June 17, 2011

Campaign 12 News and Team Highlights!!

Best Sellers

Top Sellers in Campaign 12
Working their Way to President's Club $389 Club

Maria C -$1,245

Rebeca J - $620

Pamela Z - $608

Karen S - $455

For those that are new, if you can average an order of $389 throughout the year, you will be right on target to reach President's Club. Now that is the place to be! At PC level you receive a guaranteed 40% commission on all Avon branded products and 25% commission on the fixed earnings items. You will also receive the beautiful collector's Mrs. Albee figurine (in memory of the first Avon Lady), an invite to the annual PC Tribute, and the yearly recognition jewelry piece. Remember, ordering a minimum of 50 brochures each campaign and putting them in the hands of potential customers helps increase your chances of achieving this prestigious title.

Welcome Our Newest Avon Representatives

Hilda J

Marie G

Lynda C

Vanessa R

Chyronie Y

Jacqueline T

Angie E

Shanti G

Ana P

Ruth M

Silvet O

Daisy B

Blacida L

Berenice V

Idalia R

Roberto C

Top Leadership Representatives in Campaign 12

Maria C - 4

Africa A - 4

Luz A - 4

Maribel O - 1

Karen S - 1

Ana P - 1

I am proud to announce the promotion of two ladies:

Newest Unit Leaders - Luz and Karen



Honestly, I have never seen Triple Dollars being offered in my 3 years with Avon and I think EVERYONE needs to take advantage of this opportunity.
Who knows when they will offer it again!

Focus on Selling the Benefits

Post image for Focus on Selling the Benefits

First, let’s talk about the difference between Benefits and Features. A benefit is the anticipated feeling you get from the features of the opportunity or product. A benefit comes after the words “you get”. A feature is a product or service, or attribute that differentiates your product or company from other products or companies.

When you’re talking to others about your opportunity, be sure you’re talking about the right things. Don’t talk about how the company is financially secure, debt free, many years old, or that your products are the best, or what income you’re already making, of the product guarantee, or any of that. Those are all features and your prospect isn’t interested in them right now.

Instead, present your opportunity in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. Our business is really pretty easy – you get paid to move products and teach others to do the same. Talk about how your business can make a difference in their financial situation, or their time situation, or whatever needs your prospect has. Maybe your prospect has 5 kids and wants to earn an income while being at home with them. Then you would talk about how this business can be worked around your children’s schedule and how your children can help with your business – even allowing the children to be a part of it and allowing them to learn powerful skills in the process.

Link your benefits to the prospect’s desires. Get the prospect to see and believe how Network Marketing can benefit them. If they believe they will gain more than they will lose, they will join you.

Hot Summer Offers Can Lead to Sizzling Earnings

With a number of exciting products and terrific summer value, now is the ideal time to seek out your current Customers and make new ones with a host of summer deals. The C-15 and C-16 Brochures are jam-packed with hundreds of products that will have your Customers talking—and opening their wallets—this summer. So step out in the warm weather and reap the benefits of all that Avon has to offer.

Get Ready to Shock Your Customers
What better time than summer to introduce two hot and exciting makeup items? Ratchet up those sales with the debut in C-15 of SuperShock Max Mascara and SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine SPF 15.

Available in Black and Brown Black, SuperShock Max Mascara features a helix brush that layers lashes to their very tips in high-gloss lushness—just one swipe creates up to 15X the volume! And SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine SPF 15 has an oversize applicator that holds and delivers smooth, full-coverage color and shine every time. But be sure to remind your Customers that the oversized applicator has a well tip, and they should be careful when releasing the applicator from the tube. Liquid Lip Shine comes in eight tantalizing shades, perfect for your Customers' every mood and occasion.

Both products are specially priced in the C-15 Brochure: $5.99 (will be $9) for Max Mascara and $4.99 (will be $8) for Liquid Lip Shine. Plus, when Customers buy one of each in C-15, their cost is just $7.99 for both. Customers are always looking for the best deal possible and, once again, they get it with our two newest beauty products. Once you have your Customers' attention, show them some of the other shocking deals available in the C-15 Brochure, including unbeatable value on lines such as ANEW, Avon Naturals, Moisture Therapy and much more. It's a great opportunity to create crossover earnings during your sales calls.

