May 22, 2011

Team Destiny's May News & Highlights

Welcome the Newest Team Destiny Representatives

Nicole M Africa A
Vivian T Adriana C
Tarah W Carolyn D
Vickie B Troy C
Jessica B Lori H
Marilyn M Clifford W
Emil G Doris W
Maria E Laura M
Hilda R Olga M
Christin V Donna F
Emma F James S
Hilda J Marie G
Vanessa R Lina L
Chronie Y

Top Seller!

Top 10 Sellers Campaign 10

Pamela Z - $730
Michelle B - $495
Rebecca J - $471
Terra K - $413
Africa A - $395
Amy M - $371
Tara C - $363
Lucy V - $350
Vivian T - $343
Jose O - $340

Top Recruiters in Campaign 9

Maria C - 2
Ashley V - 1
Luz A - 1

Top Recruiters in Campaign 10

Maria C - 4
Karen Q - 2
Veronica O - 1


All orders in Campaign 13-15
will count as Triple Dollars
towards President's Club!!!

An Extra Lasting Way to Increase Your Summer Earnings

Summer brings with it warm weather, boundless sunshine…and a new way for your Customers to achieve the look they desire at a price they can afford. Perfect Wear is now Extra Lasting and you can reap the benefits with a sizzling summer of sales from C-13 Brochure which features the Extra Lasting line of color products at Buy Now & Save prices. Coupled with hundreds of other terrific items, the C-13 Brochure promises to be the talk of the beach.

Color. Comfort. Confidence.
Start off your sales call by introducing your Customers to the Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation SPF 12, priced at only $9.99 (will be $12.00). Available in 17 different shades, Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation offers Customers complete coverage that resists water and sweatand stands up to the heat and humidity of summer for up to 18 hours! The Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation is replacing Perfect Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 15, so convert your Perfect Foundation Customers into ExtraLasting ones.

Of course no collection would be complete without a few colorful additions. Among the highlights of our ExtraLasting line are Extra Lasting Mascara, Extra Lasting Eyeshadow, Extra Lasting Lip Gloss and Extra Lasting Lipstick. Your Customers can get the best of what our Extra Lasting has to offer with the special Extra Lasting Collection. Each collection features products for their eyes, lips and lashes in shades and colors that best fit their skin tone. The Collection comes in Light, Medium or Deep Skin Tone and includes Eyeshadow, Lip Gloss, Lipstick and Mascara (Black). Each collection is value priced at just $16.99 (a $36 value)…a savings of nearly $20 for your Customers!

Take the Extra Lasting Challenge
To maximize your earnings potential and to learn more about ExtraLasting makeup and other exciting products, be sure to attend your C-12 Sales Meeting. Another fun and extremely helpful way to boost sales higher is to host a makeup party where you can let your Customers try and buy the products.

Here are a few tips to help turn those sales calls into high earnings:
  • Wear the entire collection and have products on hand for purchase

  • Give Customers one full day to experience the long-wearing benefits of Extra Lasting products and then follow up for their orders

  • If your Customer is a current Perfect Wear user, the shade conversion chart will help her find the perfect Extra Lasting shade for her skin tone

  • Ask your Customers to post their results on Avon's Facebook page or your own page so others can read about their experience.
Use the mild weather to your advantage and be sure to head out and find new Customers. C-13 is a bonanza brochure so invest in many more brochures and get them into the hands of new and existing Customers. With our new Extra Lasting line, you'll find more than your share of interested Customers which means a better sales opportunity for you!

Build Your Business: The 360° Sell: Party Perfect

Take the time to know your Customers' purchasing needs, then show them how Avon can be the answer—all the way around. That is the art of the 360° sell.

For example, get her ready for the party season and all the hot summer celebrations coming up! From weddings, showers, engagement parties, spring formals, graduations, etc. Avon is her one-stop shop to party perfection!

Help your Customer get wedding party perfect from head to toe and watch your orders grow! Wedding Central starts with you!

The Situation: The Wedding
Your Customer's daughter is getting married!

The Scenario: So many parties
Bridal shower in May, rehearsal dinner in June, followed by the wedding ceremony and reception and the honeymoon send-off brunch.

The Players: Who Needs What
Mother of the bride (that's your Customer)
The blushing bride
Mother of the groom
Bridesmaids and maid of honor

The Goods: Head-to-Toe Avon
Fabulous hair and makeup
Chic outfits and hot accessories and shoes
Party favors and thank you gifts
Honeymoon travel necessities

The Source: You
Leave a brochure and samples with her and then follow up to close the 360° sale!

