September 22, 2010

Getting more Avon Customers Halloween Night!

Hello Representatives:

Are you getting ready for Halloween? Here is an idea to get more Avon Customers:

Order the clear plastic What's New bags (Product #: 535077). You will receive 50 bags for $0.75.

Order 2 sets of the Prospecting Flyer (Product #: 645-330). This will give you 50 Prospecting Flyers for a total of $5.80.

Next , order 50 extra C22 Brochures.

Get some orange and black ribbon and some Halloween candy.

Now, place a Prospecting Flyer, a C22 Brochure, a few pieces of candy and your business card inside the What's New bag. Tie the bag with the orange and black ribbon and hand this out to all the Trick-or-Treaters! Tell them that their is a treat inside the bag for their mom too! The kids will love it and will go screaming down the sidewalk to their mom saying "Mom...the lady gave me a treat for you too!"

This will increase your customers, increase your sales and give you a SPOOKTACULAR Avon Halloween! Now get down and BOO-gie!

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