The excitement doesn't end in C-15. While the new SuperShock items are sure to turn heads during those summer strolls, the C-16 Brochure offers your Customers a more summer-centric deal with the Summer Beauty Bundle. Valued at $72 but available for just $19.99 (with any $10 purchase from pages 4–96 and 156–178), the bundle includes an array of items that will fit your Customers' summer needs—and budgets—including Nail Experts UV Gloss Guard Top Coat, Glazewear Lip Gloss (Clear), Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment, Haiku Eau de Parfum Spray and ANEW Solar Advance Mini Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 45. In addition to these five popular items, Customers will receive a Summer Beauty Bag that is perfect for those days at the beach or in the park.

Everyone is searching for ways to save money, particularly during the warm-weather months when people want to take their vacations. But as style-conscious Americans, most of your Customers won't be willing to forgo looking and feeling good, and that is why Avon continues to be their one-stop shopping choice. With so many seasonal products and Customer favorites, you have a terrific opportunity to take your sales to new heights.

As always, to help maximize your earnings potential, be sure to wear the featured Avon products on your sales calls, when you're out shopping or just visiting friends. Then, have samples and demos on hand to pass out to potential Customers so they can experience these products for themselves. It will definitely be a conversation starter, one in which you can give Customers a chance to experience all that Avon has to offer.

Campaign 13-14 Top Demo Picks

This Avon Couple Never Stops Dreaming

This Avon Couple Never Stops Dreaming
For Rosa De La O–Gomez and David Gomez of Arlington, Virginia, the success of their Avon business has been due to one thing: Rosa's determination to let nothing stand in the way of her dream … even in the early days, when David struggled to share her belief.

Rosa has overcome many obstacles on the road to success. The couple's story begins in Mexico, where David, who grew up in the U.S., was on an extended visit to his family. Rosa was studying hospitality management at college, and they met when David began working at the same hotel. They soon became good friends, and fell in love. But David missed the U.S., and reluctantly said good-bye. Once home, David found he could not do without Rosa. At 21, with limited English, Rosa flew to the U.S., and the couple married. Soon after, a daughter was born to them, and Rosa became a stay-at-home mom.

She felt isolated, knowing no one except David and his friends. But in 1990 that changed, when Rosa, now a Senior Executive Unit Leader (SEUL) with 13 years in President's Council, became a Representative. She'd never sold anything before. "I was terrified of talking to strangers," explains Rosa. "But I made myself go to the laundry room next to my apartment block and give a brochure to a woman there. I was so scared I went to walk away, but she stopped me and said she wanted to buy. And that's when it really started."

Rosa was so determined to be successful that she spent hours studying the brochure and calling people from the phonebook. She says, "It was hard to make 30–50 calls a day and only get three to five appointments with strangers. I brought my brochures and samples, and started getting Customers. I liked it more and more. I felt more independent. I could take care of my one-year-old without a baby-sitter. But David had to read me the Invoice, because it was in English, just like the brochures, and my District Sales Manager didn't speak Spanish. I'd go to the Sales Meetings and sit with the bilingual Representatives, interrupting to find out what was being said! Later on David came with me, and then Avon started producing materials in Spanish."

Rosa took inspiration from Avon publications featuring top sellers. "Every day, I fell in love with Avon. I saw how much I could earn," she says. But David says he was a "dream stomper" who told Rosa it wasn't possible and to climb down from her cloud. She reluctantly agreed to try a different direct selling business with David; but the investment required was much higher than their sales. Soon they were in debt and lost their apartment.

Believing in Avon
But Rosa's District Sales Manager convinced her to return, and Rosa persuaded David. She told him, "I've given you an opportunity; now give me a chance. I still believe in Avon." David agreed to distribute brochures and help with deliveries, but nothing else. Rosa had two months to prove that they could earn enough from Avon to pay for the basics. The rest would be invested in brochures—500 at first, then up to 5,000.