Expressions of Joy
Perfect bridal party thank you gift.
Suggest: Laugh Often by Reese Witherspoon Eau de Toilette Spray with free Cosmetic Bag: $25

Spread the Love, Not the Germs
Cute little party favors for her guests.
Suggest: Naturals Antibacterial Mini Hand Gels: Intro Special 99¢ each

Long Lasting Picture Perfection
Right from the ceremony through the reception with long-wearing makeup.
Suggest: ExtraLasting Liquid Foundation SPF 12: Intro Special $9.99 and Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Mascara: Intro Special $5.99 each

Happy Dancing Feet
After dancing all night, they'll need to pamper their aching feet!
Suggest: Foot Works Berry Mint Scrub, Soak and Cream. Add on the Mini Pedicure Set: $15 total

Bridesmaids' Bling
Make a statement with the hottest trend in jewelry, the two-finger ring. This stunning conversation starter is all she needs to wow her love team.Suggest: Textured Flowers Double Ring: $19.99

Dress Rehearsal
She'll be a summer siren at the rehearsal dinner.
Suggest: Maxi High Low Hem Dress: $29.99 and Mirror Reflections Wedge: Intro Special $12.99

Honeymoon Essentials
Make sure it's a success by helping protect against nasty burns from too much fun in the sun.
Suggest: ANEW Solar Advance Sunscreen Face and Body Lotions with SPF: $34 each or buy 1, Get 1 half price

the total:
you earn:

Live From L.A.—it's the Avon Global Believe Tour!

Patrick Dempsey joined Andrea Jung and other Avon leaders and entertainers in Los Angeles for the third stop of the Avon Global Believe Tour. As part of the exciting program, Jung and Dempsey announced a $60,000 Global Believe Fund Grant to California-based Haven Hills, one of the oldest domestic violence shelters in the country. The new grant brings the total Avon Foundation grants awarded to Haven Hills to almost $100,000 since 2004. It is part of the $1 million Avon Global Believe Fund whose goal is to fund a pioneering global effort to support women's domestic violence shelters and agencies internationally.

More than 5,000 Avon Representatives plus District and Division Sales Managers attended the event, which opened with the inspirational song, "America the Beautiful" by recording artist Judith Hill.

The U.S. portion of the tour is now complete, but the event will continue with stops around the world. Special guests are expected to make appearances at many of the events.

Visit and for tour highlights.

Former CFO on Track to Becoming EUL

When her son John turned five-years old, Alexis Hamiltonswitched gears in her career path, going from a hectic profession as Chief Financial Officer of a successful corporation to a work-from-home business consultant. Alexis says that she made the move to focus more on being a mom. "At the time, a friend who was a Representative suggested I also try selling Avon," Alexis recalls. "I was intrigued because I knew that, while my friend was a stay-at-home mom, she earned a decent income, which was my plan too," the Advanced Unit Leader (AUL) explains.

Once Alexis became a Representative in April 2007, she took advantage of Beauty of Knowledge courses, and soon after she was certified as a Beauty Advisor. "When I offer Customers advice on skin care and makeup, saying I am a Certified Beauty Advisor shows I know what I'm talking about," says the Menifee, California, resident. "Plus, they usually follow my advice, which results in sales, sales and more sales."

Also Alexis immediately embraced Sales Leadership. She reached Unit Leader (UL) within two months after partnering with Avon, advanced to AUL two months later and within a year she was an Executive Unit Leader (EUL). Before she knew it, Alexis, who is a single parent, was relying greatly on her Sales Leadership check every two weeks, and her son, John, can also rely on his mom being home when he returns from school. "The flexibility Avon allows me—especially to be home and available to take my son to sports—is not measurable in dollars," says Alexis.

Since she started with Avon until now, Alexis remains among the top-10 Sales Leadership Representatives in her District. She's also been acquiring a collection of Avon awards for Sales Increase, Recruiting Excellence, Leadership Excellence, and the much-coveted Spirit of Avon award, and more.

Over the past few years, with ups and downs in the economy, Alexis has fluctuated between AUL and EUL. The number of members in her Downline has changed, peaking at 300; currently there are about 160. Today she is an Honor Society member and is on track to regain her EUL, after which she has her eye on achieving Senior Executive Unit Leader status.

