October 16, 2010

Sippin’ Cider; Sit Beside Her

Fall is an awesome season! Maybe that’s where the word autumn (awesome) came from!

One of our favorite things to do is to sip on cider (hot or cold) and eat warm cake donuts sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Ummmm; does that sound good to you, too? Have I whet your appetite to go to the apple orchard (or at least to the market) and partake of this treat?

You’ve probably teased many guests in the same way at your parties as you’ve shared the great rewards of working in your business. And many have taken the bite and signed up. Then what?

The new recruit has said yes and is raring to go. You tell her to get parties booked and product sold. You tell her when the next meeting is. You tell her about the gifts she’s going to earn in the quick start program. You tell her to call you if she has any questions.

What does she do?

Nothing. Or, very little. Why? She’s scared!

Yes, she’s scared of the “nos” she's going to hear. She’s also scared of the “yeses.” And she’s scared because she’s by herself, on her own. And doesn't really know how to go about it...

Now, in your training you've told her many things, but the real secret is to...

Quit telling and start showing.

If you’re a mom (or remember being a kid), you know if you’re shown ̶ rather than told ̶ what to do, you’re more likely to tackle the task. When I worked with my sons to clean their rooms, they didn’t mind the cleaning. The byproduct is we both learned more about each other. And they learned how to do the job!

So, if you’re frustrated because a new recruit or down line member has not begun her business and held parties or is at a standstill, call and make an appointment to work together in person (if at all humanly possible) or at least over the phone to connect with and contact leads together. She’ll listen and see how you work to grow your business and soon she’ll be imitating you!

So, go out and buy some cider, and then sit beside her ̶ to create an awesome business this autumn. Because you don’t want her to “fall” down this season and “leaf” the business.

©copyright 2010 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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