April 29, 2011

April News and Highlights!!

Let's Welcome Our Latest Teammates Onto Our Team

Valerie C

Leah M

Jacob R

Michael F

Yvonne H

Vincent G

Stephanie G

Marianna D

Phylis G

Maribel O

Jodi H

Josephine T

Melissa P

Sandra G

Kathryn R

Terra K

Carline P

Cheron Y

Adri G

Fara G

Adriana L

Stephanie M

Mandra V

Anna B

Marlo L

Lorena B

Jose O

Bievienea H

Lynn S

Mariana V

Lori L

Nelda T

Octavia T

Jade R

Lucy V

Arlene S

Diana F

Top 10 Campaign 8 Sales Orders

Rebecca J - $585

Michelle B - $555

Tonya G - $550

Vincent G - $442

Pamela Z - $412

Sonya Y - $369

Georgia V - $355

Melissa M - $348

Heidy A - $343

Ann B - $341

Roberta R - $318

Top Recruiters in Campaign 8

Luz Z - 3

Maribel O - 2

Maria C - 1

Tara C - 1

Karen Q - 1

Make Dad Feel Like a Star and Earn Double Dollars in Campaign 11

Believe it or not, Father's Day will be here before you know it. And now is the perfect time for you to help Customers satisfy their personal gift-giving needs for the fathers, uncles, brothers, nephews, husbands and sons in their lives. Remind your Customers of all the men's products you have to offer by highlighting the terrific deals in the C-11 Brochure. And as an added bonus, you have the opportunity to start the new President's Recognition Program (PRP) cycle strong with Double Dollars in C-11! Every product you sell from the C-11 Brochure will count double toward Award Sales and reaching your PRP goals!*

Star-Powered Fragrance Gifts for Him
Father's Day is June 19 so put an extra charge in your pre-summer sales and possibly win a Hollywood-like opportunity for yourself. The C-11 Brochure is highlighted by the popular Patrick Dempsey 2 andPatrick Dempsey Unscripted 3-Piece Gift Collections, just two of the numerous gift ideas for him. The three-piece collections feature the top sellers in the Patrick Dempsey line. The Patrick Dempsey Unscripted collection includes the Eau de Toilette Spray, Body Wash and After Shave Conditioner, at the special brochure price of $30 (a $50.50 value). The Patrick Dempsey 2 collection includes the Eau de Toilette Spray, Dual Action Face Wash and SPF 15 Moisturizer, and is also priced at just $30 (a $56.50 value). In addition, there is a special Men's Duffel Bag (a $15 value) that your Customers can purchase for just $4.99—more than 50% off—with each $18 purchase from pages 4-19 of the C-11 Brochure. There is something for all the men out there—all at smart value prices.

Meet Patrick Dempsey
But you didn't think we'd stop there, did you? We've created an incredible sweepstakes for both you andyour Customers that is sure to be the talk of your sales calls. Avon celebrity partner Patrick Dempsey is one of the stars in the upcoming movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon—due in theaters July 1—and Avon is offering one lucky Customer (and guest) and one Representative (and guest) the chance to attend the movie premiere with the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Sweepstakes.**

The Grand Prize winner will receive two tickets to the premiere of Transformers: Dark of the Moon,including round-trip airfare and a three-night hotel stay for the winner and a guest, plus a personal meet-and-greet with Patrick Dempsey himself! Direct your Customers to www.avon.com/PatrickDempsey for complete details and to enter the sweepstakes. Look in the C-11 What's New or click here to see how you too can win a trip to the premiere of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Grow Your Male Customer Base
Father's Day is the perfect time to introduce men to Avon and increase your male-Customer base. The male-grooming market continues to grow. What a boon for you! Avon has incredible men's products: fragrances, after shave lotions, shower gels and deodorants. Tap into this well of potential sales just waiting to be explored. Start by getting contact information on all of the males your Customers remembered at Father's Day and contact them for future sales.

Take full advantage of all that C-11 has to offer, including Double Dollars and watch your sales and earnings grow!

Wrap Yourself in a Cuddle of Pure Comfort with Avon Care

Avon is known for supplying Customers with comfort, care and tremendous value. That is why they'll love the transition from Avon Basics to Avon Care, which features new and improved products, formulas and packaging. Customers will receive the same great results at the same great prices!

Build Your Business: Fragrance Fundamentals

When selling fragrance, follow these best practices—your business will blossom as you grow orders, attract scent-loyal Customers and earn more!

Wear It
Be a walking scent-vertisement! Wear Avon fragrance wherever you go. Return compliments with a sample of what you're wearing. Have full-size options on hand for an instant sale.