To grow her business, Alexis attends local and national Sales Meetings, seminars and conferences. She also tells us that working with her District Manager, Blanca Guzman, and working hand in hand with her Downline is what has driven her success with Avon. "The key is to work with your first generation and to train them well," she advises.

In fact, Alexis makes it her business to network with her Downline every week. She adheres to a strict schedule of being available for "coffee hour" at a specific day and time, which encourages her team members to stop by to discuss how they can help each other grow and solve any problems that arise. "There's no scheduling or RSVPs involved. They just know that I am available so they can feel free to drop in if they need me," she explains.

We asked Alexis what other surefire ways a Representative can help her sales and Sales Leadership grow. Here are her top-five favorites:
  1. Provide excellent Customer service and always follow up.

  2. Organize or attend mock workshops to learn (or teach) the most effective ways to do things such as the appointment process and running a successful Avon Party for your Customers.

  3. Use Downline Manager to keep track of your Downline and to help your Avon business run smoothly.

  4. Take Beauty of Knowledge courses on to become an expert and to refresh your skills as part of your continuing education.

  5. Learn the levels of Sales Leadership and study and get involved in Avon Incentive programs. Knowing there is money to be made is very motivating

Still Time to Register for a 2011 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

During the 2010 Avon Walk season, nearly 22,000 participants supported by hundreds of thousands of donors raised more than $55 million for local, regional and national breast cancer organizations. In total, the Avon Foundation for Women awarded more than 250 grants nationally throughout 2010. For a complete list of Avon Foundation funding, visit

We encourage you, your families and your friends to join Team Avon at one of the remaining 2011 Walks (see list below). For more information or to register for an Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, visit or call 1-888-540-WALK (9255).

Join more than 19,000 members and counting on our official Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Facebook Group page at You can also join the conversation and Avon Walk for Breast Cancer's 5,900+ followers on Twitter! Visit

Remaining 2011 Avon Walk Locations

Chicago, IL (June 4–5)
Noted for its Lake Michigan shoreline and downtown skyline (considered by many as the most picturesque skyline in the world), America's third-largest city plays host to the Avon Walk Chicago. You will travel along the vast lakefront, past stunning architecture and through vibrant multi-cultural neighborhoods. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, you'll come face-to-face with the Midwest warmth, friendliness and sophistication of Chicagoland—all the while helping the city's breast cancer community gain momentum and take one step closer to a cure.

Rocky Mountains, CO (June 25–26)
The Avon Walk Rocky Mountains is a destination event if there ever was one—Summit County, Colorado! Walkers and Crew will be treated to the fresh air and unparalleled views of the surrounding Rockies. Experience first-hand the peaks, lakes and majestic vistas from the Summit County trails and paths linking the historic ski towns of Keystone and Breckenridge. It's the perfect time to be in the Rockies.

San Francisco, CA (July 9–10)
From the bustling downtown to the raw beauty of Marin, the Avon Walk San Francisco experience will embrace the very aspects of charm and diversity that make this city one of the world's favorites. This Avon Walk weekend will have you traveling across the Golden Gate Bridge and alongside the Sausalito waterfront. The legendary roller coaster hills are only a small price to pay as we walk together to address the unusually high occurrence of breast cancer in the City by the Bay.

Santa Barbara, CA (September 17–18)
Deemed the American Riviera, Santa Barbara showcases the best of the California Coast! With its Mediterranean climate, backdrop of the stunning Santa Ynez Mountains, and long stretches of coastline, the Avon Walk Santa Barbara is a true destination event. Bring your camera along as we take a walk along the beaches and through the historic neighborhoods of this magnificent resort town.

New York, NY (October 15–16)
The Avon Walk New York provides an opportunity like no other. We'll give you a full walking tour of the Big Apple including all the sites and landmarks of the city that never sleeps! Your journey will take you up and down the island of Manhattan and through neighborhoods such as the Upper West and East Sides, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Chinatown, and Central Park. We'll visit legendary New York locales such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park. The steps you take on this Avon Walk will help show America's largest city that we are truly In It to End It.

Charlotte, NC (October 22–23)
The Avon Walk Charlotte presents a unique atmosphere where big city style meets down-home appeal. With a Southern ambiance all its own, the Queen City's broad, tree-lined streets and majestic homes provide a beautiful scenic backdrop for the Walk. Charlotte has been named one of the "Top 20 Walking Cities" in the nation, joining the list at number four by Prevention Magazine. The landscape of Charlotte is

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