July 8, 2010

Working While Vacationing?

I saw this today from another Senior Executive Unit Leader in Avon and I just had to post it

Vacation Prospecting - taken from Dale Calvert.

I personally believe that you should forget about
everything when you go on vacation. Let your
mind rest, renew and refocus. Try not to think
about your business.

From experience I know that is easier said than
done. For 20 or so years when I was building
teams, I prospected on every vacations.

As I look back now I realized this consistent
activity brought me some very good team
members and a few life long friends.

However if you are traveling to the beach or
somewhere else on vacation this year here are
3 Tips. For example’s sake let’s assume you are
going to Daytona Beach.

#1) Run Free Classified Ads targeting the Daytona
Beach area.

Here are our Top 10 Recommend Free
Classified AD sites:

Kijiji.com http://www.kijiji.com/
Craigslist.com http://www.craigslist.org/
Classifieds For Free http://www.classifiedsforfree.com/
Classified Ads http://www.classifiedads.com/
Its My Market http://www.itsmymarket.com/
Skepter http://www.skepter.com/
eBay Classifieds http://www.ebayclassifieds.com/
Penny Saver http://www.pennysaverusa.com/
Backpage http://www.backpage.com/

If you have never ran effective online or offline
classified ad campaigns I recommend this course:

#2 Take Bulletin Board Tear Off Flyers and plaster the

If you keep your eyes open you will find public bulletin
boards everywhere. Quite frankly if you have been
involved in this industry anytime at all you should have
already trained your mind to spot these boards
& you should always have these flyers in your
automobile ready to be place on any public board you find.

Note: I am not talking about putting flyers on cars. I
am NOT SAYING you shouldn’t do that but Bulletin Boards
provide a captive, curious audience.

Ok, while I am thinking about let me get slightly off topic.
Yes, you can do flyers on cars, and I personally know powerful
network marketers who joined the industry from being
introduced this way.

It is all about timing and your flyer being on the right persons
window, at the right time in their life. 90% of the people
may get aggravated, but it ONLY TAKES ONE!

If I was going to Daytona Beach, and I was planning on doing
flyers on cars, the headline would match the market. It
would say something like ………….

Make Your Vacation Tax Deductible

Work from home and pay for your Vacation Every Year

Would you rather be in Hawaii?

I would only leave flyers on out of state cars. Better
yet have 2 Flyers one designed for vacationers and one
designed for locals.

The headline for locals could say something like

Daytona Beach Entrepreneurs Wanted

Part time Income Opportunity Daytona Beach Residents Only

Spend your Summer Away from Tourist!

This is all about matching your message to the market as we
talk about in our Local MLM Leads Course at

Back on topic….take bulletin board flyers, and if you choose to
use car flyers or what we call Blitz flyers, CUSTOMIZE them to
match the market.

#3 Take Several Hundred or Thousand Drop Cards
and don’t come home with any of them!

As I talk about in the recorded webinar at:
all network marketers should be using drop cards daily.

I just had a flash back to my daughters dropping
drop cards on our vacations, wow I am getting old.
We had fun with them and made a game out of it,
especially with the 100 Dollar Bill Drop Cards.

So there you have it 3 ways to prospect while on
vacation, and of course by doing this you can make
some, all, or a portion of your vacation tax deductible!

(Of course check with your CPA)

If you download the offers from Dale, you will be subscribed to several lists which will give you quite a few offers and emails - just an fyi.

Here's to Great Fun and Prospecting This Summer!


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