August 5, 2010

Coming Out of Your Comfort Zone

We’ve all been told to “come out of our Comfort Zone.” We’ve been shown that the “grass can be greener” outside of the box. So, why don’t we do this?

Because we don't want to be uncomfortable. Otherwise, we’d be in our Discomfort Zone.

But you say, “I am uncomfortable doing something new and different, even though I know I must. I just don’t know what to do; I don’t know how to move out of my comfort zone."

But here's the paradox: The only way you can grow is to DO things that make you uncomfortable! It's not enough to know you need to do something different. Improvement requires EFFORT!

The classic example of this is each of us: In the beginning, were very much in a comfort zone. This place kept us secure; it protected us from any harm or enemies, and we were completely taken care of! We didn’t have to worry about where our next meal came from because we were fed on demand.

However, it wasn’t all that easy and at times it was actually painful, even though we don’t have a recollection of the experience. In fact, it took a lot of laboring on the part of…our mother. Because while we were in her womb we were wonderfully happy. But because we outgrew that comfort zone, we moved to our current zone: The world...

As youngsters, we also didn’t have all that much to do, either! But as we grew, that comfort zone became more and more uncomfortable for us. We received responsibilities ("clean up your room" and "wash the dishes"). We had rules imposed on us by our parents, teachers, and other adults. So by our late teenage years, we were ready to move on to what we thought would be a great comfort zone: personal freedom!

Then, as adults, we actually moved into that zone previously occupied by our parents: Adulthood. At times it was comfortable, like when we thought we had a great income. Then came children, trials and challenges. And we learned to deal with them. And grow...

Your Party Plan business is the same. You need to experience discomfort ̶ a new discomfort zone ̶ frequently in order to grow your business. That level of performance is what I call the "Customer Zone." Because ultimately, everything you do is for "the customer." Parties, recruiting, team leadership.

Because if you keep doing the same old things, you'll keep getting the same old results. And groan about it...

So, what zone are you in? Are you growing or groaning?

To be successful in direct sales, you must move out of the comfort zone and into the customer zone.

©copyright 2010 Christie Northrup, The Lemon Aid Lady™

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