March 10, 2011

Campaign 6 News and Highlights!!!!

Welcome To Avon

Margaret R Melissa D

Yenifer B Yvonne H

Barbara S Andrea P

Stephanie F Evelin T

Sandra H Jennifer Z

Caroline F Nelda T

Melissa G Suhaily D

Ann B Suzy M

Miranda F

Top 10 Campaign 5 Sales Representatives

Michelle B - $1094

Veronica O - $801

Melissa M - $455

Dalila V - $439

Tonya G - $413

Jeanita W - $390

Maria A - $363

Roberta R - $348

Anne D - $344

Maria C - $327

Top Campaign 5 Recruiters

Maria C - 4

Carlos R - 1

Tara C - 1

Be a Part of Avon’s 125th Anniversary: The Year to Believe

When Avon founder, David H. McConnell, laid the foundation 125 years ago for what was then the California Perfume Company, he never could have imagined the far-reaching impact his company would have on so many people’s lives around the world. Through it all—business, fund-raising and philanthropic efforts—Representatives have been the lifeblood of Avon. That is why there are so many reasons to believe in the future of Avon in 2011.

Celebrating Women
To help celebrate Avon and women globally, the U.S. portion of the Avon World Tour kicked off in mid-January with stops in Fort Worth, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California. Joined by celebrities such as Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey, Avon Chairman and CEO, Andrea Jung, brought the story and vision of Avon to sold-out crowds in all three cities. Altogether, more than 10,000 Representatives have packed the various venues. More is still to come in the U.S. with stops in New York City and Chicago, Illinois. The international stops include London, Istanbul, Mexico City, Warsaw, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Manila, Shanghai, New Delhi and Johannesburg.

This momentous event was celebrated and commemorated by Andrea Jung during the Atlanta event with the announcement of the newly created $1 million Avon Global Believe Fund. This pioneering global effort will support women’s domestic violence shelters and agencies in each of the 16 cities on the tour. This is yet another step forward in Avon’s continued pursuit to improve the lives of women throughout the world.

The Avon Foundation for Women will partner with the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) to identify and fund an international network of outstanding non-profit organizations to help them provide critical lifesaving services for victims of domestic violence and their families. (See complete story under the About You tab in this issue of Representative Times.)

Avon Voices
The exciting new Avon Voices program has been a huge success since it was launched in December 2010. Close to 600,000 people from 190 countries have visited the Web site since it went live, proving just how powerful Avon’s message is to women of all cultures.

A Special Anniversary Gift
Of course, Avon would not be what it is today without Customers. To show our appreciation to them for their loyalty and support, the C-8 Brochure includes a true blockbuster offer. Featuring six award-winning beauty products and one free anniversary cosmetic bag, the 6-Piece Celebration Collection—with a value of $125—is available for just $25 with any $10 purchase from the C-8 Brochure! Your Customers will receive two ANEW products, Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment, Ultra Color Rich Lipstick, Glimmersticks Eye Liner in Blackest Black, Outspoken by Fergie Eau de Parfum Spray and a free 125th Anniversary Cosmetic Bag. Customers will experience the high quality of some of Avon’s best Beauty products with this tremendous celebratory offer.

Be sure to use Avon’s 125th Anniversary as a selling point with your Customers. It can mean a boost in your Customer base with offers like the 6-Piece Celebration Collection—a great way to help you achieve your goals as a Representative. Customers will thank you for helping them save money, and also become loyal shoppers, which always translates to good things for you. This celebration offer is one of many reasons to BELIEVE in Avon.

Introducing Love to the Fullest by Reese Witherspoon

“Motherhood has taught me everything there is to know about love: Love is everything.”
–Reese Witherspoon

Mothers have a special place in everyone’s heart. What better way to build your spring sales than to provide your Customers with gift-giving solutions for Mother’s Day? Put a smile on Mom’s face and show her your love and appreciation with our latest celebrity scent and Super Hit that debuts in C-9, Love to the Fullest by Reese Witherspoon Eau de Toilette Spray.

Love to the Fullest is a sensuous blend of black cherry and evening primrose, mingled with sandstone and cashmeran. It is the first of a trilogy of scents from the award-winning actress and Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon. At just $25, the price is right, too.

The introduction of Love to the Fullest also provides you with the opportunity to acquaint your Customers with other Avon fragrances. Use the Avon Fragrance Selector Card to build the number of fragrances a Customer uses, creating a fragrance "wardrobe." Suit every Customer, every mood and every season. This card will help you guide your Customer through Avon’s diverse portfolio of fragrances to find some favorites. And once they’ve found a fragrance, suggest layering options with multiple fragrance forms such as eau de parfum or eau de toilette, shower gel and body lotion, to create multiple earnings.

