June 1, 2011

Campaign 11 News and Highlights!

Welcome Graphic #156

Jacqueline T
Angie E
Shanti G
Laura C
Samantha R
Marybeth C

Top Sellers in Campaign 11

Clifford W - $533
Pamela Z - $513
Rikki G - $454
Jose O - $449
Amy M - $397
Rebecca J - $397
Sonya Y - $385
Joane S - $382
Lori H - $371
Veronica O - $319

Top Leadership Representatives in Campaign 11

Africa A - 10
Lisa B - 2
Karen S - 2
Maribel O - 1
Maria C - 1

We have a new Unit Leader on our team!!
Congratulations goes to Africa A for making Unit Leader in Campaign 11
PLUS she earned her $300 Believe in Success Bonus
for achieving Unit Leader



Honestly, I have never seen Triple Dollars being offered in my 3 years with Avon and I think EVERYONE needs to take advantage of this opportunity.
Who knows when they will offer it again!

What to do When They are Not Interested?

I know… you are so excited about your new opportunity and you think everyone should join you, and they should! But sometimes they are just not ready to join you.

This is a good time to ask for referrals. Say something like, “I appreciate that this business is not for you, but you’ve seen what a good opportunity it could be for the right person. Who do you know who might be interested in earning an extra income?”

Referrals are a great way to add new people to your team. Always ask everyone for referrals. If they don’t want to be a Distributor or a Customer for your company, at least they can help you out this way.

This is what Network Marketing is all about – building a NETWORK. It not always who you know, but who they know. Start spreading the news about your business now. There’s no better time to do this than right now!

copyright Lynn Huber

Paint the Town Pretty and Watch Your Earnings Grow

A girls' night out is one of those moments where everyone wants to look their very best … and getting ready is half the fun! Where to go? Who to go with? And most importantly, what to wear? You can answer the last question for your Customers simply by showing them the C-14 Brochure! Turn up the sizzle for those summer evenings out on the town with a fun and trendy combination of fragrance, makeup and apparel options, highlighted by the C-14 debut of our new fruity fragrance, Scentini.

Stir Up Some Fun
Bold, lively and seductive, Scentini Eau de Toilette Spray comes in three scents: Plum Twist, Rose Fizz and Citrus Chill. Available for just $9.99 apiece in the C-14 Brochure (will be $16.50 each), these fun and flashy fragrances offer the perfect accent to a complete ensemble … one that you can supply to your Customers!

It's not always easy to create a fashionable outfit from fragrance down to shoes, but Avon has done just that with the trendy, chic combinations in the C-14 Brochure. Take this opportunity to show your Customers how they can mix a sparkling splash of Scentini with a fun, flirty dress and sensational shoes to make their night out one to remember.
  • Pair the Rose Fizz Scentini with our new Printed Maxi Dress and Bright Metallic Gladiator sandals. Encourage your Customer to finish off her look by "painting the town pretty" with her choice of any 3 of the following popular makeup products, mix or match, for only $10.99: True Color Blush, Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel, Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner and SuperCurlacious Mascara.

  • Maybe your Customers would rather have a more cosmopolitan and chic look? No problem! Suggest the Citrus Chill Scentini and pair it with our new One Shoulder Dress, Chic Metallic Wedges and a choice of any 3 of the following makeup items for just $10.99, mix or match: Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick SPF 15, SuperShock Mascara, 3-in-1 Sharpener and Big Color Eye Pencil.

  • Sometimes a night out on the town can mean more than just dinner and some drinks. Turn up the volume with our Plum Twist Scentini and combine it with the new Paisley Printed Top, White Skinny Cropped Pant and Strappy Light Weight Sandal. And if your Customers are unsure of what makeup to wear, suggest a classic look with a shot of color that includes Ultra Color Rich Lipstick; Glimmersticks for eyes, lips and brows; and SuperExtend Mascara—any 3 for $10.99, mix or match.
Look at how simple it is to turn a single fragrance sale into a complete and total blockbuster order!

It's Party Time
You've got the tools; you've got the Customers … now finish off the sale! Before your Customers plan their girls' night out, create one of your own with a party! This is your chance to not only spread the word on Scentini and the other fabulous products you can provide, but to show off the personal touch that Avon is known for. It's the ideal way to showcase all the fun and fashionable products available in the C-14 Brochure.

Get started by creating an invitation for Customers that you can send out approximately two weeks before the date of the event. (You'll find a sample invite and more party tips in the C-16 What's New.) As always, follow up with a phone call, e-mail or text to make sure they received the invite. As the day of the party nears, confirm Customer attendance to determine the total number of guests. And of course, on the day of the big bash, set up all the tools you'll need to create excitement. Have samples and stock-up items available for on-the-spot sales; put on a fashion show with your Helpers; and demonstrate how to use the products—let your party guests see firsthand what Avon can do for them!

Beauty knows no bounds and by following a few easy steps, you'll be able to take full advantage of these tremendous offers, and turn your Customers' flashy night out into a sea of green for you!

Campaign 14 Top Demo Picks

Come to the C-14 Sales Meeting
Stir up some fun (and sales!) with Avon's newest fragrances.