Her plan began to work. People called and called, saying, "I haven't seen an Avon Brochure in so long. Thank you!" as if cheering the couple on. Rosa used her business education to become a good administrator; she knew how to plan, and she counted every penny. David says, "The response was incredible. First we paid off our debt. We also participated in an Incentive, and earned enough points to furnish our whole apartment! We bought a new car, and in 1995, our first home, a condo." It had two bedrooms—one for their daughter, the other for … Avon! "We slept in the living room because we needed room for the products," David explains, "but we were happy knowing that every check was bringing us closer to Rosa's dream house." After seven years that dream house became a reality.

"My biggest fear was to be called an Avon Lady," David admits. "But now it's on my license plate. I didn't mind because I had become somebody, and my friends respected that. I was the father my daughter wanted me to be, participating at school and making her proud."

Over the years, the couple changed their strategy to sell even more. "I thought how many Customers I had," Rosa says, "and so I included recruiting flyers for Helpers and new Representatives in my brochures."

From Sales to Sales Leadership
David says, "When Sales Leadership began in the 1990s, our main focus was sales. We assumed that people didn't want to be leaders, and so we didn't develop them. Then we attended an Avon convention and met Lisa Wilber of Weare, New Hampshire, and she turned us around. Lisa showed us how Sales Leadership could work, and told us we needed to support our Downline.

"When we got back, we told them that they could make more money in Sales Leadership, and we converted many of our 84 Helpers into Representatives. And we compromised. We had 800 Customers! So we had to give up some sales to spend time developing leaders.

"We started teaching them to sell and recruit," says David, "to buy brochures in bulk and about the Power of 3. Also to reinvest their earnings in their business; to open an exclusive Avon bank account; to put money aside to pay Avon; and how to administrate. For sales, we tell them to take advantage of the Beauty of Knowledge online training, assist at the District Beauty Seminars and attend Sales Meetings. We also encourage them to take advantage of Advance Order Opportunities by giving them a deadline to sell the products, advising how to sell them and helping with any returns."

It took Rosa and David ten years to reach SEUL. Rosa reads books on leadership to David on the way to their Avon Training Center, and they've also created "Training for Trainers" for Executive Unit Leaders and SEULs. "We motivate our leaders to achieve higher titles by showing them how much more they could earn," David says. "We compromise: they agree to give up time, an activity; we provide a deadline and our time. It's about trust and teamwork."

What's Their Secret?
"First, reinvest all you can into brochures," says Rosa. "It's the best way to build your business. And second, support, support, support your Downline because most people need that to succeed."

So what's next? David and Rosa want to help the Hispanic community. Rosa feels strongly about this. She says, "Avon took me out of my apartment—my 'box'—where I felt trapped. I realized my potential, and David also found his. It goes much deeper than the financial outcome. We want to help others escape their boxes and discover what they can achieve."

David adds, "It's a privilege to be able to influence people you've only just met. After just a few words, they'll ask 'What do I do next?' We've progressed from dreamers to drivers of dreams. The great thing is, people will always dream, and we want to be there to help their dreams come true."

Introducing the New and Improved ANEW Clinical Eye Lift PRO

In C-16, Avon is offering you the opportunity to introduce the new and improved ANEW Clinical Eye Lift PRO—the #1 dual eye treatment in America.* Now this treatment includes professional-grade skin-tightening agents** that are shown to boost skin-firming elastin by 70% in three days*** and dramatically de-puff and lift the look of eyes in seven days. Instantly, Customers can visibly reduce under-eye shadows. Other benefits: Eye Lift PRO helps eyes to look more contoured, and also creates a more well-rested appearance.

Of course, these aren't surgical results, but this dynamic duo sure does some heavy lifting to take years off your look. In the C-16 Brochure your Customers can buy Eye Lift PRO and get $10 off any ANEW Clinical product. Here's a tip: cinch the sale with a sample. The results are worth the investment.

FOR YOU! A stock-up opportunity that offers a guaranteed 50% earnings! Seize this opportunity and commit now.

*SymphonyIRI Group's Liquid Data—based on FY 2010 Dual Eye Treatment dollar sales within Total U.S. Food/Drug/Mass, excluding Walmart.
**This is a cosmetic product for external use only. Follow usage instructions on product packaging.
***Based on in-vitro testing in 3D skin-equivalent model.

A Life-Altering Change through Avon
Faced with significant challenges, this Representative kept her eye on her dream.

