if drivers pull into the lot, we offer them free samples and tell them about the Avon Opportunity. Our beach Customers are from all over—they become Web site Customers, and give us referrals, too."

Free Training and Your Name in Lights
"When I appoint new Representatives," Mary Jo says, "I tell them about the District Sales Meetings, and that I'll go with them. Meetings are fun and free, and you get to see your name in lights! (Avon recognizes all kinds of achievements.) Representatives who attend get to see what's coming, and touch and see all the demos. They network with each other and share ideas, get free samples and can win free demos, too. The Beauty of Knowledge online training is free, and so are the workshops. Other direct selling companies charge you for training and order forms; they nickel-and-dime you. I tell Recruits: Invest yourself in your business.

"To help my Downline recruit, I use recruitathons and events. I'm in the store six days a week, so our District Sales Manager and my Unit Leader also take people prospecting."

If You Have It, They'll Buy It
"Since my goal is President's Council this year," Mary Jo explains, "I'm trying to take and sell Level Three of every Advance Order Opportunity, and I'm encouraging my Downline to take and sell Level One. As an LABC, I need the products in the store before they hit national advertising. When people see a new ANEW product, they want it now—not two weeks from now. I learn about new products through ANEW webinars, and then share the knowledge with my team and Customers. I create a monthly newsletter for my Customers and my team that explains what's new, what's coming and what the very best products are to try. The money is in skin care, color and fragrance, and that's what I tell my people: If you want to make money—try, brag about, and sell ANEW!

"I encourage my Downline to take Preferred Preview so they can show their Customers what's coming. Customers don't want to have to wait for the newest thing if they can have it right now, so I also encourage my team to take advantage of Direct Ship and Instant Delivery. If you have it, they'll buy it. I sell lots of jewelry that way."

How to Sell Beauty
"Representatives come in just to listen to me talk to my Customers," Mary Jo says. "I train and encourage everyone, even if they're not in my Downline." She runs basket, skin care and fund-raising workshops for her team. She explains: "My Customers ask, 'Where's the bundle?' I offer them cash-and-carry baskets for $10. That's the magic number, and it will buy a bunch of Avon Naturals. Wrapped-up gifts do especially well at Christmas. I'll buy 10 or 20 of the Really Big Deals for bundles and include my business card. To carry their bundles, Representatives often use the Avon picnic carrier."

She also advises, "Always attend the state fair. One of the best ways to train a new Representative is to pair her with a seasoned one. With thousands of people to talk to, she'll get over being afraid. Selling is just talking to people and telling them what you love about Avon. And recruiting is finding what a person needs and dreams about, and showing her how to get it."

Mary Jo says that assigning homework at every appointment, and rewarding its completion, is key to her success. Her new Representatives are asked to complete the first three Beauty of Knowledge courses; build a "vision board" of desired achievements; bring in their list of 50 people, and talk to all of them.

Mary Jo, who is working hard to become an Advanced Unit Leader, has her own vision board hanging in the ladies' room of her LABC. What she really appreciates, as a mother of eight, is the recognition Avon offers. "I don't always do it for the money," she explains. "I came for the discount, but I stayed for the pat on the back. Avon is great about saying 'Good job, Mary Jo.' I'm proud to be an Avon Representative and make a difference in someone else's life. When you're doing what you love, it isn't really work."

Back to Living the Avon Dream

This Advanced Unit Leader survived a stroke. Now her Avon business is thriving again.

Corie Wallendorf, on left, with her District Sales Manager, Estelle Garza.
Last year Corie Wallendorf was living the Avon dream. She had become a Representative 16 years earlier while working full-time as a licensed vocational nurse. The San Antonio, Texas, resident gradually built up her Customer base and her Downline, so that by the time she retired from nursing about eight years ago, her second career was thriving. While some people retire to take it easy, this grandmother of five devoted 8 to 10 hours a day, six days a week, to her Avon business. The work was hard but the payoff was big: Corie was an Executive Unit Leader with 300 people in her Downline, had achieved Rose Circle, was a top seller in her District and was the recipient of the coveted and prestigious Spirit of Avon Award.

