September 25, 2010

Campaign 19 Highlights and News

Welcome New Representatives in Campaign 19

Sharmaine A

Karen S

Teah L

Jackie S

Yesika N
Monika A

Zabeeda R

Michelle B

Mamai C

Barbara S

Top Recruiters in Campaign 19
Michelle B -1

Top 10 Sales Representatives in Campaign 19

Debra I $9,477

Michelle B $623

Rebecca J $516

Ana B $493

Amy M $400

Veronica O $343

Sonya Y $336

Sandra H $335

Gwynne L $335

Jennifer G $324

Way To Go Ladies!!!

Holiday Sales & Earnings Are Easy With Avon!

Your Customers are smart—they’ve already started writing down their holiday gift-giving ideas, and it’s up to you to get them looking to Avon to kick off their holiday shopping season. Avon has a large number of smart-value items to make your Customers’ eyes light up with gift-giving possibilities, and to help you maximize your earnings and increase your Customer count.

Gift Sets Are Key to Holiday Sales
Beginning in C-22—C-23, the brochure is filled with the perfect combination of gift sets, ranging from exciting, new products to tried-and-true Avon favorites. After all, everyone wants to look and feel their best without spending a small fortune, and these gift sets offer your Customers the perfect opportunity to buy for themselves and for others.

There are 18 new gift sets including choices from Fragrance, Color and Personal Care—for both women and men—starting at just $9.99! Help your Customers see that Beauty is giftable, and at the same time build a foundation for repeat business. Plus, all of these gift sets mean full earnings for you!

According to industry statistics, gifts sets represent 40% of fragrance sales during the Fourth Quarter. The Outspoken by Fergie 4-Piece Gift Collection comes along at the perfect time (C-21) for you to offer your Customers a women’s fragrance gift set that will appeal to a broad audience.

Your Customers will receive a full-size Outspoken by Fergie Eau de Parfum Spray and Body Lotion in addition to the Outspoken Perfumed Pendant and an elegant gift bag with tissue for only $36 (a $53 value)!

Don’t Forget That Kids Top the List
It’s well known that consumers shop for children first during the holiday season and what better gift than one of the best-selling dolls in history: Barbie®? The Rose Splendor™ Barbie* Doll is an exclusive-to-Avon opportunity that graces the cover of the C-22 Brochure. For more than 50 years, Mattel has delivered top-selling doll, toy and game classics to both collectors and consumers alike. It’s estimated that more than one billion Barbie® dolls have been sold worldwide since its debut in 1959! Use this information to help you leverage your sales with what remains one of the hottest-selling toys in the world!

It’s always important to promote Avon’s smart-value proposition, and we back it up with our holiday offerings—on-trend gifts that are just too good to miss. The power is in your hands, so be sure to promote all of Avon’s smart-value giftables, and watch your business grow!

Flexibility, Empowerment, Earnings:
This Executive Unit Leader Finds It All with Avon
Jill Saylor

Jill Saylor of Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania, got started in Sales Leadership on her very first day as an Avon Representative, almost 14 years ago. She recalls, "My Upline talked about the Leadership Opportunity at the appointment, and the day I started selling, I went to my mom’s to give her an Avon Brochure. My brother’s girlfriend was there and said, ‘I want to sell Avon.’ So I called my Upline and asked, ‘What do I do now?’ I’ve been in Leadership ever since."

When Jill began with Avon, her children were very young, and she needed a flexible, profitable career that would fit around her life. She remembers, "I was a Unit Leader for about five years, but I had four children under age five, and I was really more focused on my family than my business." However, she absorbed Leadership lessons from her Upline, Pam Heller. Jill says, "I learned a lot from watching Pam—I watched everything she did. While my children were young, I had ideas for expanding my Leadership business, but I didn’t have the chance to put them into action. But everything soaked in, and when the time came, I was prepared."

In the meantime, Jill built her sales level and attracted more Customers. She shares a few of the methods that still work for her today. She says, "I offer specials, do fund-raising and events, and hold Open Houses with prizes, which really expands my Customer base. I also use the Power of 3, and I always wear something Avon, whether it’s jewelry, clothing or makeup. And instead of returning items, I’ll sell them to Customers at a discount." She also found that Helpers were a useful addition to her business, and adds, "They bring me orders, and I give them discounts and gifts."

Jill serves her Customers and gains their loyalty by paying attention to their individual needs and preferences. She explains, "I give away Baggies of samples, possibly a skin care item and a lipstick. These are chosen especially for my Customers, and they’re always excited to see what I pick! Then for every item they order, they’ll get a 10% discount. I do this for both new and current Customers, since it gets them to try new things."

Jill saw how much she could increase her earning opportunity by becoming an Executive Unit Leader (EUL). She recounts, "I took my earnings statement and compared what I’d make at EUL with what I made as a Unit Leader. When I saw the difference and realized how much bigger my Downline would be, I saw the chance for a real paycheck with Avon." And as her children grew older, she was able to devote more time to Sales Leadership. "Once my youngest daughter went to school full-time, I looked at Avon as a real business, and I quickly went from Unit Leader to Advanced Unit Leader. Then within a matter of weeks, I made EUL."

