October 6, 2010

Campaign 20 Hightlights and News

Let's Welcome The Newest Team Members

Tenneh C

Drew D

Stacy M

Penny S

Top Recruiters

Michelle B - 1

Frederica N

Top 10 Sellers

Rebecca J - $556

Sonya Y - $480

Michelle B - $456

Anne D - $456

Lisa N - $359

Shannon W - $332

Gwynne L - $329

Amy M - $318

Jennifer G -$301

Linda C - $281

Way to go ladies!!!!!!!!


Campaign 24 Top Demo Picks


Want More Customers? Order More Brochures!

Reaching more Customers is the key to achieving sales success and, the most important tool to help you do this is the Avon Brochure. As your “Avon Store,” the brochure is essential to attracting new Customers and keeping your loyal Customers shopping.

It’s a very simple equation: more brochures = more Customers. And that automatically translates into positive earnings for you. Leaving a brochure on a countertop at a local business is a good recipe for success … but, go further and follow up with your Customers.

For just a few extra dollars spent on brochures, you’ll see your business grow.

Big Tip
Challenge yourself. Buy 30 additional brochures each campaign. Then plan to make personal contact with three prospective Customers every workday!


Avon’s Newest Power Couple:
ANEW Platinum Serum & Night Cream

The next generation of skin care to attract your next generation of Customers … and earnings!

Innovation sells—especially when it comes to beauty. Customers are always looking for the latest products with the greatest advances and nothing symbolizes these breakthroughs better than our ANEW line of products. You’ve seen what anti-aging products have done for your sales in the past, and now you can experience firsthand a holiday boon with the debut of ANEW Platinum Serum & Night Cream in C-23.

The 1st with Paxillium Technology
Both the Serum and the Night Cream represent the next generation of ANEW skin care with Avon’s first-ever patented Paxillium Technology. Paxillin is a key protein that helps keep the full, expanded shape of youthful skin cells. As skin ages, the cell shape collapses, resulting in sagging skin. Avon’s Paxillium Technology is formulated to boost the production of Paxillin by 60%, recapturing the look of youthful facial contours.

Featuring ANEW’s first celebrity spokesperson, international film star Jacqueline Bisset, Platinum provides Customers with the opportunity to combat the serious signs of aging as the winter chill begins. Pique Customer interest during sales calls by mentioning Jacqueline’s celebrity stature—film and TV stars who are featured as product spokespeople tend to draw attention, and it can be a key way to close your sale.

The C-23 Brochure offers ANEW Platinum Serum & Night Cream individually, but let your Customers know that for the best impact in skin softness, they should use the products together. And in C-23, they can be purchased together at the tremendous-value price of just $75—a savings of $27 compared to buying the products separately!

Use Skin Care Tools to Help Build Your Sales
To help promote this groundbreaking new product team, Avon has launched an ANEW Platinum national commercial which began airing in mid-September.

Most certainly, your current ANEW skin care Customers will give you their undivided attention when you explain ANEW’s latest anti-aging breakthrough—and for Customers who aren’t using ANEW, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them! It’s also a great chance to show your Customers other ANEW products that can help them achieve the skin they desire.

And to guide them in finding their perfect skin care regimens, have your Customers take the ANEW Guide to Looking Younger Anti-Aging Skin Care Quiz. For skin care selling tips, click here for the Skin Care Card and Skin Care Script. Remember, loyal skin care Customers are some of your best Customers—because they keep coming back for more!

Give your skin care Customers something to look forward to this winter, and give yourself the chance to end the 4th Quarter with tremendous earnings!


Adaptability Helps This Executive Unit Leader to Grow Her Business http://www.youravon.com/REPSuite/static/images/reptimes/rt21_2010/rt21_leadership.jpg

Dortha Hise is an Executive Unit Leader (EUL) from Folsom, California, with Honor Society–level sales. She's been selling Avon since 2002 and says, "Avon can help you do things you didn't think you could do. People want to know if they can make a real income with Avon. I was working full-time as a paralegal when my cousin recruited me. She was very convincing, explaining that if I became a Representative I'd get my own discount on a variety of products. Being a paralegal was stressful for me, but with Avon, I'm the boss. Between contributions from my job and selling Avon, I got myself out of debt—and in 2006, I quit to pursue my Avon business full-time."

By attracting and keeping Customers, Dortha has seen her business grow. She explains, "I've built Customers by being consistently consistent and always following up. I know what my Customers like, and I give them a friendly reminder call or send an e-mail when their favorites are on sale. I constantly look for new Customers to grow my business, and as an example to my Downline."

Dortha also offers incentives to motivate her Helpers and encourage Customer referrals. She says, "I reward my Customers for referrals, and I put coupons in Customers' bags. I give Helpers 10–20% off. If someone refers a Customer to me, I give her 10% off. I also have a frequent shopper club. For every $10 purchase Customers make, they get a punch in their frequent shopper card—and when it's filled, they get $25 worth of FREE purchases. I tell my Customers to pass these cards on. And I'm always using Helpers—they're great when I need to deliver five orders at once."

