February 24, 2011

Campaign 5 News and Success Stories

Welcome The Latest Members To The Team

Erika L

Mariaelena M

Tonya G

Destiny A

Linda W

Karen Q

Meagan B

Dalila V

Pamela Z

Melissa M

Georgia V

Bettie B

Linda F

Lynnette K

Susan R

Sylvia S

Anna R

Leslie P

Raisa S

Desiree B

Christa K

Top 5 Sales Representatives Campaign 5

Rebecca J - $982

Vinu A - $752

Jacqueline C - $601

Roberta R - $509

Ashley B - $479

Top Recruiters in Campaign 3

Maria C - 3

Tara C - 3

Terry R - 1

Jacqueline C - 1

Top Recruiters in Campaign 4

Carlos R -6

Tara C - 1

Jacqueline C - 1

Congratulations goes to our latest Unit Leader!!!

Carlos R, TX

Just Imagine.......

You can get a $25 Bonus on each new recruit who places a $50+ order in LOA .
On 10 recruits you would earn a $250 bonus

When those 10 recruits each place $125 order in each of their 2nd to 6th campaigns you can earn
up to a $1250 bonus

That's a total of $1500 in just three months!!!

I think everyone should take advantage of this new plan because Avon is leaving money on the table, it's up to those of us who are willing to go pick it up!!!

Earn Double Dollars with Avon's Latest Skin Care Breakthrough—ANEW Platinum

Innovation is always an attention-grabber—especially when it comes to beauty. Customers are on a never-ending search for the latest products with the greatest advances—along with the best value—and nothing symbolizes these breakthroughs better than our ANEW line of products. You have already seen the popularity of ANEW Platinum Serum & Night Cream and now you can complete your Customer's Platinum regimen with ANEW Platinum Eye & Lip Cream and ANEW Platinum Day Cream SPF 25,debuting in the C-7 Brochure.

Get Double Dollars on All Beauty Sales in Brochure 7
C-7 is your last chance to qualify or move up within the President's Recognition Program (PRP) for the 2010–2011 cycle. With Double Dollars on all Beauty products sold from Brochure 7 (excluding Avon Foundation products on pages 2-3)*, achieving your PRP goals is within your reach. Whether you are achieving President's Club status for the first time or moving up another level in the program, this is a big deal for you! The inclusion of Double Dollars in C-7 makes it that much easier for you to make your PRP dreams come true. Remember, as a member of PRP, you will enjoy special perks, topped off by a special invitation to the 2011 PRP Celebration in San Diego, California, in June.

Your Customers will have the chance to purchase Platinum Eye & Lip Cream and Platinum Day Cream individually. But since Avon is all about smart value, let them know that for the most dramatic improvement, they should use both products together. And in C-7, they can be purchased together at the tremendous value price of just $55—a savings of $19 compared to buying the products separately! In addition, your Customers can purchase the rest of the Platinum experience (Platinum Cleanser, Serum & Night Cream) for the unbeatable price of $108. Combine those savings with the special offer for Platinum Eye & Lip Cream and Platinum Day Cream and your Customers are looking at a total savings of $29 for the entire regimen!

This latest addition to the ANEW line completes the Platinum anti-aging skin care regimen, which began in C-23 2010 with the introduction of Platinum Serum & Night Cream. This brings the total number of regimens in the ANEW family to five, joining ANEW Rejuvenate, Reversalist, Ultimate and Clinical.Formulated with Avon's first-ever patented Paxillium Technology™, Platinum Eye & Lip Cream and Platinum Day Cream represent the next generation of ANEW anti-aging skin care products for women 60 and beyond. Paxillin is a key protein in the skin that helps keep cells full and youthful. As skin ages, the cell shape collapses, resulting in sagging skin. Avon's Paxillium Technology is formulated to boost the production of Paxillin by 60%, helping skin regain the look of youthful contours.

As was the case with the Platinum Serum & Night Cream debut in C-23 '10, celebrity spokesperson and international film star Jacqueline Bisset lends her face to Platinum Eye & Lip Cream and Platinum Day Cream.