As an EUL, Jill uses education to build a strong Downline. Meetings and the Beauty of Knowledge online training at are important parts of that. She says, "At District Sales Meetings, we share ideas and hear from the managers on the best ways to sell the different products." Jill and her Advanced Unit Leaders watch the new webinars together, so they can get their Downlines excited about the products and share tips with them. She also offers incentives to Downline members who complete the online courses. Jill sends her Downline selling tips, too, and they attend conference calls together. She adds, "We also do one-on-one training and review their business plans."

Recruiting, and partnering with her Downline to help them recruit, are crucial building blocks of Jill’s success. She explains, "I teach my Downline to incorporate recruiting into their everyday lives, just being out-and-about, running errands and doing what they’re already doing. And we also attend events where we speak with people face-to-face about starting their own businesses."

Communication is also key. Jill says, "I tell my Downline to keep in touch by phone, e-mail and Facebook—whichever way works best for each individual." Contact is one of the reasons she values Downline Manager so highly. She explains, "Downline Manager is like having an assistant. It really helps me to keep in touch. There’s a tool that reminds me when Downline members’ birthdays and anniversaries are, so I can send a card. It lets me know if an order has been placed on hold, what my Unit Sales are, if a Representative hasn’t placed an order and who’s been selling for just two campaigns, so I can help them. It saves me a lot of time, and I encourage my Sales Leaders to use it."

To earn more, Jill’s Downline takes advantage of Advance Order Opportunities. She says, "We pass around ideas for using the stock-ups. Some are fund-raising, giving Customers a FREE 2-week trial, and carrying these items along while delivering orders, to have available for cash-and-carry."

Jill plans to become a Senior Executive Unit Leader (SEUL). She explains why this goal means so much to her and why Avon does, too: "I’m a single mom, and I’d like to be able to put my kids through college. So financial independence and empowering women are very important to me. I love Avon because it’s allowed me to work a profitable business around my home life and my family, and to help others start their own businesses. Working with so many inspiring women has made me believe that I can achieve SEUL, too. And I’m grateful to own a business that I truly love."

Avon Grants Address Critical Issues in Haiti

Avon partner Zoƫ Saldana greets Red Cross volunteers during her visit to the Dominican Republic earlier this year.
This past January, when an earthquake devastated the small Caribbean nation of Haiti, claiming thousands of lives and leaving catastrophic damage in its wake, Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women responded immediately. To support relief efforts, Avon, through the Avon Foundation, donated a total of $1 million to the American Red Cross International Response Fund and Doctors Without Borders.

Even more funds came from Avon Representatives, who raised an additional $1,068,473 by selling Skin So Soft. (For every purchase of a full-size Skin So Soft product, excluding deodorant, ordered through C-6, Avon donated 50¢.) In addition, Avon Representatives and Customers donated $41,344 directly to the Avon Foundation for relief efforts in Haiti.But more than eight months later, Haitians are still in dire need of assistance. Many earthquake survivors suffer from severe injuries. Experts estimate that one in three victims is an amputee, with the majority under age 30. In the earthquake’s aftermath, thousands of Haiti’s women and children have been left vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. In the capital city of Port-au-Prince, six percent of women were sexually assaulted in the first two months after the disaster, according to one survey.

However, the Avon Foundation for Women, as a result of new funds from product sales and donations, is proud to announce four new grants to help. These grants are going to organizations whose hard work and dedication are helping to address issues such as violence against women and the rehabilitation of earthquake victims, as well as the continuing issue of maintaining Haitian women’s health through improved access to breast cancer treatments.

These new grants include:

  • $256,845 to Concern Worldwide, an organization operating in Haiti for the past 16 years that has overseen health, water, sanitation, education, jobs and peace-building projects. The Avon Foundation funding will support the establishment of a Concern Protection Team to help prevent gender-based violence and abuse of women and children in 13 different settlement camps in the greater Port-au-Prince area. The Protection Team will also conduct outreach to raise safety awareness among Haitian women, with the goal of helping thousands learn how to protect themselves and their children.

  • $286,613 to the international women’s human rights group, MADRE, in partnership with the grassroots Haitian organization, KOFAVIV, to launch a new women’s center in Haiti. The new establishment, which replaces a facility destroyed in the earthquake, will offer services to victims of rape and sexual assault. The Avon Foundation funding will also be used to hire counselors for individual and group therapy sessions, security guards for protection and furniture for a family shelter space. At the new center, women will receive the care they need to heal both physically and mentally from the trauma they’ve experienced.

  • $45,000 to Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere) for the purchase, shipment and installation of a new rehabilitation clinic to be housed on the grounds of Hopital Adventiste d’Haiti in Diquini, Haiti. The facility will operate in coordination with Handicap International and cbm Canada (formerly known as Christian Blind Mission) to offer physical and occupational therapy, as well as mental health support. Project HOPE will also work with ProsthetiKa, a nonprofit organization that is sharing its new prosthetic production lab with the HOPE Rehabilitation Center.

  • $520,000 to Partners In Health (PIH) to support the development of a breast cancer care program in Haiti. PIH has over 20 years of experience providing healthcare to the island. They bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need, and create awareness programs in rural, underserved areas. The Avon Foundation grant will fund the following initiatives: training in breast cancer detection and diagnostic techniques for Haitian-based healthcare providers; an early detection and care program at 12 facilities; and a breast cancer public education program that will focus on the importance of early detection. By helping to maintain the health of Haitian women in significant ways, PIH’s efforts address another important aspect of disaster relief.

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