Plus with each purchase of Love to the Fullest from the C-9 Brochure, your Customers will receive a $10 offer code for their next order at And there’s also a special offer just for you. When you enter your exclusive Representative-only special code—AVON—at the checkout on, you’ll receive a 20% discount (no purchase necessary).

There’s a Secret to This Advanced Unit Leader’s Success

Shelly Windett
Thriving on competition and recognition works very well for Shelly Windett. The Advanced Unit Leader (AUL) has never passed up an Avon opportunity or incentive, and her earnings/winnings include a cruise for two to Cozumel, a cash reward of $1,500 and a flat screen TV. In her first year with Avon, Shelly was invited to a President’s Recognition Program (PRP) tribute, where she was honored with Best New Performer and Spirit of Avon Awards; her PRP recognition has been ongoing, most often for recruiting and Unit Sales.

It’s clear that Shelly has a knack for selling Avon. The Aurora, IL resident says it’s not that she does anything unique or unusual, but she does put in 100% effort, is persistent and follows up. “Each campaign I hand out brochures, follow up with phone calls and e-mails and deliver promptly,” says Shelley, who is also a big fan of fund-raisers to build sales and attract new Customers, while giving something back. “Over the years I have held fund-raisers for my three daughters’ schools, my church, women’s groups I belong to and other causes.”

Shelly joined Avon in 1996, and each year her annual earnings have at least doubled. She has achieved Honor Society status or higher. But Leadership didn’t come as easily. “I saw how my Upline influenced people and thought ‘I could do that, too.’” The week I got started with Avon I found my first Recruit,” explains Shelly. “Well, recruiting is one thing, but back then I was busy raising my daughters and the training necessary to grow a Downline wasn’t readily available.”

Shelly struggled for five years, after which she made it to Unit Leader (UL). “Here I felt so accomplished, until my Division Manager, Roscoe Bunn, surprised me. He told me it was time to advance beyond Unit Leader, because for me it was a stepping stone, not a destination.” Roscoe’s advice motivated Shelly to advance in Sales Leadership. “I decided to seriously commit to advancing in the program.

Yet in order to truly succeed, I suspected there was a well-kept secret that successful Sales Leaders knew, and I felt I needed to learn it.” So Shelly went on a mission, attending every local and national training and sales meeting she could. She focused on networking with successful Representatives in pursuit of the “secret.” Her perseverance led her to attend a seminar by an Avon Woman of Enterprise winner. She recalls learning that, “the ‘secret’ is promotion—promoting yourself, your business and the Avon opportunity every chance you get.

Hearing that advice made it all come together for me. Those words reminded me how much I enjoy competition. I would compete to be the best at sales, recruiting and training. I would train and nurture my Downline to be the best they could be. In addition, I would use the ‘secret,’ and Leadership success would be my reward.”

With that motivation, Shelly devoted herself to developing her Downline, and her earnings grew. By 2005 she was an Executive Unit Leader (EUL) with a Downline of 290. Shelly took another big step forward by moving her Avon business out of her basement into real office space four miles away, which she uses as her recruiting, training and meeting center. Customers and recruits can also visit the location to place or pick up their orders.

With the economic downturn, Shelly recently became an Advanced Unit Leader (AUL) and is maintaining a healthy Downline of 193. Determined to resume her EUL status and to advance even higher, Shelly enrolled in college. In December 2010 she was awarded an Associate's Degree in Business Management and graduated with high honors. Her next step is to become a Certified Networking Professional at Networking University through Avon's business partner Networking Times.

Today Shelly, also a part-time executive secretary for the city of Aurora, spends afternoons at her Avon office, using the rest of her free time to service her Customers, recruit and mentor her Downline.

Shelly appropriately named her Avon business Shelly’s Secrets of Success. Here, she shares her Sales Leadership secrets with you:
  • Help: Recruit, and then train Recruits to be successful. In return you will achieve both personally and financially.

  • Remind: Consistently remind yourself and any Downline members that consistency and persistence bring results, and that the only way to fail at Leadership is to quit.

  • Build relationships: Invite Recruits and Downline members to attend meetings with you; offer rides or save a seat so they feel welcome. Ask other Representatives to join you to recruit and sell at outings such as at community events, local business expos and the mall.