When you read Wendy Goodyear's story, you'll shake your head and wonder just how she surmounted her difficulties. "There are times I really don't know how I did it. I just try to forget how painful it was," she says.

Wendy lives in a quiet suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For 20 years, she worked a 40-hour week as a secretary at a law firm. The job paid well, but it was demanding and stressful. At age 50, Wendy's thoughts turned to retirement, and she set her sights on something more rewarding and enjoyable. Over the years she had toyed with starting an Avon business, but never acted on it. Now she decided not to wait until her 12-year-old daughter graduated from high school.

The First Step in Her Journey
Wendy admits that part of Avon's appeal was the $10 registration fee, but she also especially liked the idea of helping people find things they would enjoy. In this career, she would be able to express her natural inclination to assist others. Another strong selling point for her was Avon's good reputation and 125-year-old history.

She started selling in 2008, just seven months after her father died, and five months after she'd been forced to place her mother, diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, into an assisted-living home. Wendy's responsibilities began to mount. In addition to her full-time job, she devoted 10 hours a week to Avon and also visited her mother several times a week, doing her laundry and handling some of her affairs. Plus, Wendy had her own household to run.

Despite life's taxing demands, Wendy wouldn't give up on her dream to make Avon her retirement career, and she achieved President's Club in her first full year. And at her Awards Luncheon, she was recognized for Best New Performer and Third Highest Sales Increase in her District.

A year-and-a-half after Wendy started her Avon business, her mother passed away. Now executrix of her mother's estate, Wendy was flooded with the responsibilities that entailed—paying the bills, emptying the house, hiring and supervising contractors, and auctioning items. At times, succumbing to the pain, she would lie on the floor with a heating pad, seeking relief from her grief and exhaustion.

A Mishap
While cleaning out her mother's home, Wendy lifted one too many boxes and her back problems began. For three months, she tried physical therapy, pain management and cortisone—to no avail. Yet she still went to work and continued to sell Avon. Finally, Wendy had to have back surgery to repair a ruptured herniated disc. The surgery took place last year, the day before Thanksgiving.

During her leave from the law firm, Wendy saw her Avon sales drop by 50 percent. Intent on maintaining her business and keeping her dream alive, Wendy marshaled support from her husband, Rick, and her three daughters, Christine, Kelly and Amanda. While Rick and Christine, a hairdresser, had always distributed brochures, they now assumed more responsibilities for Wendy's Avon business, and Kelly and Amanda helped with other aspects.

But Wendy wasn't out of the picture! Although she could hardly walk, stand or sit, she stood at her computer to place orders. And Rick drove Wendy to her Customers' homes to make deliveries. She wanted to keep in contact for both business and personal reasons—her Customers had become her friends. "It was my bond with my Customers and my goal to have an Avon business in my retirement that kept me going," she explains. Not one campaign did she miss.

Mounting Challenges Prompt a Courageous Decision
After two months, Wendy returned to her full-time job; but two months later, she herniated the same disc, and the excruciating pain returned. By the week before her second surgery, Wendy's feet had become numb from pressure on her sciatic nerve, and she could no longer drive herself to work.

Wendy's operation was scheduled for a Wednesday. Despite the pain, she placed her order the prior evening. And she also made a courageous, life-changing decision. Knowing that if she resumed work at a desk for eight hours a day, she risked herniating the disc again, Wendy decided to quit her full-time job and make Avon her single focus.

Five days after her surgery, Wendy delivered her orders with her husband's help. She's still recovering, and still has to be careful, but now only has mild pain. She's actively involved in her business, and has achieved President's Club again and set a goal to make Honor Society when life returns to normal. And based on her C-10 sales, her business is on a good course. Her District Sales Manager, Denise Dales, whom Wendy describes as fabulous and a great motivator, says, "I love this lady's spirit. Despite her pain and surgeries, she ordered faithfully. She never gives up!"

Wendy's Advice for Success
Her strategies aren't extraordinary, but they're simple and successful, and supported by her drive, determination and entrepreneurial attitude.

"Invest in your business. Buy a lot of brochures and get them into the hands of everyone you meet. Make face-to-face contact as much as possible—don't just leave a brochure on someone's porch. I found approaching strangers hard at first, but I made myself do it. It works more times than not," she says. "And plan house parties—I'm doing just that now."