Sample It
When they try, they buy! Stock up on fragrance samples featured in every What's New. Fragrance samples may come in three options: Vial-on-Card–Dab on from a vial; LiquaTouch®–Apply from a scented pad; Sample Card–Experience from a scented card.

Samples = risk-free shopping + lead to bigger, more frequent orders. So be sure to include samples in brochures (attach to fragrance offer pages) and in orders (scent Customers' bags for added attraction).

Pass samples out at the mall, gym, salon, school and market. Then follow up for the full-size sale.

Flaunt It
For new fragrance launches, order extra brochures and samples. Get the buzz going about your scent-sational news.

Talk About It
  • Use the Fragrance Conversation Card to determine the scent categories she likes best.

  • Don't forget her man! Flip the card over and discuss which scents she loves on a man, and Avon's attractive, giftable options for men.

  • Promote giftability. Tell her how best-sellers like Imari, and celebrity scents from Fergie, Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey are a can't-miss for gifts.

  • Get a reluctant-to-spend Customer hooked on a fragrance by first selling her the coordinating body lotion or purse spray.
Invest In It
Browse every What's New for special offers. Advance Order Packs, Stock-Ups, Super Earner Opportunities and Incentives help you sell more and earn more.The big payoff is that you'll get bigger guaranteed earnings and have inventory on hand. Customers will thank you for on-the-spot sales.

Layer It
Explain the importance of layering for a long-lasting scent. Sell to your Customers all forms of their favorite scent and watch your orders grow. Fragrance sets help introduce layering too.

Flag It
Check the What's NOW page of every What's New to learn which brochure pages are scented. Flag the scented pages with sticky notes so Customers don't miss them

How This AUL Reinvented Her Downline

Rebuilding a Downline from scratch taughtMarie Smith a valuable lesson: with Avon, you can always make things right again.

Life experience has shown Marie Smith how to be a great manager. Her husband Jerry's job used to require frequent job transfers and, as a result, the Advanced Unit Leader (AUL) managed to move her family– her children Jeromy and Jessica; their pets, which included cats, dogs, birds, fish; along with their cars, clothing, furniture and every other belonging—back and forth across the country seven times! In each new location, there were new friends to be made, new schools to enroll in and many more adjustments.

After nine years of relocating, the Smiths finally settled in the quiet suburban town of Randolph, New Jersey, where they've spent the last 20 years. There, Jerry commuted to his job as a sales executive in New York City, while Marie stayed closer to home, raising a family and working as an office manager.

Marie Answers Avon's Calling
In February 2005, Marie faced a dilemma: Jerry was on temporary disability due to health problems, and Marie's boss was closing down his business. She could have panicked about how to make ends meet, but instead, she joined Avon, becoming a Representative and recruiting a friend on her first day.

Embracing the Fast Start Plan (now known as Believe in Your Success), Marie made Unit Leader (UL) within four campaigns. She continued to forge ahead, growing her Customers and her Downline. Within the first year, she made Honor Society, achieved recognition as Best New Performer, fifth in increase in Downline, the Spirit of Avon Awards and more. Marie also landed a new full-time job as an office manager, which required her to work 10-hour days. "It became increasingly difficult for me to juggle my Avon sales, Sales Leadership plus family commitments," says Marie. Something had to give, so Marie focused on sales, maintaining President's Club every year, while her Downline, which, at its peak, was up to 30, dwindled to zero.

Fast forward four years and by spring 2009, Marie's day job had grown so stressful that she was getting migraine headaches. "I decided to focus on renewing my Avon Sales Leadership, hoping to eventually build a Downline that would enable me to quit my day job, which had become one big headache," she explains.

Bouncing back is nothing new to Marie, who has been a breast cancer survivor for over 20 years. "When I was diagnosed, I promised myself to view each day as a gift, and trading Avon for my other job would help me to do that," says Marie.

Plan for Success
To get back on track, Marie turned to her District Sales Manager, Giuliana Meany, for inspiration, support and encouragement. "We devised a plan and I put it into action. I shared the Avon opportunity with everyone I knew and every new person I met," she explains. After that, Marie lived and breathed Avon. She wore Avon makeup, accessories and fragrance; never going anyplace without Avon brochures, mark magalogs, samples, full-size products, recruiting information and business cards.

Marie feels that telling others how she rebuilt her business actually helped her with recruiting. She says, "I was the perfect example. I showed my Downline that they can't fail, because if it doesn't work this time, they can make it right the next time."