Create fresh looks and build earnings at the C-14 Sales Meeting when you get your Customers to experience the new Scentini Fruity Fragrance Cocktails. Your Customers can shake them up, spritz them on and let the fun begin. Adding a bright, flirty dress, chic sandals and the hottest makeup looks will get the party started, help build orders and create great earnings for you.

Plus, you'll hear about two new makeup innovations in C-15 … SuperShock Max Mascara and SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine SPF 15, Avon's big and bold new mascara and lip gloss!

Grab a friend and discover how these products can help stir up super sales and earnings in both campaigns!

Contact your District Sales Manager for more details.

Mixing Planning with Dreams,
This Multi-tasking Unit Leader Does It All

Kemi Sorinmade is an incredibly busy Unit Leader, married mother of two, full-time engineer and active church member from South Easton, Massachusetts. She was born in the U.S., but at age three months her immigrant parents brought her back with them to their native Nigeria, where she grew up. Kemi explains, "When I was 17, the Nigerian educational system was falling apart and my parents decided to send me back here on my own to attend college. Many other parents did the same, and so I met my husband, also from Nigeria, and we decided to stay."

Kemi has two boys, ages seven and four, and has been a Representative twice, selling Avon for seven years in total. She says, "My first appointment was in 2003. My mother-in-law, who used to be a Representative herself, introduced me to Avon. I had a gift-basket business and she suggested filling the baskets with Avon products. A Representative who was helping at a local Avon office signed me up, and I got started in Sales Leadership about a year into selling. It took me about six months to achieve Unit Leader. I stopped selling for a year while pregnant with my second son, but I returned to Avon in 2007 because my old Customers kept calling me, and one wanted to sign up to be a Representative. I'd lost my title twice, but I finally got on solid footing in 2007. I achieved Unit Leader again about six months after rejoining Avon."

Kemi kept trying, and figured out how to make Sales Leadership work for her. "What motivated me," she explains, "was the bonus Incentives like Fast Start [now known as Believe in Your Success] and the thought that I could get a check every two weeks. It was hard initially, but I just kept going, trying to recruit as many people as possible. I learned that I needed to follow up with my Downline constantly with e-mail reminders; to keep telling them about the benefits and communicating with them."

Finding Recruits
Her Recruits come from all over. She elaborates, "Some are old Customers, or people I meet, or friends. I e-mail tips and make phone calls and do a monthly newsletter that offers tips and periodic incentives. For instance, I'll offer free brochures and cash gifts as a reward for meeting a sales goal. I also include recognition and list upcoming events—mostly sales meetings, and anything that's going on with Avon. I'm always available to answer questions and encourage my Downline, and I help them sign up their first Recruits. I stress the current Sales Leadership Incentives, too, and how they can participate."

Kemi explains how she grooms team members for the Sales Leadership opportunity. She says, "I communicate with my top sellers the most and work with them on an individual basis. I encourage them to take advantage of Advance Order Opportunities based on their sales and their response to e-mail. I also attend Sales Meetings, and I try to get my Downline to come to District Meetings and rallies."

Encouraging Others by Example
It's no surprise that Kemi, who's encouraged by her Upline and in constant contact with her District Sales Manager, has become a role model for others. She says, "People are always asking me how I do all that I do. At Avon meetings people are amazed. I'm active in church, I work an hour away from home and I have two young children. I tell them that it's time management, being very focused and having a dream. Planning every day and using a daybook helps me to juggle everything. I e-mail from my mobile device; I multi-task. And I have Customers all the way from where I work to home! My commute takes me through a residential area, so I distribute brochures and make deliveries along my route. I've also found Customers and Recruits at my church—it's mostly people of Nigerian descent there, and that's one of the reasons I've been able to grow my sales. I'm able to tap into my community, because I connect with them. And most of the people I recruit are in a similar situation—young working mothers who want to sell Avon, like I do, and who are attracted to the earnings and flexibility that Avon offers."

Just recently, Kemi made McConnell Club for her sales. And she takes what she's learned about selling and passes it on to her Downline. "I put brochures everywhere, consistently, and I follow up," she explains. "I make it known that I'm an Avon Representative, and I use incentives, like discounts and free gifts, as well as a frequent-buyer program, to draw Customers in. I have Helpers, and I really do run my Avon business as a business. I usually take advantage of Preferred Preview and Advance Order Opportunities, and show my Downline how I sell on-hand products, encouraging them to do the same. Preferred Preview means having the product on-hand before it comes out—if it's a fragrance, I can spray it on my Customers. Being able to use the actual product and show it to my Customers helps me determine if I should get the Advance Order Opportunity. I also think about how I'll sell the product—maybe offering a discount or a free item."

She plans; she's practical; but Kemi has dreams, too. And those dreams, along with Kemi herself, were inspiring enough to win the grand prize in last year's Avon Money Makeover with Suze Orman Contest! She won $25,000, and Suze met with Kemi and 20 of her friends in her hometown. Kemi says, "Having a dream—to one day do Avon full-time and open an Avon Training Center—has been key to my success. I set goals all the time. Writing them down and reviewing them on a daily basis spurs me to action. It's what I do when there's an Incentive—I review it multiple times, set a goal and achieve it."

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