August 10, 2010

Avon News You Can Use


This is going to be a SUPER SELLER so prepare yourself. There will be television ads in September to introduce customers to this new fragrance.

Fergie will also have VIP events during their Black Eyed Peas concerts so YES the word will be out on this product. So what will you need, samples, samples and yes samples. Create gift baskets out of the 4-piece sets that will sell for 36.00.

You will also have an opportunity to receive these gift sets in advance. For example, if you take a pack of 2 gift sets (525-596) You pay $39.60 You earn $32.40 and receive award sales of $72.00. Check your What's New 21 for full details

Boost Your Brochures!

Five reasons why you’ll run out of C20 Brochures if you don’t order extras:
1 – Anew television advertising will have started in September and people will be looking for an Avon Representative.
2 – The Anew Starter Kits will be available at our best-ever offer of only $25* each!
3 – We’re continuing to offer the special trial size of the latest Anew Breakthrough being launched
in C23!
4 – Healthy Makeup Lipstick will be priced at only 2.99*! Lipstick is a popular “first buy” product – a great way to get new Customers!
5 – You’ll receive FREE callback cards with your C18 order that invite potential Customers to contact you for a Brochure. You don’t want to run out!

C20 is a fantastic opportunity to expand your business and find new Customers because we are gearing up for the biggest shopping quarter of the year! Be sure to maximize your earnings by increasing your Customer base with extra C20 brochures.

It’s so easy!

Thousands of Representatives across the country are using the new eBrochure to reach more Customers. Are you?

Make it easier than ever for Customers to shop Avon with our forwardable, electronic format brochure with many features that make it easy to use:

• A shopping cart that allows Customers to simply click on the pages to build their order. No more writing down line numbers and taking notes!
• Direct access to the e-Brochure from your Place an Order section, which means you can save time and use the e-Brochure to place your order too!
• Plus, when your Customer sends you her shopping cart, the selected items will appear in your Place an Order section, pending your approval. Once you approve the order, the items will then be merged into yours!

Fast, efficient and so easy to use, the e-Brochure is sure to become your new best friend in business!

FREE Fragrance Sample!

Help your Customers qualify for a FREE sample of Outspoken by Fergie with any $5 purchase from the C19 Brochure. Flag page 13 in the C19 Brochure before you give it to Customers and let them know about the special offer. Suggest qualifying purchases to them, and follow up with every Customer to make sure they place a C19 order. Enter your No. of Customers served on your C19 order to be sure you receive the correct number of FREE samples. (Limit one free sample per Customer.)

Build buzz now to increase your sales of the full-size fragrance coming in C21!

Effective Pain Relief

People with arthritis will thank you for introducing them to our new Foot Works Arthritis Achy Foot & Muscle Cream.

The intensive cream formula contains glucosamine and chondroitin to help soothe muscles and provide penetrating pain relief. AND, in C19 it’s on special for only 2.99, AND it’s part of a buy 1, get 1 for 99¢ promotion on select items! Flag page 187 of the C19 Brochure for any Customer who has ever complained of achy feet, and follow up to take orders!

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