Then one day, Corie didn't feel right. "I was weak and experiencing some numbness, then suddenly my whole left side went kaput," she explains. It turned out that Corie had suffered a major stroke, which left her paralyzed on her left side. "One day I had this thriving business and the next I was like a baby who had to learn how to walk and talk all over again," she recalls. "Fortunately, my two younger sisters, Mary and Patricia, stepped in, and a star member of my Downline provided a crash course in how to place orders, service Customers and attend to the rest of my Downline."

Thanks to the trio, Corie's Avon business survived, and Corie has since made miraculous strides in her recovery. She's back to the activities she enjoyed before, like knitting, bowling, playing bunko, attending "red hat club" festivities, going to church and more. "If I had a full-time job when I had my stroke, another company would have laid me off, which is what is so wonderful about running my Avon business," she says. Unfortunately Corie hasn't been able to resume driving a car since her stroke. To compensate, she offers Customers 10% off orders if they pick them up, whether they place the order in person, over the phone or on her Avon Web site. "Seventy-five percent of my Customers now pick up their orders, and my husband delivers the rest for me on his way to and from work," Corie explains.

While Corie doesn't work long hours anymore, she remains quite an example to her Downline—which currently numbers 267—having survived a major stroke and resumed a successful career. Corie, who is now an Advanced Unit Leader and at Honor Society level in sales, attributes her success to selling what she likes. "My husband and I use everything Avon, and if I ever stop selling, I'll be someone's best Customer," she says. "I'm a big fan of ANEW, Skin So Soft, deodorants and mark so I tend to sell a lot of those."

One thing Corie finds helpful to her Downline members is suggesting how to deal with the rejection a Representative at times has to face. "I tell my Downline, 'Rejection is part of the business; do not take it personally, and when you get a no you are just getting closer to a yes.' "

Corie also feels that if you look hard enough, you'll find a Customer. Her analogy: It's like having a bucket of oysters. Keep shucking until you find the pearl. It might be at the bottom, but it's there for you to find if you try!

Did you know that in 2010, the National Domestic Violence Hotline received 281,787 calls, but due to a lack of resources, 83,027 of those calls went unanswered? That's more than 1,590 calls per week not being answered.

As you know, one important focus area of the Avon Foundation for Women's dual mission is addressing domestic and gender violence in its Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Program. In the June issue of Glamour, the Avon Foundation announced a partnership with the magazine's "Tell Somebody" campaign to end relationship violence and help ensure that the phones at the National Domestic Violence Hotline get answered.

Tell your friends and family to text TELLNOW to 85944 to make a $10 donation to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.* The Avon Foundation will match every dollar—up to $200,000—donated to the National Domestic Violence Hotline to make sure no call goes unanswered between now and Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

The TELLNOW mobile-giving campaign is part of Glamour magazine's "Tell Somebody" campaign, which launched in its June issue, to honor the one-year anniversary of University of Virginia lacrosse star Yeardley Love's death as the result of a high-profile dating violence tragedy. Through this campaign, Glamour is encouraging women to talk about relationship violence—both to ask for help and to offer it without judgment. According to a shocking Glamour survey, nearly 60% of women ages 18–35 have experienced partner abuse.

Read Glamour magazine's story about relationship violence: Relationship Violence: The Secret That Kills 4 Women a Day.

Learn more by visiting the Avon Foundation Web site to watch the "Tell Somebody" campaign video (featuring m.powerment by mark.'s Ashley Greene), download valuable domestic violence resources and read other articles on how to spot and prevent domestic violence from Glamour's June issue.

*A one-time donation of $10 will be billed to your mobile phone bill. Messaging and data rates may apply. Donations are collected for the National Domestic Violence Hotline by mobilecause.com. Reply STOP to 85944 to stop. Reply HELP to 85944 for help. For terms, see www.igfn.org/t.

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