  • Strive: Achieve your own personal recognition in Sales, Recruitment and Leadership. This shows your Downline that if you can do it, so can they.

  • Recognize: Share the “you-can-do-it” message. Point out big and small accomplishments by sending your Downline a recognition newsletter every quarter or so. Recognition is a tremendous motivator.

  • Educate: Encourage your Downline to complete the online training in Beauty of Knowledge and to become Beauty Advisors. Ask Recruits to share their progress and recognize those who follow through.

  • Plan events: Regularly host and provide training to your Downline for grand openings, fund-raisers and other events that increase sales and help appoint new Representatives.
There’s an interesting anecdote about Shelly’s Avon story. Not long after she had become a Representative, Shelly learned that she is a descendant of one of the original Avon Representatives. “My grandmother told me that, when she was a little girl in the 1920s, her own mother took her door-to-door to sell Avon perfume,” she explains. Today, Shelly’s older daughters, who also sell Avon, are proud to say that they are fourth generation Representatives

Here’s the Selling Tool You’ve Been Waiting For!

Have the best selling tool possible in the palm of your hand! The Beauty Conversation Cards on a Ringincludes 10 laminated cards that feature makeup, fragrance, hair care, body care, ANEW skin care, plus a five-step selling guide—all for just $3.00!

Carry these handy cards anywhere you might meet Customers. Then follow these five steps to increase sales:
  1. Approach: use these cards as a conversation starter.

  2. Determine your Customers needs: that’s exactly the purpose of these cards.

  3. Present products: use the information on these cards along with samples and demos.

  4. Answer questions: add your personal experience with the products.

  5. Close the sale: go through the current brochure to find the products your Customer has selected. Use special brochure offers to clinch the sale.
You can purchase the Beauty Conversation Cards on a Ring in English (129-680) and Spanish (130-182) on p. 29 of the C-8 What’s New.

Take Part in Skin Care Clinic 3
Come to the C-10 Sales Meeting to enhance your skin care selling skills.

Get ready for Avon Skin Care Clinic 3 at the Campaign 10 Sales Meeting. You'll learn simple, no-nonsense steps to selling skin care that will help convert your Customers to Avon skin care. Come to the meeting ready to learn and we'll provide you with everything you need to give your skin care business a facelift. Plus there will be more FREE samples and more new information!

Join us and have fun learning how to enhance your skin care selling skills and discover how beautiful skin care earnings can be!

Contact your District Sales Manager for details.

Her Reach Exceeds Her Grasp
This remarkable Representative’s body may be limited but her mind and spirit soar.

LaKeisha Cammon
No wonder LaKeisha Cammon’s District Sales Manager, Vicki Miesle, is always using LaKeisha as an example. “When a Representative feels discouraged, I tell her about LaKeisha,” says Miesle. “Facing major hurdles in everything she does, LaKeisha outperforms three-quarters of my Representatives. She makes it to every sales meeting; she is consistently number one in sales or increases, and she is wonderful!

In LaKeisha’s world—despite her extreme physical handicaps—there are no excuses. The Mt. Morris, Michigan, resident was born with epidermolysis bullosa simplex—a debilitating skin disease that causes painful blisters and sores with the slightest friction. Then when she turned 20, she was diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. Over the next decade, this disease—which causes weakening and wasting of the muscles of the limbs—progressed to the point that LaKeisha could no longer walk or use her arms, and for the past six years she has been confined to a wheelchair.

Dealing with these devastating conditions and the pain they bring, it’s hard to believe that LaKeisha’s sales average is $500 a campaign, but her unwavering commitment to excel brings results. “When I joined Avon in 2008, I did have my doubts,” LaKeisha admits. “But I am very determined to make this work, so I refuse to give up. I will never stop trying.” Like thousands of Representatives, the main motivator for LaKeisha starting with Avon was the earnings opportunity.

“I signed on as a Representative so I could buy things for my 10-year-old daughter, Nadia,” LaKeisha explains. LaKeisha’s handicap prevents her from caring for her daughter, so Nadia lives with her grandmother. LaKeisha lives fairly close by, in an apartment with a disabled roommate with whom she shares 24-hour home-care aides. “It used to break my heart that I couldn’t even afford to buy my daughter a gift on her birthday.” But the good news is that LaKeisha no longer lives in poverty, thanks to her determination, affiliation with Avon and participation in a non-profit vocational-training program serving the needs of developmentally disabled adults.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, the staff at the program provides LaKeisha with the training and support she needs to run her Avon business. In addition, the program offers her a golden opportunity: use of a wheelchair-accessible van. “I could never have had success selling Avon before this, because I had no transportation,” she explains. “Now when I need to do anything Avon related, I can just get in the van and go.” Accompanied by a staff member from the program, LaKeisha travels to doctors’ offices, day care centers and other locations to prospect for new Customers and to distribute Avon and mark brochures. Use of the van also gives her the ability to personally deliver orders and attend Avon Sales Meetings.