By May 2010, Marie felt confident enough in her Avon business to quit her day job. Since then she achieved Honor Society, AUL status, doubled her personal sales over the previous year and increased her Downline to 86 members. Her next goal: to reach Executive Unit Leader and Rose Circle. After that, she has her eye on becoming a Senior Executive Unit Leader.

Marie's Selling Tips
Achieving so much so fast might sound challenging, but Marie says that what worked best for her can work for you:
  • Embrace incentives: Build your business with Avon incentives. Incentives such as the Believe in Your Success Leadership Program can help you earn up to $150 for every new Recruit. (See details by clicking on the Sales Leadership tab above.)

  • Buddy up: A group effort can stir up excitement and help people feel less shy, pressured or obligated by chatting with a few Representatives, whether at a house party, a job fair or a street fair.

  • Giveaway: At any event, a sign-up sheet is a great way to make contacts for follow up. And the best way to get people to put their contact information on your sign-up sheets is to offer them the chance to win a free gift set.

  • Role-play and observe: Observing others in action and vice versa can help you get fresh ideas for Avon presentations. Your team can learn from you, and you'll be surprised how much you can learn from them when you also periodically role play sales and recruiting sessions

Her Altruism Results in Her Financial Success

Raising six children in a three-bedroom house was challenging, butRegina Hurlbert and her husband, Ken, have cherished every minute. Then in early 2005 the couple added to their brood three young children of distant relatives who had been sent to live in a local shelter, as a result of parental neglect.

"There was no question but to take them in, and we eventually adopted them," says Regina. "Other people wondered how we'd manage, but by then, two of our children were grown and on their own and like most large families, the older siblings helped with the young ones."

While the Hurlberts welcomed the new additions and treated them as their own, the situation posed a financial challenge. In addition, since the children had basically been abandoned, they had their own problems and special needs. Regina decided that in order to provide the attention, love and care they needed, she had to quit her full-time job as a supervisor at a supermarket to be there for them all the time.

Katrina Strikes
Getting by on Ken's salary alone was problematic for the Hurlberts. To make matters more difficult, that August Hurricane Katrina devastated their town, Long Beach, Mississippi. Many of the buildings were destroyed. Fortunately, the Hulbert's home was salvageable.

Thinking Outside the Box
Soon Gulf Coast residents began to rebuild their part of Mississippi. With so many people working long hours each day, Regina noticed there was a growing need for child care. "I decided to babysit for a few children each day, so I put an ad in the local newspaper." The University of Mississippi, which was involved in a program to get people back on their feet after the hurricane, noticed Regina's advertisement. "They contacted me to ask if I would participate in a program to help provide much-needed child care to families on the coast," she explains. Soon Regina was running a full-fledged day care in her home, employing four people full time.

Last year another disaster struck the gulf coast—a devastating oil spill. Tourism and related businesses were badly affected, and one by one the parents of children Regina cared for were facing job losses.

"I had young mothers crying and asking me what they should do. My heart went out to what had become my extended family, and Ken and I felt everyone's problems as if they were our own," she recalls. "I'd lie in bed awake at night wondering what I was going to do; I too would be out of work if I had no children left to care for, and so would my employees."

Then one night Regina watched an Avon recruiting commercial. "I realized I already had a potential Customer base among my day care business alone. I woke up Ken and told him we had a solution that would help us and our day care families."

Soon after, Regina signed up with Avon. "Initially, I didn't want to 'waste' time on training; I was sure I could manage on my own. However, later my new District Sales Manager, Rhonda Robichaux, convinced me to meet her at the local Avon training center," Regina explains. There, Rhonda wowed Regina. "She taught the other recruits and me to do Customer searches, to maximize brochures, to fund-raise and to get involved in Sales Leadership. She also gave me ideas to develop my Avon business and help my day-care business at the same time."

Regina immediately distributed brochures to everyone she knew. For those day-care families who were hard-pressed, she deducted the cost of their Avon order from their day care bill.

Using Avon to Help Pay It Forward
Thanks to money coming in from her Avon sales Regina could offer scholarships to unemployed parents, allowing them to leave their children in day care for free while they looked for work. "Most importantly, Avon prevented me from losing my business and my four employees from losing their jobs" she adds. Her employees initially became her Customers and recently they have become Representatives, supplementing their own incomes as part of her Downline.

Within a year of joining Avon Regina had achieved President's Club and Unit Leader status. Her next goal is to become an Advanced Unit Leader in a year. "I'd like to help my Downline advance the way Rhonda motivated me to. It's my dream that someday a Representative will share her inspiring story with theRepresentative Times and tell how I helped improve her life."

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