October 2, 2010

Did You Get a Phone Number?

As you’re going about your day and giving out brochures, do you take the time to get their phone number? If not, you might as well throw your brochures in the trash.

We’re all busy. How many times have you taken a brochure, looked through it, saw items you wanted, and maybe even marked the page or turned down the corner… and then put the brochure down and forgot to call your order in. Then days go by – maybe even weeks – and you’re cleaning your house. You find the brochure and see it’s expired and you throw it away. You don’t even remember there were things in there you wanted. If I would have called you, I would have gotten an order, right? This happens more than you’d believe – we really are a busy society.

Also as you’re getting their phone number, it’s a great time to talk to them a little and get to know them. Maybe you can ask them if they’ve ever thought about selling Avon; or if they’ve earned and saved all they want.

Here’s two easy ways to accomplish this without being “pushy”.

  1. Put a post-it note on the front of every brochure. When you offer a brochure to someone, say “Please put your name and phone number on the post-it and I’ll give you a call in a couple of days to see if there’s anything I can help you with”. Or, you could say, “Please put your name and phone number on the post-it and I’ll call you in a couple of days to see what samples I can get you”. Either one will work; whichever you are more comfortable with.
  2. Use Avon’s Drawing Slips. I have updated them a little and you can download it here if you’d like. When I give out a brochure I say, “I mail my brochures. Would you like to receive them in the mail?” If you don’t mail yours you could say, “Would you like to be on my distribution list so I can make sure you get one every campaign?” Again, either way is fine – whatever you’re more comfortable with. One advantage of the Drawing Forms is that it also asks if they’d like to sell Avon just in case you forget to ask. :)

Most people won’t even question you. They’ll give you their name unless they really are not interested. If they push back or ask me if this is my name on the back, I usually let it go and say yes, just give me a call if I can help you.

This is a sorting process. It is not our job to convince anyone to purchase from us or signup with our company. I would much rather get a quick no than a long drawn out one. If they’re not interested, just say, “Next! …And go for the easy ones!

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