Use Skin Care Tools to Help Build Your Sales
To help promote this groundbreaking duo of new products, Avon is launching an ANEW Platinum national commercial, which will air beginning February 21. The power of advertising can never be underestimated, but here are some more tips to help you find ANEW Customers:

  1. Know whom to target. They are 60+ baby boomers who are active, motivated, want to look great and address the serious signs of aging.

  2. Make contact. Ask your Customers if their mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends would like to try ANEW Platinum. You can also check out establishments such as local retirement communities, golf courses, town pools, travel/bus tours or libraries.

  3. Get them hooked. Show your Customers why the Platinum regimen works best for them by having the Conversational Skin Care Card on hand during your sales calls. You can also supply them with samples, demos and trial sizes as well as offer a skin care consultation.

Remember, loyal skin care Customers are some of your best Customers—because they keep coming back for more! Give your skin care Customers something to look forward to and give yourself the chance to go platinum with your sales!

*Please note that Direct Delivery Orders through AVON.com do not qualify for Double Dollars.

The Third Time Is a Charm for This Advanced Unit Leader

From left, Rubye with Division Sales Manager Pat Haberman and Rubye's husband and co-applicant, Homer.
Advanced Unit Leader (AUL) Rubye Graham of South Lyon, Michigan, is a three-time Avon Representative. Rubye grew up in Georgia, the eldest of five girls. After her father passed away, her mother sold Avon to help support the family. It was at that time that Rubye's love for Avon began, and in the seventies, newlywed Rubye became a Representative herself. She had just moved to a naval base in Virginia, and wanted to meet her new neighbors while husband Homer (today her co-applicant) was away at sea. Selling Avon allowed her to do that and defray expenses as well.

Fast-forward to the 1980s. The couple had returned to Georgia and begun raising their two children. Rubye, who was working full-time, started selling Avon again to pay for her own college tuition! She now says, "When I'm recruiting someone I ask, 'Why don't you have time to sell Avon? It (the brochure) fits into your purse!' It's all about inserting Avon into your life where it fits."

After her graduation, Rubye began working in information technology. The family moved to the Detroit, Michigan, area in 1995 after Rubye's transfer. And in 2000, when her daughter, now an adult, began selling Avon, Rubye returned to the Avon fold—for the third time—and soon after joined Sales Leadership.

"I'm a people person and I like teaching," Rubye says. "I also did that in the corporate world, teaching project management. But I couldn't see joining Sales Leadership at first. I felt like I'd be giving up my Customers by recruiting them. I finally realized that if they really want to sell and I don't sign them up, someone else will. But if I offer them the Avon Opportunity, I've gained a friend for life!"

Rubye, a Rose Circle member who now sells Avon full-time, is also the owner of a Licensed Avon Beauty Center (LABC), and she's looking into ways to help her Downline with store events. How did Rubye's LABC come about? "In 2001, I had Avon kiosks in two local malls," she explains. "After 9/11, the business dried up. People were afraid that a mall would be a target. But I enjoyed having an LABC. When a Downline member opened one up, I helped her with consultations and skin care. The more I helped, the more I wanted an LABC again. I thought, instead of always going to different events to recruit and sell, why not be in one place? We opened in mid-November."

Events are a huge source of business for Rubye and her Downline. She says, "My Downline members hold Grand Openings, and I bring along samples and demos. We have tables at fairs and at a Michigan consumer show for women. We also attend charitable events and fund-raise. Events get my name out, and I hold drawings to get leads and contacts. I'm also a Chamber of Commerce member and attend community events. I tell my Representatives, you need to invest in what's most available to you."

One of her investments is in the Avon Brochure. "The magical thing is when people see that brochure, they want one," Rubye says. "They want to touch it. One woman came into the store, and asked for a brochure. She said I'm going to a restaurant to sit down and shop with it; then I'll be back to place my order."

Rubye says that selling Beauty also involves direct experience. "I tell my Downline that the only way to sell beauty products is to use them," she explains, "or find a Customer who does. Being a Representative means representing—or testifying—about our products. How do you sell something that you don't know? Some Customers ask about our liquid eyeliner. I don't use it, but I can give testimonials from someone else. I do research in women's magazines, and point to articles that say ours is the best. Avon.com is also a great tool because it captures Customer comments.