When she’s not on the road selling Avon, LaKeisha works on-site at the program center. There, staff members pitch in to help her write her Avon orders, sort and pack deliveries, manage her finances and follow up with Customers. “I can’t always get face-to-face with my Customers, so I make every effort to call and e-mail them to see if they have what they need and to fill them in on new Avon products or special deals,” says LaKeisha. She counts some of the workers at the program and their families and friends among her Customers.

Since she has enough use of her fingers to work a computer keyboard, LaKeisha can also partially manage her orders when she is at home, thanks to “Sometimes I’ll log in to and place my Customers’ orders while I’m on the phone with them.”

LaKeisha says that whether she is on the phone, at the program center, shopping in a store or out “in the field” prospecting for new Customers, she can’t help selling Avon. “I can’t control myself; I recommend products to everyone I talk to, even when I’m not looking to make a sale. All a person has to do is say the word lotion and, without giving it a second thought, I’m telling them about a great deal on Moisture Therapy or Skin So Soft!”

Talking about Avon a lot pays off for LaKeisha. Currently number one in sales increase in her district, her earnings have helped her buy some new clothing and furniture that she desperately needed. “Last summer, I was thrilled because I actually had the money to help redo my daughter’s bedroom, updating it from little-girl to 'tween d├ęcor in celebration of her double-digit birthday,” LaKeisha proudly announces.

When asked what the most important thing LaKeisha gets out of her Avon career, besides some financial independence, she replied, “I used to depend on others for everything, but now I am the one helping other people.” LaKeisha’s hard work has elevated her sales and earnings. In fact, she recently celebrated an achievement she never dreamed of accomplishing: she achieved President’s Club.

What’s next on LaKeisha’s to-do list? “I want to grow my Customer base and earnings enough to advance to Honor Society, and I’m thinking of getting started in Leadership.” LaKeisha’s list of goals doesn’t end there. “Ultimately, I wish to achieve total financial independence for my daughter and me, to buy my own wheelchair-accessible van, and maybe even my own home. I don’t know if I’ll get that far, but I feel I can actually let myself dream of these accomplishments, because, thanks to selling Avon, they can happen.

New $1 Million Believe Fund Created to End Violence Against Women through Local Grants

With the company’s 125th-anniversary year dedicated to believing, the Avon Foundation for Women has created a fund to help women around the world do just that: believe they have the power to change their lives. In Atlanta this January, Avon kicked off the Avon Believe World Tour–a 16-city tour to celebrate the company’s heritage and belief in its mission to empower women. In Atlanta, award-winning actress and Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon joined Avon Chairman and CEO, Andrea Jung, to announce a new $1 million commitment to end violence against women.

Called the Avon Global Believe Fund, this commitment honors Avon’s 125th anniversary and represents the launch of a pioneering worldwide effort to support women’s domestic violence shelters and agencies.The Avon Foundation for Women has partnered with the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) to identify Believe Fund grant recipients in each of the 16 cities on the World Tour. Grants awarded to date include $60,000 grants each to Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) in Atlanta, SafeHaven of Tarrant County in Fort Worth and Haven Hills in the Los Angeles area. The grants support the organizations’ safe houses, support groups, crisis hotlines and other critical life-saving services for domestic violence victims and their families.

“Avon and NNEDV aim to draw attention to the disturbing lack of adequate services for women and children who are victims of domestic violence in communities around the world," says Carol Kurzig, president of the Avon Foundation for Women. "The women’s shelter movement plays a critical leadership role in the global effort to end violence against women and their children."

The Avon Foundation for Women’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program supports domestic violence awareness, education and prevention programs as well as direct services for victims and their families. Through the end of 2010 in the United States, the Avon Foundation has donated more than $23 million to support awareness, education, direct service and prevention programs aimed at reducing domestic violence.

Avon’s new $1 million commitment is in addition to the company’s previously announced financial donations to other major partners in global efforts to stop violence against women including: the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, Vital Voices and the U.S. State Department to establish the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Cornell University Law School for the creation of the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice.

Go to to download a free Domestic Violence and Dating Abuse Resource Guide in English or Spanish.

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