Because she knows that Customers are the key to her success, Wendy cultivates their business by informing them about products; helping them with their choices (she's a big believer in samples); and getting them the best buys even it means less money for her. When Wendy makes President's Club, she gives her Customers a gift. And these practices have been a real benefit to her business. She says, "You'll build trust and confidence, and as a by-product have great relationships with your Customers. For me, this is a very rewarding aspect of selling."

Wendy loves networking with other Representatives at Sales Meetings. "To me, it's like a sisterhood, a club of women who are all striving for the same thing. We talk about what we're doing, share ideas and ask for suggestions. It's invaluable and fun," she explains. She also suggests, "Branch out into other communities for Customers, and use Helpers. Try thinking outside the box."

"Having a dream is only the beginning of your journey," she says. "Things are not going to fall into your lap. When challenges arise, you must be determined. Nothing should deter you from your goal. You'll achieve it depending on how badly you want it."

Looking to the future, Wendy's next personal goal is to have a shore house. She describes her vision: "I have pictures of seagulls, lighthouses and a plant with shells. When I'm feeling down, they remind me of what I'm doing it for, and I get geared up again and get moving."

Third Annual Walk the Course Against Domestic Violence Raises More than $100,000

On May 3, a record turnout of almost 1,100 Charlotte-area residents joined 33 PGA TOUR Wives and PGA TOUR golfers to walk 18 holes (five miles) at the Wells Fargo Championship event in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the third annual Walk the Course Against Domestic Violence–Charlotte. Participants raised more than $100,000 to benefit four local domestic violence agencies. Registration was up almost 10 percent over 2010, and donations are on pace to break a new record, as well.

PGA TOUR golfers who walked the beautiful Quail Hollow Golf Course included Hunter Mahan, Mark Wilson, Billy Horschel, Scott Stallings, D. A. Points and Bobby Gates. Many additional tournament golfers joined their wives for the post-walk reception, attended by more than 135 top fund-raisers.

Avon Foundation President Carol Kurzig with members of Team Cherokee, who walked in memory of Avon District Sales Manager Misty Weegar.
Walk the Course, a collaboration of the Avon Foundation for Women, PGA TOUR Wives Association and the Wells Fargo Championship, received outstanding media coverage, including 15 feature stories and more than 39 segments on five major television networks.

Among the walkers were the Avon Associates and Representatives of Team Avon Carolinas and other walk teams, including Team Cherokee—the top fund-raising team, which raised more than $3,700 for the local beneficiaries. Team Cherokee was walking on behalf of Misty Weegar, an Avon District Sales Manager who tragically lost her life to domestic violence this past August.

"Misty's situation rocked our Division to the core," says Kelly Dixon, District Sales Manager of Avon District Team 1423 and the 2011 Walk the Course second-highest individual fund-raiser. "It is so unfortunate that it took an instance like hers to make us aware of the realities of domestic violence. But with our awareness comes a voice, and we will continue to 'Speak Out' on Misty's, and others', behalf."

PGA TOUR Golfers Mark Wilson, D. A. Points, Bobby Gates, Billy Horschel and Hunter Mahan and members of the PGA TOUR Wives Association at the start of Walk the Course Against Domestic Violence–Charlotte.
In 2010, 73 people in North Carolina lost their lives because of a domestic assault; worldwide, one in three women is affected by violence. The Avon Foundation awarded the funds raised to The Shelter of Gaston County, United Family Services Shelter for Battered Women, Turning Point of Union County and the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Additional donations can be made at www.WalktheCourseAgainstDV.org.

Walk the Course Against Domestic Violence is the latest initiative of the Avon Foundation for Women Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program. Speak Out has awarded more than $23 million to domestic violence organizations in the United States alone since 2004.

Later this year on September 13, the inaugural Walk the Course Against Domestic Violence–Chicagoland will take place in Lemont, Illinois, in collaboration with the PGA TOUR Wives Association and the BMW Championship. To register to walk, please visit the Walk the Course Web site. To join Team Avon, please contact Walk the Course Program Director Eloise Caggiano at 212-282-5665.

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