"In addition, I always get the Preferred Preview so that I can sample the products myself," Rubye says, "or find a suitable candidate to do so before any brochure or TV advertising starts. I try to integrate a local show or Open House with the ads. And to optimize profits, I calculate the per-unit cost for bundles and Advance Order Opportunities."

Rubye makes use of her years of experience to cater to the local market. She says, "Here around Detroit, the Motor City, when I say 'Avon was being sold before Mr. Ford ever sold his first automobile,' it gets my Customers' attention! This is a historic city and no one can deny that Avon is a part of history. People ask, 'Is Avon really as good as department store brands?' and I answer, 'Have any of them been around for 125 years? We must be doing something right. We introduced AHAs into the skin care industry.' When they ask, 'What would you recommend?' I get out the ANEW skin care questionnaire and the mirror, and I letmy Customer tell me what her concerns are. I listen. It's a two-way conversation, and I also find out what she's willing to spend. As a Representative, I'm more than a salesperson. I talk to my Customers and understand their needs. And I sell skin care first, before makeup or fragrance. Customers ask, 'What's the right foundation?' and I reply, 'What are you doing to cleanse and moisturize? Makeup won't work right without the right skin care.' I ask, 'What's your New Year's resolution?' Often people say it's to lose weight, and I respond, 'What do people look at when they're talking to you? Your skin, your hair—not your hips.' It's a way to steer the conversation.

"I love Avon products—I got addicted to them decades ago," Rubye says. "But there are many consumers who used to pay more for department store brands. In this economy, they've gotten a reality check, and discovered that Avon offers top-value products for a reasonable cost. They've realized that they need Avon quality … not department store prices!"

Rubye says meetings are another key to successful selling. She explains, "I attend as many meetings, conferences and seminars as I can, and learn about upcoming products and promotions. When Avon switches to a new product, I'm ready to help my Customers with the change, and that helps me to keep them."

Rubye, who's working towards Executive Unit Leader, also encourages her Downline to attend meetings, and talks to them one-on-one about what they want from their Avon businesses. "I ask, 'How much time can you devote to Avon? What else is going on in your life?' Everybody has to understand balance. Some Representatives are do-it-yourselfers; others want their hands held. I reinforce their self-confidence so they can sprout wings and fly. I try to motivate, to stay in touch and to be consistent."

"The key to my success is building relationships," Rubye says. "Everybody asks me why I haven't moved back to Georgia. It's because of the friends I've made through Avon. I don't ever want to lose them—I'd miss them too much!

Avon Foundation for Women Announces 2011 Walk the Course Against Domestic Violence Events

The Avon Foundation for Women has announced the third annual Walk the Course Against Domestic Violence season, which expands to two cities in 2011: Charlotte, NC, and Lemont, IL.

Walk the Course is a non-competitive, family-friendly event for all ages and 100 percent of proceeds raised at each event benefits local domestic violence agencies. Participants will walk 18 holes (5 miles) alongside tournament players' wives and families to raise much-needed funds and awareness for the domestic violence cause.

The third annual walk in Charlotte, NC, will take place on Tuesday, May 3, 2011, at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, NC, during the PGA TOUR's Wells Fargo Championship. The inaugural Walk the Course-Chicagoland will take place on Tuesday, September 13, 2011, at the Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Lemont, IL, during the PGA TOUR's BMW Championship, part of the PGA TOUR Playoffs for the FedExCup.

The funds raised at the events will enable local domestic violence agencies to help individuals affected by domestic violence, as well as to educate people about the issue, with the goal of helping create a world without domestic violence. The 2010 Walk the Course-Charlotte drew nearly 1,000 participants, with 100 percent of the proceeds ($100,000) donated directly to North Carolina domestic violence agencies.

We encourage you, your families and your friends to participate in one of the Walk the Course events.

Registration for both 2011 events is now open and participants can register online at WalktheCourseAgainstDV.org or by calling 866-646-2866. Fund-raising is encouraged, but voluntary. Incentive prizes are offered to encourage fund-raising. Top fund-raisers will have the opportunity to meet PGA TOUR golfers participating in both championships at a private reception immediately following each walk.

Avon's Latest TV Commercial

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