Her business isn't all work and no play—parties are one of her favorite tools. She explains, "I use parties and Open Houses, especially around the holidays, to build my sales. They give people a chance to check out the products. I also hold Grand Openings at new Representatives' homes, to introduce their family and friends to Avon. I'll bring 10 different products, and wear Avon. When people ask, I tell them that my entire outfit, including foundation garments, is from Avon. This shows how diverse the product line is. We have snacks and play a few games. It's an orientation for new people—it's educational for the Customers and training for the team. We'll also have skin care workshops where we show all the steps of a regimen, which encourages repeat Customers."

Sales Leadership was a natural fit for Dortha, and she tells how it happened for her: "I started in Sales Leadership two years into my business. I'd led before, on my high school drill team and in the military corps in college—so I believed in myself and knew I had the know-how. I just had to put that into action, and impart that same belief system to my Downline. When a coworker wanted to sell Avon, I was ready. I contacted my District Sales Manager to find out more. Altogether, it took me four years to make EUL. It's been a lot of hard work—but also very rewarding."

Dortha works with her Downline members both individually and as a team to grow their own Avon businesses. She says, "Once someone in my Downline commits to growing her Sales Leadership business, I'll spend a lot of time working with her to grow and develop—using coaching calls and small group trainings, and reviewing Downline Manager reports. I also help my team to find prospective Customers and Recruits by going with them door-to-door. We'll hold Customer search events: several teammates get together and go door-knocking, to businesses or to the park. We'll introduce ourselves and the products by giving out samples, brochures and business cards. We put stickies on the brochures—Customers ask what they're for, and it reminds us to ask for their contact information."

Another technique Dortha uses, similar to the Customer search event, is the 3-2-1 session. She defines this method: "Three people go out together two times a week as one team. Usually it's a Leadership Representative or District Sales Manager, plus a Leadership Candidate and a potential President's Club member. Because each has different goals, competition is reduced, but they also learn from each other and develop camaraderie. Watching the manager, learning what to say to an objection, builds confidence. It's field training. The participants learn the method and take it to the rest of the team."

Education and sampling help Dortha's team to sell beauty products. She says, "I encourage my team to get educated about new products—to attend Sales Meetings, trainings, webinars and conference calls, and to seek out info and watch our commercials on yourAVON.com. At training sessions, I'll answer questions, such as how to approach a Customer about a product that's new to her. I also encourage my team to purchase samples in advance, so they can promote the product earlier and get advance orders."

She recommends taking advantage of Advance Order Opportunities, and says, "I encourage the ‘one to show, one to go' method—buying two sets of products—so that the Representative can try the product and have one on hand to sell right away. I make sure my team is comfortable with any product that they're selling—that they know its benefits, and also which Customers to target with samples."

Dortha explains how the past eight years have affected her Avon business: "I'm flexible, and that's helped me to adapt. I've seen the economy change, and I've learned to filter out any negativity. What worked two years ago doesn't necessarily work today. It used to be harder to prospect business-to-business. Now people are more open to sales calls and more willing to host Avon parties." Dortha concludes that it's her ability to adapt, as well as what she's learned from her Upline, that have led to her success today.


Five Years Later: The Avon Foundation for Women Is Still Improving the Lives of Tsunami-Affected Girls

It has been more than five years since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami devastated communities across South and Southeast Asia, taking more than 230,000 lives. The Avon Foundation for Women responded immediately by awarding $550,000 for urgent relief efforts, and Avon launched the Heart of Asia Pin in the United States and other countries, bringing total support to more than
$1 million.

Part of the support included more than $200,000 to support girls in four tsunami-ravaged fishing villages in India. Through grants to Give2Asia, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that works with a local organization, ASSIST, the Avon Foundation funded two programs. These programs focused on educating girls, eradicating child labor and changing parents' attitudes about the importance of girls' education.

Both of those programs have recently come to a close, and the Avon Foundation funding has made a significant impact on the lives of the girls in these four villages. As a result of Avon Foundation scholarships, all of the school-aged girls in the villages were able to attend school, and older girls received employment training and job placement support. But more importantly, the attitudes in the villages have changed because of these programs. Families have seen the benefits of their girls' vocational training and education, and they are now giving equal priority to their sons and daughters and are more willing to spend their savings on educating girls. This increased awareness among parents of the importance of education has also resulted in stopping child marriages in these villages. In fact, these Avon Foundation–funded programs have been so successful that neighboring villages are now looking for the same support.

"The Avon Foundation for Women's support has had a profound effect on the entire social fabric of the four villages where the project was implemented," said Nishita Bakshi, senior program officer, Give2Asia.

Following the tsunami, the Avon Foundation for Women also gave grants to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; Project Concern International for recreational centers to be equipped with swings, slides and sports equipment for children in India affected by the tsunami; and to the American Refugee Committee International to provide 50 fishing boats with nets and motors for widows and female heads-of-households in Thailand.

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