July 10, 2010

How To Have a Productive Twitter Account

If you are an Avon Representative and not using Twitter to find customers and leads you are missing the boat. Twitter is the single most powerful online tool to sell Avon and find quality leads. That may seem like a bold statement to some, but if you are on Twitter and using it correctly you are going to be upset with me for giving up your secret.

The key to promoting your Avon products and generating leads for your down line on Twitter is learning how to search for followers. To do this you need to be creative and smart. The process of making contact with potential customers is simple, and you can do this by using Twitter's advanced search tool. You can find people in your area looking for a job which may be interested in starting Avon. In addition you can search for people who may be interested in specific.

The key to promoting products on Twitter is promoting products and not just yourself. Promoting products allows you to spark interest in customers and get them to click on your website link. For example: Let's say you are promoting a Disney Princess Watch that Avon has on sale. You can search for people talking about kid's birthday parties, or going on vacation to Disney Land. You can mention to them that Avon sells Disney Products and give them a link to your website.

The key to forming relationships on all social networking sites is to not be labeled a spammer. You want to treat your Twitter followers as your friends. It may be common sense to some, but I see many Reps on Twitter constantly re-posting the same offers. In my book this is spamming! Try not to post generic offers to everyone, and make a point to contact or address your followers directly. Don't attempt to force them to check out your website, but instead lead them to it. You will be surprised how much quality traffic your site gets if you are interesting and non-intrusive.

I found this article on http://ezinearticles.com/?Marketing-Avon-Products-on-Twitter&id=4512211

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